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Plot and other IC FAQs

Any IC guided can be found here. This includes color info, the plot, and location-specific guides. The censuses and wing list can be found here as well.
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Plot and other IC FAQs

Regarding History

What is the Interval War, how did it start, and when did it end?
The Interval War is the catalyst that sparked the way TPA is today. Leading up to the war, Benden, Fort, and High Reaches all decided that they had the best way to run Pern. Tensions rose, Fort became more liberal and more open, and everyone started to mistrust one another. Crops started to fail, herdbeasts became sick, and everyone blamed everyone else. The Official Timeline can answer most history related questions.

How long has Thread been falling in this Pass?
Thread has been falling since 2757, only two turns after the Interval War ended. We are about a fifth of the way into the Pass.

What happened to AIVAS? Does it exist? What about Lessa?
Neither AIVAS nor Lessa exist (or did exist in Lessa's case) in this canon. In the case of AIVAS, it will not be rediscovered in the 10th Pass.

Regarding Plot and Events

How does Threadfall work here?
Threadfall will be played off-screen. Off-screen threadfall will be done during maintenance days, where you will be asked to submit a list of acceptable injuries, and once the site is back online, staff will post a list of injuries. We will never injure or kill a character without permission.

How do I get my character(s) involved in the plot?
The primary mechanism is just by posting in threads titled [Plot]! Occasionally, staff will also put out a call for characters for a plot, or will contact someone about a specific character that might work.

Regarding Hatchings

How frequent are hatchings?
We try to have a mix of dragon and wher hatchings every few months. Gold dragon hatchings (generally more than 10 eggs) happen 2-4 times per year, and there are smaller green and garnet hatchings scattered between them. Wher hatchings are done when staff thinks there is time for one, usually with members wanting whers as well. Firelizards hatchings are more or less at random.

I didn't impress at the hatching! Why not?
We usually have more candidates than we do eggs. Naturally, not every character is going to impress on the first go. People who only get the minimum required 15 posts and never post until the hatching will likely not impress. However, if you are active and around a lot, and posting all the time and still don't impress, then I will say now: Staff does not hate you and is not trying to shaft you or play favorites. What most likely happens is not having a dragon that best fits your candidate. If you have a gold-only candidate, prepare for them to be standing for a long time, with the possibility of aging-out. Staff tries very hard to make sure that each candidate fits each dragon, and we would rather let someone go standing once than make a bad match.

I didn't get the color I wanted at the hatching!
Tough. While the staff is willing some negotiation, such as if dragon personalities wildly don't match for some reason, but if you tell us we can give you any color and you get a color you don't want, then it's your fault for not telling us. If you are not honest on your Candidate Questionnaire, then we can't help you. We cannot read your mind.

Do firelizard/flit hatchings work like dragon hatchings?
No. Firelizard hatchings are usually done by a random number draw. Staff will post a list of numbers, and when a number is claimed, the player will make a thread with their egg. Staff will hatch their egg and there will be surprises all around.


What does 'forsk' mean?
'Forsk' is a made-up Pernese swear we started using after some joking around. It means "fuck".

Can I use slurs IC?
NOPE. Slurs are not allowed anywhere on this site, Discord included. You may use Pernese Lingo (found Here and here) IC, but any slurs are banned, period.

Can my Green weyrling rise early and have a clutch?
No. Staff will go to you if we want an early/weyrling rise. Do not ask us.

What are one-time mutations?
One-time mutations are just that! One-time, non-canon colors that are usually post-ranking prizes. These mutations will only occur once, and will never be repeated. They are also not without rules, which can be found in this topic here. Unique dragons/whers/firelizard do not clutch ever. Staff will design your one-time mutation creatures with your input. The color cannot be one already used in a previous mutation.
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