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Name: Spriggth (Sprig-th)
BIRTHDATE: Early Summer 2763
AGE: 2 turns as of Early Spring 2766



Color: Green
Hex Code: #44c8a8
Length: 26ft
Height: 6.5ft
Wingspan: 40ft

FULL APPEARANCE: Spriggth should be called spring-th because she is nothing if not a bouncy little loving green. She's light on her feet and strangely adept at getting into trouble and places she shouldn't be. Little shelf where flits hide things? She's up there looting. She's got a narrow face and a bounce in her step. She is a light mint green all over, with the backs of her wingsails a more seafoam color. Her face has some slightly darker marks, one over the nose like a bandage, and little bits going up her headknobs. The same color covers her forefeet like gloves with little hash marks on her arms. Her favorite feature is her spots: evergreen spots that go up her left hind leg and over the inside of both wingsails like the craters on a moon. She loves them.

PERSONALITY: Spriggth is a quirky little green who likes to solve puzzles and get into trouble. Her curiosity is boundless, and she would probably try to follow furbeasts into their burrows if she thought she could fit. She is quite good at finding rather abstract solutions to problems, thinking significantly more outside the box than Rolth. If you need to distract her for a while, give her some wooden blocks and tell her to fit them into any shape, and she'll be happy to sit and play with toys until she's gotten a solution that fits her. She also likes telling stories, even if she really has no idea how to tell a good story.

To her human, Spriggth is their friend. She'll lounge around with them and encourage them to cut lessons and go find something that they would rather study. After all, it's easier to ask forgiveness instead of permission! Spriggth also loves the ladies. She's not shy about it, even if complimenting humans sounds silly. She's just as likely to chase greens as she is to rise herself, and if no ladies are chasing her, then all those males can sod off! They're not good enough for her. She's also got a huge squish on Aaneth, and Spriggth is a massive dorky romantic at heart. She would love to travel as well, and will probably volunteer as a search dragon as soon as possible.

Voice: Spriggth sounds Australian southern. Very southern. But her voice is chipper and cheery, even when she's upset.

Essa of Bronze Gectusith
Quinn of Bronze-White Louicyth
Wingleader S'bor of Bronze Yugoth
ACM Estelle of Brown Jaehaeryth
Faralyn of Brown Grooth
Ieyasu of Brown Ieyask
P'pin of Brown Palath
T'rin of Brown Celeth
G'er of Garnet Neozeoth
Lily of Garnet Eridieth
Relli of Garnet Rellivask and Blue Relsk
Augury of Blue Velveth
Chrysanthe of Blue Bidath
Weyrling D'vir of Blue Cainhurth
Gellera of Blue Virtrath
Miryem of Blue Riwenth
Thor of Blue Hinokath
Adora of Green Meilith
Elyron of Green Elyrosk
Kiriani of Green Tabesleuth
Wingsecond L'ir of Green Byth
S'atyl of Green Nineveth
Makoto of White Usakinth
Wingsecond Tyrion of White Voluntauth
High Reaches
Cynthia of Gold Eliask
Hela of Bronze Helsk and Brown Hesk
Schneizel of Bronze Damocleth
Azul of Brown Claarisath
Di'a of Brown Kasshuth
Dobby of Brown Kersuth
Wingleader Myalla of Brown Enarth
Th'ou of Brown Pavith
Wingsecond D'ark of Garnet Masreith
Eliza of Garnet Riaath
Squadsecond Tomas of Garnet Tomask and White Tsk
Weyrling Master Camilla of Blue Kamuith
Jae of Blue Zappath
Sayla of Blue Sacroth
Tamara of Blue Requeth
Yvaen of Blue Bolduth
Zhuli of Blue Zhusk and Blue Lisk
Ailee of Green Suventh
Kanon of Green Kibeth
Kip of Green Amizuth
Numann of Green Rannath
Sokka of Green Wintrath
Weyrling T'ir of Green Blysith
Riku of White Taissath
Semaca Weyr
Arena of Void Oscamith
Alayna of Gold Wyzeth
Al'bus of Bronze Matanuth
Noor of Bronze Nuunieth
Hermione of Brown Echoneth
Sage of Brown Wisketoth
Shuri of Brown Motath
Varda of Brown Magmeth
Ly'nk of Garnet Sakuyath
Maui of Garnet Mausk and Blue Mask
Uruk of Garnet Georsath
Anoni of Blue Cermurith
Artemis of Blue Phoebuth
Corleon of Blue Corleosk and White Corlesk
Candidatemaster Naxen of Blue Anitoth
Point Rigel of Blue Cygneth
Ya'ra of Blue Dymrith
Ariel of Green Kshatriyath
Rhea of Green Rheask
Captain Vella of Green Vellask and Magma Vesk
V'rell of Green Peridoth
Wyatt of Green Emilith
Laera of White Tarth
Kowal of White Kowalsk
R'tan of White Mazath
Steward Molly
Candidate Pasca
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