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Zanza of Gold Zansk [RFR]

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Zanza of Gold Zansk [RFR]

Zanza of Gold Zansk
"Do not be surprised. Everything in this world is dictated by the passage of fate."
Zanza (Xenoblade Chronicles)


NAME: Zanza
PRONOUNS: Masculine
ORIENTATION: Demiromantic Heterosexual

BIRTHDATE: Fall 2729
AGE: 41 as of Early Summer 2771
OCCUPATION: Wherhandler, Apprentice Smithcrafter
WING: Dusk Squad

EYES: Blue
HAIR: Blond
HEIGHT AND BUILD: 6'3" and Slim
PLAY-BY: Picrew (Expy of Zanza from Xenoblade Chronicles)
Zanza is a middle-aged man with short thick blond hair that curls a bit underneath. Due to his age, he shows signs of aging, such as light wrinkles and crows feet. He also has light bags under his eyes. He has a somewhat slim build. He tends to wear warmer colors as well, especially yellows. He likes to match his wher in her radiance, believing they both should show fine examples of what a wherhandler and a wher should be.

Zanza is a traditionalist through and through. He personally believes that golds are the ultimate dragons and whers and that, along with bronzes, they should be the only ones in a position of power. He will begrudgingly accept a brown in a position of power as well, but he will not be too happy. He also believes each dragon has it's own place in the hierarchy, even garnets, unique colors and chimeras (although those are very low). That being said, he is extremely proud of his son for impressing to a dragon. Along with this, he is incredibly smart and is able to think of things on the spot in case of an emergency. He is quick to act once he thinks of a plan.

Much like Shulk, Zanza is a workaholic, but he tends to take breaks more frequently than his son. The man is also extremely prideful. He firmly believes that, because he impressed to a gold wher, that he is better than a lot of other wherhandlers. He is not above rubbing his position into people's noses as well, stating things like 'my GOLDEN wher' and the like. He puts his own value above other handlers' and often has a prideful look on his face. Because of this, he doesn't realize, or he does and doesn't care, that he angers a lot of people by comparing their 'average' color to his beautiful GOLDEN wher. The only people he doesn't do this to are fellow gold handlers. He also hates being told off for being prideful, often getting snarky and rude by saying things like 'oh, but it's only because you have a lesser color that you're so upset'.

Dickson: Brother
Shulk: Son
Zanza lived the majority of his life in Ista Hold, during the Interval War. However, he hadn't really known about it until he was older. He had two loving parents and a younger brother named Dickson. Growing up, the boys were always close and even decided to go to the same mentor for smithcrafting. However, Zanza did not feel as devoted to it as his brother did, and wouldn't do as much work as Dickson would put into it.

Even as a child, Zanza wanted something else in life. He didn't really like the idea of staying in the hold his entire life. He enjoyed playing around with other children his age and would often try to lead them. He always felt he was a natural leader and he didn't even seem to realize the other kids were annoyed by his attitude.

Around when he was seventeen, however, his life changed. A rider had come and, after seeing the two brothers eating lunch together, came to talk to them. He had seen their potential almost immediately and offered to take them back to Ista Weyr to become candidates. Zanza immediately took him up on the offer, but was shocked when Dickson said he didn't want to. He tried to convince his brother to come, but Dickson stood strong. He liked the way his life was heading and he told Zanza that, while he did want to leave the hold, Dickson didn't. As sad as Zanza was, he accepted it and, after saying goodbye to his family, left for Ista Weyr.

While the war was still going on, he did not pay much mind to it. After all, he was still a candidate. Zanza had decided to become a dual candidate rather quickly, deciding that he didn't really care either way if he impressed a dragon or a wher. It seemed that fate would dictate he would impress to a wher, as, after he turned eighteen, a wher egg was slid over to him.

Inside resided one of the most beautiful gold whers he had ever seen.. and she was his.

After being a wherling for two years, he graduated and moved to help in the war effort, fighting alongside fellow wherhandlers. It was also during this time he fell in love. She was a weyrfolk and he fell head over heels for her. Eventually, the two became lovers and she was expecting their first- and, as it would turn out, only- child. The war was still going on, so he was often gone to battle. His brother, having become a journeyman at this point, had decided to move to the weyr to help support the woman.

He had been the only one there when she had their son and passed. Zanza was devastated when he returned, grieving the loss of someone he had cared about so much. His heart never really recovered from that. The war ended two years later and Zanza did his best to be there for his son. Of course, as he was often busy, due to Thread having returned, Shulk was raised mostly by the creche.

Life seemed to go on for a while, with Shulk growing up to be a fine young man and becoming a candidate eventually. However, Zanza felt.. dissatisfied staying at Ista Weyr. He didn't know why, but he felt like he needed to get out. He eventually decided to leave and move to Fort Weyr. He told his son and was surprised when Shulk decided to transfer there as well.

They arrived shortly before the Traditionalist coup took over for the weyr. Zanza enjoyed this, in all honesty. He preferred the traditional ways and, from what he knew, Serapheth was a danger to the weyr, same with her rider. He is happy to serve under Z'osh.

During the early summer of 2771, Shulk had gone to a hatching and impressed to a blue dragon named Arachoth. Zanza was beyond proud of his son, commenting about how good the two looked together and that he was so happy for his son.
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Gold Zansk


NAME: Zansk
BIRTHDATE Spring 2748
AGE: 23 as of 2771

LENGTH: 15ft
Zansk is not the tallest gold wher and is around the average length of one as well. She has a bit of a broader muzzle compared to most whers her size and her tail is thicker towards the tip as well. Her hide is a bright gold color, with runic appearing markings that have a gradient of burnt orange to white. These markings can be seen all over her body, especially on her sides and inside her wings. Underneath the markings found on her wings, there are light yellow patterns that resemble leaves.

Zansk is as prideful as a peacock. She only wishes to associate with golds and bronzes, turning her snout up at 'lesser' colors. She refuses to even associate with them and only works with them because 'I'm required to'. She would prefer to just be away from any wher that isn't a bronze or gold. Because of this, she is not the friendliest wher and is not afraid to snap and snarl at a lesser color if they get anywhere close to her.

She enjoys the finer things in life, often wanting to be spoiled and to have her hide cleaned regularly. She is an incredibly vain wher, often remarking that, because she's nocturnal, she can radiate more brightly than the sun. She gets along well with her handler, Zanza, and often remarks about how lucky he is that she had been chosen for him. She doesn't care for dragons at all, viewing whers are more superior to them and that flying is overrated. She doesn't agree with Zanza's son, Shulk, impressing to a dragon, but she won't mention it to him. After all, he means a lot to Zanza, so Zansk will keep her feelings to herself.
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Does what I wanted to be his flaw (his pride) work? I see him as a traditionalist, but I don't see it as a flaw

Also, does his playby look like someone in their 40's?
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Yes, Zanza has enough of a flaw and while this PB still looks on the younger side, he is mature enough for it to be plausible.
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