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Adoptable Claims

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Arcane wrote:Image

Based On: Alphinaud
Color: White (Male)
Size: Small
Hexcode: #37454B

Must be the same size as Alisaie

I'd like to adopt Alphinaud dragon please!
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Jabberwoky wrote:Image

Name: Cendocreth
Color: Bronze
Hex Code: 80791a
Final Size -
Length: 54ft
Height: 13.5ft
Wingspan: 81ft

Not a gold, but an incredible simulation! Cendocreth is often mistaken for a gold due to the paleness of his hide, and the yellow-bronze color of his markings. He is definitely bronze, however, and it shows most when not in bright sunlight. He has a definite bronze sheen to his body, despite the near-albino coloration of his hide. His markings are elaborate, intricate swirls and almost regal patterns as if to highlight the fact that he is some sort of Pernese nobility. Not unlike Walzth, he has a bronzy-gold crown pattern across his head, as if he is challenging the smaller bronze for proper royalty. He is large and fit, with a lean frame and a fast body. He moves somewhat daintily, and can be a bit skittish sometimes.

If Walzth is a tyrant, then Cendocreth is a benevolent prince. He is quite intelligent, capable of remembering complex plans and strategies, though he prefers to solve conflicts peacefully. He is quite close to Jitteboth, enjoying the brown's company. Cendocreth is perfectly content taking care of those around him, making sure that those close to him are content or at least pleased with life. He is a rather noble creature, preferring to do what is right over what is popular, though he does secretly worry that people do not actually like him, and are instead laughing at him behind his back.

Cendocreth's idealism may sometimes lead him to think that some people can be better than they actually are, and though he may take a few stumbling steps to learn that he can't trust everyone, he will learn. He does not like to be thrust into leadership positions, though he is quite capable of leading. He can be quite manipulative if the situation really warrants it, though he does not like doing so. He will hope his rider forgives him if he must do dangerous things, or things that are somewhat frowned upon.

Voice: Cendocreth's voice is light but strong, and quite charismatic and pleasant to listen to.

Note: Cendocreth's rider must be cis female


For reasons.
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Jabberwoky wrote:Image

Color: Brown
HEX: #883115

L/H: Small/Average

Claiming this boy as I have the perfect handler for him
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Jabberwoky wrote:Image

Color: Green
HEX: #27AF2C
L/H/W: Small

Missing leg must be part of backstory, cannot have been born this way.

Oh Flipping Fleppin Flup, I must. Favorite Green is too tempting to pass up.
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Jabberwoky wrote:IRAMADTH


NAME: Iramadth
BIRTHDATE: Late Summer 2762
AGE: 2 as of 2764

LENGTH: 27ft
HEIGHT: 6.75ft
WINGSPAN: 40.5ft
COLOR: Green
HEX CODE: 609769
FULL APPEARANCE: Iramadth is pretty average in her proportions. She is all around an even, fine green. She's not particularly good at one thing, and tries to spread her talents over everything to be about average at it all. She's a very pale, smokey green all over. Her markings are a light, minty green all over. Her face is completely covered in the color, like she stuck her face in paint. Along her underside and back, back legs included, is a long mesh of green, like she's wearing a spotted cape or maybe she's been tangled in a net. It's an odd sort of coloration, and she looks almost like a honeycomb. Her description of herself changes from day to day.

PERSONALITYPERSONALITY: Iramadth is the perfect green. Or, she constantly says she is a perfect green. Perfect. Perfection. Absolute perfection and no one can tell her otherwise. After all, there is no one as good as she is. She is arrogant, and is every bit certain that she can do everything asked of her. Everyone can stop trying, she is the best one. Why bother competing with the perfect dragon? She holds her head high and believes that one day even golds will recognize her greatness and her outright superiority. She is perfectly fine with trying to pit others against one another for her amusement. After all, she could never fall for such easy bait... except when she does.

To her rider, Iramadth wants them to bask in her glory. After all, they can't be as good as she is, and that's okay. They're only human, and she'll make sure that they are a perfect human. She only accepts the best. When she makes a mistake, she tries very hard to cover it up, and insists that she didn't mess up at all. What is wrong? She didn't do that. Clearly it was someone else. Learning humility will take a long, long time. This doesn't mean she's stupid, or that she's unable to work with others. She can be pretty smart once she's learned, and when she's actually willing to trust others... There's no one more willing to support her family, even if it takes a long time for her to give that trust to others.

Voice: Iramadth has a voice that is soaked in haughtiness and pride. Even when she's trying to be humble, she sounds proud. Her voice is a little on the deep side, yet it is definitely feminine. She could be mistaken for a gold if she is heard first and seen second.

Technically outside of the current adopt pool but I wanted to put this here for tracking purposes & because I requested Woky to dig her up for me
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Mon Oct 12, 2020 6:23 am


As far as I am AWARE, this boy is not taken! If I'm wrong or can't claim him or he's not a blank (I'm 90% sure he's a blank) please let me know. He's...pretty...
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Jabberwoky wrote:Image

Color: White
Hex-Code: #8D8D8D

Height: Medium
Length: Large

it is time to tick off the white wher box
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