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Paro of Green Kaioth

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Paro of Green Kaioth

Paro of Green Kaioth
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NAME: Paro
GENDER: Female (cis)
PRONOUNS: she/her
ORIENTATION: Biromantic Asexual

BIRTHDATE: Early Spring 2749
AGE: 22 as of Early Spring 2771
OCCUPATION: Greenrider
WING: Aurora Wing

EYES: Blue
HAIR: Blonde
HEIGHT AND BUILD: 5'4", scrawny
PLAY-BY: Picrew by Poika
FULL APPEARANCE: Paro can be described as scrawny, small, or fragile-looking. She has blonde hair, at shoulder-length, often put half-up, half-down in a small ponytail at the back of her head. Her eyes are blue, and her skin is pale. She mostly wears baggy, warm clothes, in mostly dark colours - often opting for accessories in brighter colours, mostly shades of blue and pink. She always has a slight hunchback, carrying herself with a somewhat unconfident posture, and most of the time, a neutral expression.

Paro is reserved and quiet, often wanting to be left to her own devices. However, she is not at all shy; she is simply an introvert who only wants to talk to people when she wants to. Loud, overtly boisterous people (such as her half-sister, who likes to annoy her on purpose) irritate her, and she can get very snappy and frustrated very quickly. She simply likes to work on her own business in peace.
She has a creative, imaginative mind, which she uses to assist with her art and music, her passions in life, besides dragonriding. Unfortunately, rarely does she share her creations with others - she feels as though they wouldn't really be interested, thus, she does it because it mostly feels therapeutic to her rather than for the entertainment of others. She gets along very well with her dragon, as they are both creatives, and she enjoys being able to talk to someone who doesn't annoy her. She can definitely be rude or abrupt, her tolerance for people she doesn't want to talk to is very low. Deep within Paro, there is a heart, a care for other people, but, it takes a long, long time to get there, as she very rarely opens up about how she feels. However, she isn't interested in romance whatsoever, as she views it as a complete waste of time.

She often romanticises the past, in a way that she thinks 'it was better in the old days', with little basis, possibly from what she has heard and absorbed from older people around her, and thus, has a somewhat traditional mindset; she does think that each colour of dragon has its own role in a Weyr. For example, Golds are at the top for a reason; they are rare, and capable of producing massive clutches. As well as this, she isn't sure of her opinion on new or mutation colours, or where they would fit within the hierarchy. She doesn't see the point much in changing the system. However, she isn't so extreme to think that women can't ride Bronzes, or anything along those lines - she believes that the Weyrwoman is fine where she is, as she is a woman, after all. As well as this, she doesn't see smaller dragons as 'useless' - they, too, have a role to play. She often doesn't take much criticism on her views, and doesn't bother engaging with anyone who tries to change her mind.

Mother: Parelyi of Green Ordranoth [Deceased]
Father: Unknown
Half-sister: Mite [-6]
HISTORY: The first daughter of Parelyi and an unknown father, most likely born from flightlust, Paro spent most of her early childhood in the creche. In that time she rarely saw her mother - Parelyi was a busy woman, after all, but even then she only really visited her on her nameday. The first six years of her life were fairly uneventful, until her mother had another child, to a different father, who was also dropped off at the creche. Paro's mother instructed her to look after Lyirenn, her little sister - whom Paro found insufferable. She never understood why this child would not leave her alone, why she was so clingy. Even though she thought of her as an annoyance, she still would care for her sister and keep her out of harm's way, even if she was distant about it. Paro had gained an interest in dragonriding ever since she was young, however, she also picked up on light traditionalist views; she believed each colour of dragon had its own purpose in a Weyr.

