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[Event] Lost

All roads lead somewhere, and all skies stand overhead. Includes any place in the immediate vicinity of the Weyr.
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[Event] Lost

A supply caravan has been found, overturned in the muddy roads and light snow. There are no signs of anyone anywhere. What happened here?
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Kylan has been out, searching for the last herbs and plants that might have escaped notice. Satchel over their shoulder, a few jars with far fewer plants than they would have liked sitting tucked carefully inside--Beep's chirping and flashes of images to their mind had startled them into nearly tumbling down the hill they had been carefully picking their way down. Instead, they'd collided with a tree and gotten their foot caught in a bush--luckily it wasn't needlethorn or sticklebush. The last thing they needed was to end up getting stuck outside in the snow with a leg full of sticklebush needles.

Rubbing their arm where they had hit the tree, they carefully shuffled their way the rest of the way down, venturing closer to the road. Beep chattered loudly, zooming back to his bonded's side and alighting on their shoulder. Pulling their jacket tighter around themselves, they slowed their approach to the strange sight ahead. A supply caravan, completely tossed to the side, and there didn't appear to be anyone in the immediate area. Beep's images had been a little frantic, so they hadn't really been positive that he'd seen exactly what it looked like. Maybe people had just been out of sight.

Pausing a few paces from the cart, they looked around warily, as if something large might jump out from behind the wagon. "What happened, here?" they asked no one in particular, waiting another beat and then daring to venture closer. They didn't have survival training, not beyond the basics taught to any Helaer regarding herbs and plants that might be accidentaly ingested, but... That didn't stop them from looking around for any sort of clue.
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Esther's patrol had technically ended hours ago. She should probably go and report back to K'den, but some days the Weyr just felt so stifling that the thought of staying there almost made her sick. Or maybe it was just the thought of going down to dinner, out of sight of Krugith. She always felt more alive when the green was nearby. And she'd loved flying once; it had been one of her only true joys when the rest of the world had been crashing and burning around her.

Now though, she was just cold, tired, and thirsty. She'd brought food, but her waterskin had frozen solid at some point. Perhaps she'd have some hot klah when she got back indoors, or maybe tea instead.

What is that? Krugith broke into her thoughts, and she saw as her dragon did, looking at the ground far below.

A caravan. Not Traders, probably from one of the Holds. But there hasn't been any Thread in... But Fort Hold has been a bit problematic of late. We should check it out.

Are you sure? You're remembering something similar... We can tell Perth, and she and K'den can come.

I'm fine, Kru, Esther responded with a tight, forced smile, and the green gave a little mental shrug before heading in to land near the Candidate.
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The looming shadow of a dragon gave Kylan pause as they neared the caravan, and Beep chattered at both Krugith and Esther as they landed. They weren't as good at recognizing humans, but they definitely knew the dragon. Krugith, if they could recall correctly. They'd seen them around the Weyr a few times, probably managed to get them in a sketch or two. It helped to maintain their knowledge of the Wery's dragons--they may not have been a proper dragonhealer but that didn't mean they couldn't act like it.

Stopping in place, they looked between the caravan and rider a few times before giving a small, uncertain wave. Were they sent here to investigate? Did they not recognize Kylan and think that they might need help? "Er--Hey. Do you know what happened here?"
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