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Adoptable Claims

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Adoptable Claims

Adoption claims go here. Please make sure that you have read the Adoptions Guide before you post here!
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Before I forget, placing this lovely girl here!
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I would like to claim Ovisreth for Kataru

NAME: Ovisreth
BIRTHDATE: Early Winter 2761
AGE: ## as of ####

LENGTH: 32ft
HEX CODE: c6eeee
FULL APPEARANCE: A pale blue in every way... except for his markings. Ovisereth looks like a little sheep, or maybe a little ram. Either way, he's never going to lose his all of his baby pudginess. His nose, feet, and tip of his tail are all dark smokey-blue, the color rippling across the underside of his tail and part of his belly as well. There's a darker, sapphire-like swirl from his large eyes curling over like horns. His headknobs are slightly curled downwards, giving further proof to the idea that he may actually just be a giant sheep. His wings are streaked in curls of the sapphire color, and it curls around his neck once, and over the sides of his sails once, with little spots near the edges of his hips.
PERSONALITY:Don't take too seriously the harsh words from the mind of this one! Ovisreth is first and foremost a proud creature, but it is a very childlike pride he possesses. He is the greatest thing to grace Pern and anyone saying otherwise is just wrong and he will be the quickest to inform them of how wrong they are. About anything. Ever. He is highly prone to throwing insults around just to get a rise out of others and see how they react to it. He's also somewhat on the impatient side, as though he never quite learned to wait for anything. Though he has an often rude exterior he is actually quite caring and has his quiet moments of happiness. Ovisreth just seems to struggle to know how to really express these feelings and defaults to insult and rudeness because he doesn't know better. To those who see past his cranky little boy attitude Ovisreth will be a best friend, extremely loyal and caring.

Voice: For as beautiful as this blue could be considered, his voice is harsh as a crows caw. The fact it will forever be a bit higher and more childish perhaps doesn't help, nor does his habit of taunting and making snide comments. He's a creature that means well but is unable to really express such.
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Playing with hex but otherwise...
Arcane wrote:Image

Based On: Merlwyb
Color: Blue
Size: Small
Hexcode: #0A0A11
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Name: Rauseth
Inspiration: Uranus
Color: Blue
Size: Medium

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Arcane wrote:Image
Color: Bronze
Size: Large
Hex: #BDC095
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Arcane wrote:Image

Color: Blue
Hex: #063294
Size: Large

*Megalovania plays faintly in the distance*
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Code: Select all

As presented from Discord, to mark the formal claim.
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Arcane wrote:Kakarith


NAME: Kakarith
BIRTHDATE Summer 2764
AGE: 14.5 months as of Summer, 2765

LENGTH: 52 feet
HEIGHT: 13 feet
WINGSPAN: 78 feet
COLOR: Bronze
HEX CODE: #54550c
FULL APPEARANCE: Slightly in the smaller end of bronzes, but no less magnificent, Kakarith is a slender, delicate-looking dragon. Every part of him looks like he was properly sculpted and making sure that he was going to be a handsome dragon. He has fine legs and narrow wings, and he is incredibly acrobatic. He is a fine bronze all over, properly shiny at all angles. The tips of his wingsails fade into a darker bronze color, and it all makes his markings pop. His markings are a pale, almost silvery-bronze, across nose like a mask, and over his neck like harp strings. There's strings curling over his legs, and his chest has a big white eye-like marking. There are geometric shapes across his back, wingsails, and legs.

PERSONALITY: Kakarith is a very observant dragon, the sort who seems to keep his thoughts close at hand and watch others to learn and study their character. He's very clever and works well with others; that is to say, he seems to have a talent for seeing where people's talents lie, and to offer complimentary abilities that make the two blend into something wholly better. In this way, he has a vast array of talent on his own, a knack for picking up skills and being decent at them. He is not a master in any one way, but he is competent with many things.

Kakarith has a love for music, particularly harps, and is very fond of going to listen to the stories and songs that Harpers often weave. In his own way, he is wise and thoughtful, and often offers odd, archaic bits of knowledge that do not seem to make sense at first but always have a way of working out into some semblance of truth. He is also extremely fit and capable, being an excellent flier and combatant. He focuses heavily on helping others and being a protector, and in this way finds his niche in life.


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Claiming this boy from discord!
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