Unfortunately, throughout her teenage turns, she started to grow even more tired of her little sister. Although she did not want Lyirenn (or Mite, as she demanded to be called after Paro referred to her as a 'little mite' when she was 12) to get hurt, her over-the-top energy was always way too much for her. She wanted to be left to her own devices, to work on her own interests, such as her art and music - she had briefly considered becoming a Harper, but she had no interest in using her creativity for the purpose of entertaining other people. For her, it was simply therapeutic. However, as a young teenager, she was attempting to find something to occupy her mind before she could become a candidate and eventually have a dragon of her own. Thus, she became a candidate at age 15, and impressed Kaioth. She got on well with her dragon, they were on similar levels - Kaioth helped to mellow her out, and calm her down every time her sister got on her nerves. After all, Kaioth did not want Paro's frustration to rule her mind. Paro had a friend, and something with which she could spend her time. She was a dragonrider now, and Mite was no longer her responsibility.

...Until her mother died one turn later, just after her weyrlinghood ended. Mite was devastated, and clung to Paro even more. In this moment, she felt for Mite. She softened her tone, towards her sister - possibly influenced by her dragon - and showed her that she was capable of caring. After that, she stayed in contact with her sister, despite her still finding her to be annoying, but she was glad that Mite was getting other friends, and wanted her to get a dragon, too. From then on, Paro's life had slowed down in its eventfulness; she fought in a few Threadfalls, not taking any major injuries, and getting closer to her dragon, who was a great comfort for her.

She has also tried to take part in many political discussions, since then - yet, she has not campaigned for any major changes due to her inward personality, but she certainly has opinions on certain events; for example, she was rather unhappy about the events surrounding Nornth's demise, and Tuckal's kidnapping - such things should not happen to goldriders, in her opinion. When the Weyr started to have an uprising of traditionalism, with a bronzerider taking the leadership role of the Daylight Wing, she agreed with this choice; after all, he was bigger and stronger, and bronzes were natural leaders, in her opinion. At least that's what she'd been told.
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NAME: Kaioth
BIRTHDATE Early Fall 2764
AGE: 6 as of Early Spring 2771



LENGTH: 30ft
COLOR: Green
FULL APPEARANCE: If mist and fog were green dragons, that could be Kaioth. She is a soft, gentle-looking dragon with a dainty frame. She's on the larger end for greens, build like a fawn but not delicate or fragile. Nothing will stand in her way if she is determined. She has a rounded nose and round headknobs. She is a tealy, soft green all over, with a slight shine to her hide. The backs of her wingsails are a more gem-colored green. A darker, almost evergreen color curls over her forelegs and knees, and swirls under her sails and sides with one final drop on her shoulders. Her feet and back legs are a slightly lighter color than the rest of her, but it hard to tell unless one is under the right light. There are delicate, elaborate swirls over her headknobs, and she looks like she is wearing an elaborate circlet.

PERSONALITY: Kaioth is a very mellow seeming dragon to most; in reality, she is extremely polite and calm, being able to pull away emotions to slowly dissemble them and work through them. This gives her a very mature view on life, even at a young age, and will make her very level headed and easy to work with, given the right partner. That said, if their bonded is too angry or too emotional, they may butt heads; Kaioth refuses to let emotions get the best of anyone, especially herself, and will call people out on irrational and terrible choices colored by feelings. She dislikes being patronized even if not doing so would hurt her feelings, and subsequently will not indulge people. She isn't without emotion herself, she just detests letting your emotions rule you.

Kaioth is also graceful and delicate, with an aura of sophistication. She is clearly intelligent, and this usually manifests itself through interest in art and music. To her, anything could be artful - it is the passion and depth to which people put themselves into something, and it gives her a unique perspective and appreciation for people and things. She greatly enjoys learning and classes, and will pay close attention to detail and information, making sure they are all filed away and remembered to the best of her ability. She has a longer memory than most dragons, and insists on her rider remembering things as well, so she can re-access them herself later. She loves the water, and greatly enjoys time in and around it. She also has a fondness for Rasuneth, though she mostly keeps that to herself and her rider.

VOICE: Kaioth is a soft and well spoken, speaking with eloquence and grace.
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