Adoptable Claims

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Adoptable Claims

Adoption claims go here. Please make sure that you have read the Adoptions Guide before you post here!
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Arcane wrote:RECKSITH


NAME: Recksith
BIRTHDATE Late Summer, 2765
AGE: 6.5 months as of Late Winter, 2765

LENGTH: 35ft
HEIGHT: 8.75ft
WINGSPAN: 52.5ft
COLOR: blue
HEX CODE: #21597f
Recksith is an average blue. No weird proportions, no odd shape, just a straight, robust blue without any fanciness, and that is okay. This dragon is fine on the ground and in the air, and there's nothing that he particularly excels at, and that is okay. He is, however, stunningly colored. He's a light, powder blue all over, with denim-block markings over his back and his limbs. There is a darker blue all on his underside and belly, and over the edges of his wings like a very practiced and strong streaking banner.

Recksith is a good dragon. He likes to try new things and has no fear of jumping into the fray first. After all, he's supposed to be the first one out there and no one can stop him. He's not impulsive, however, and tends to carefully consider his options before rushing out, unless someone is in danger, then all bets are off. He's pretty durable, not giving a second thought to any bumps or bruises he might get. He can be a little cautious of others, especially dragons he doesn't know or recognize, and he tries to keep a fair distance between himself and people he does not know. He is fairly polite, but this dragon takes no shit. Still, he is a friendly creature, easy to get along with.

To his bonded, Recksith is a partner. He's a friend. He is supportive, safe, and comforting. However, he is first to voice his concerns and he does his best to keep them out of trouble. There's nothing he won't do... except extremely foolish things. Still, he has their back no matter what, and there's nothing that he wants more than to just stay with them and protect Pern. He is incredibly cautious around all garnets, looking at them with skepticism and quite honestly, he does not trust them.

Voice: Recksith's voice is firm, deeper and comforting.


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NAME: Lumiouth
BIRTHDATE: Winter 2767
AGE: 0 turns as of Winter 2767

LENGTH: 50ft
HEIGHT: 12.5ft
COLOR: Brown
HEX CODE: #41392a

On the larger end of browns, notably with his right foreleg missing, Lumiouth is still stunning. He's muscular and finely built, showing very little of him being hindered by only three legs. He's agile, strong, and otherwise a perfect example of a dragon. He has narrow wings and a long tail. He is an earthy brown all over. His markings are a more pale, stone-colored brown, first over his face like some stylized skull, then over the backs of his wingsails and in sharp lines on his neck and chest. The same color shows in large blocks, like armor, on his limbs. It's all accented with a darker, deep brown that also bleeds onto the edges of his wingsails.

On the surface, Lumiouth is a dad. He is constantly worrying about everyone else around him, taking special care and concern to be sure they're all taken care of. He takes time to check in with those close to him, and to know what they like and dislike, and how they can better work together. He would be a fantastic wingleader, able to shoulder responsibility and to make it all look rather effortless while he does it. He's strong at heart, but not so overly serious that he is consumed by it. That said, he and Apocryth will never really see eye to eye.

To his rider, Lumiouth is a supportive partner, but willing and able to call them out on things when they need it. He is very disciplined and will do his best to make sure they can handle the stress and strain he puts on them. His moments of weakness are few and far-between, and reflect in deep, harrowing moments of doubt that will cause him to freeze in his tracks. He needs reassurance, that he is fine, that he'll do okay. And sometimes, he needs to know it is not his fault.

VOICE: Though confident and sure of himself, Lumiouth still sounds like a dad.


For Tirniva.
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Arcane wrote:Image

Name: Ziodyneth
Inspiration: Jupiter
Color: Bronze
Size: Large

I'm ready to adopt him please!
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Claiming this boy!

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Arcane wrote:Image

color: blue
HEX: #7A78CA

L/H: Average

just gonna. claim this dude...
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Fel wrote:Image

Description needs to be rewritten

Name: Senroth
Color: Garnet
Hex code: #E33638
Final size -
Length: 34ft
Height: 9ft
Wingspan: 51ft


This rouge is trouble. She is cheery one moment, but the second things don't go her way, she throws an absolute fit. She is selfish, and wants everything to go her way. She wants all attention on her at all times, especially when she rises. She enjoys picking on her smaller clutchmates as well, nipping at their tails and pouting when one of them actually stands up to her and puts her in her place.

To her bonded, she will be whiny, pushy, and downright selfish. She will demand attention, and need to be shown that Pern does not revolve around her.

Voice: Senroth has a light, chipper voice, like a 15 year old girl always excited to go on a date.
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