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Flight/Run Scheduling

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Flight/Run Scheduling

This is where you come to sign up for an on-screen Dragon flight. We will open spots for two months at a time to keep things organized and easy to track. Once you have applied for a flight slot, it will be added in the order received to the list below.

Not all flits and whers (and maybe dragons, if it comes to that!) may get to have on-screen clutches. Since Green whers and flits are capable of clutching, we would be pretty flooded by hatchings, and we're trying to avoid that. We can't let every flit and wher have a clutch, and sometimes golds may need to take a back seat if someone wants to have their own green have the time in the spotlight.

Golds start rising/running around 20-26 months, and rise/run usually 1-2 times a Turn.
Garnets start rising/running around 18-26 months, and usually rise/run 1-2 times a Turn.
Greens start rising/running around 18-26 months, and usually rise/run 1-4 times a Turn.
Uniques start rising/running around 18-26 months, with chasing for males around 18 months. If they rise, they rise 1-2 times a Turn, and do not clutch.
Blues, Browns, and Bronzes start chasing at or around 18 months.

Please do not drag out your flights, especially gold/clutching flights/runs. All flights, clutching or not, will receive five days or three rounds to conclude before staff choose a winner.

Do not ask for a clutch if your dragon is not gold. If we are looking for a non-gold hatching, or any wher or firelizard hatching, we will make an announcement and go from there.

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[B]Dragon/Wher Name:[/B]
[B]Dragon/Wher Color:[/B]
[B]Flight/Run Date:[/b] Please pick a spot within the next two months. Also PLEASE include a specific date.
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Dragon Name: Magsith
Dragon Color: Blue
Flight/Run Date: March 7th
Monty & Sinanjuth & Rozen Midnight Wing
E'han & Quebeleth & Eeta Twilight Wing
Sarja & Quantath & Blue Daylight Wing
Lorea & Jirayath & Bully Seeker Weyrling
Kamille & Murasath Aurora Wing
Haman & Gazath Daylight Wing
Sunessa & Amuroth Eclipse Wing
Oleander & Saraneth Aurora Wing
Bayard & Raidoth & Small One Devil Weyrling
Ein & Kyn Candidate

JM Smith Kuni & Ekunisk & Pitch Dawn Squad
Jasph & Yorth & TukiHat Starfall Wing
Taegan & Recksith Starfall Wing
V'les & Ebyth Healers Wing
Markeeta & Rozeth Moonshot Wing
Lalah & Magsith Sunburst Squad
Thursday & Thursk Sunburst Squad Second

Ravi & Ravisk Windsong Squad / Hold Guards
Illyasviel & Wrednoth Pavane Squad
Firn & Ziath & Indi Minuet Wing
ACM Ellansa & Sappeth Minuet Wing
Cola & Ambraliath Nocturne Wing
Errol & Errosk Mazurka Squad
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Wher Name: Ciask
Wher Color: Gold
Run Date: May 25th

Dragon Name: Taibabrith
Dragon Color: Garnet
Flight Date: April 15th

Dragon Name: Mikanoth
Dragon Color: Green
Flight Date: April 29th
Tracker ~ One-Shots

Fort Weyr
Weyrling Zes'lan of Brown Zaylith
Nikadelli of Blue Nobuwath
Ciaselai of Gold Ciask [Green Nanami]
High Reaches
Nolia of Green Mikanoth
Semaca Weyr
Varneala of Garnet Taibabrith
Onnora of Blue Oralith
Wher Candidate Kitri
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Wed Mar 13, 2019 9:01 am

Dragon/Wher Name: Ysanith
Dragon/Wher Color: Green
Flight/Run Date: April 1


Dragon/Wher Name: Tenjouth
Dragon/Wher Color: Garnet
Flight/Run Date: May 13
Healer's A'ryti of brown Maltiroth
Dusk Tikaya of blue Tisk
Weyrling Iscah of blue Goumath
High Reaches
Weyrling K'aer of bronze Remponath
Candidate Sietske
Moonshot Wingleader Alizette of green Ysanith
Firestorm Dashiel of green Eiraeyth
Nocturne Yasmin of garnet Tenjouth
Weyrling Tavrie and brown Dromeath

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