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Nevlim of Brown Evlisk

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Nevlim of Brown Evlisk

Nevlim of Brown Evlisk
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NAME: Nevlim
GENDER: Female (cis)
PRONOUNS: she/her

BIRTHDATE: Early Autumn 2745
AGE: 25 as of Early Spring 2771
OCCUPATION: Wherhandler
WING: Ground Crew, Dawn Squad

EYES: Brown
HAIR: Brown
HEIGHT AND BUILD: 5'4", slightly curvy
PLAY-BY: picrew by poika
Nevlim is very short, but has a fairly average body shape, besides her height; she's slightly curvy, but not very noticeably so. Her skin is light brown, and her hair is a warmer shade of chestnut brown, cropped short, into a bob. Her eyes are also dark brown, and she wears glasses, usually round ones. Her style of clothing is normally formal, often involving suits and hats.

PERSONALITY: Nevlim is charismatic and outgoing, having a very laid-back personality most of the time - however, when things get serious, she too gets serious - she is fully aware that there is a time and a place for everything. She is analytical and wise, and has good leadership skills, being focused on a task at hand; however, whether or not she is trustworthy is honestly up for debate. Although she will always stay loyal to her friends, the people in her wing, and the people she respects, she can be incredibly two-faced towards people she dislikes or distrusts. As well as this, she has a habit of gossiping, or even worse, deliberately going out of her way to collect dirt on anyone who poses a threat. Also, she is prone to lying, from time to time - she is willing to go out of her way to get what she needs. Despite this, she fears death, and very few people know this - yet less so than she used to as a child, as becoming a handler and fighting thread have made her overcome this fear, somewhat, but it still remains.

Even when she's not in business mode, she can still be very, very nosy. Sometimes, there is no malicious intent behind it, she simply likes to get to know people. Normally, she makes allies rather than friends - but, even then, there may be one or two people who are exceptions to that rule, and she is capable of having a strong friendship with someone once she gets to know them well enough. Sometimes, however, she simply enjoys having fun and messing with people, and is no stranger to banter, for no reason beyond it being amusing to her. Her intentions are mostly good, even if her methods are questionable, however, she often believes she is correct, and her morals are the right way to be - she does not respond to criticism well, and believes the other person is objectively wrong. She thinks traditions are pointless, and that there's basically no need for a colour-based hierarchy in a Weyr, beyond the Weyrwoman, at least. Despite this, she does care for the wellbeing of the Weyr, and once she trusts someone enough to call them a friend, she would care for them too. The person she is closest to is her younger brother, as he is someone she has known long enough to trust, and she's more honest with him than anyone else.

Father: Neiles of Blue ??? (Absent)
Mother: Evlimida of Brown Evlisk (Deceased)
Younger Brother: Dailes (22)
HISTORY: Nevlim and her younger brother were born in Telgar Weyr, raised by their mother and father, who were, at the time, weyrfolk - however, when she was six, Nevlim's father left, leaving their mother to look after them. When she asked about her father, her mother, not wanting to explain the ins and outs of adult relationship struggles to a child, told her that he fell off his dragon and died. In reality, they had a messy breakup, and he transferred to a different Weyr, proclaiming he wanted nothing more to do with her or her children. Her mother was not necessarily a bad parent, but she definitely had some strange morals that were passed down to her children. She believed that, in Pern, making friends wasn't as important as getting people on your side, and doing whatever you must to get where you need to be. When she was ten, her mother, 32 turns of age at the time, Impressed to Brown Evlisk. It was around this time Nevlim felt as though it would be a nice idea to get out of Telgar - for no reason beyond it being too cold - but first, she wanted a wher of her own. While dragons were cool, she took more interest in whers - after what her mother had told her, she didn't want to suffer the same fate that she thought her father suffered. Due to what she had been told, she didn't make a lot of friends - she did remain close to her little brother, as someone to whom she was loyal and honest. More than she was with anyone else.

At seventeen, she became a wher candidate. She had not Impressed for three years - however, when she was nineteen, her mother was killed in Thread, but her wher survived. It was at this moment she realised that it wasn't just dragonriders who died young; Thread did not discriminate at all between anyone, dragon or wher, or between colours. In reality, she had known this for turns; yet, this was the moment when it finally sunk in for her, when it finally hit home. Evlisk rebonded to Nevlim not long after his original rider's death, telling her that it was time for her to learn one or two things about becoming part of the Pern workforce. He was already 9 turns old - he had become a wise wher over time. He told her a lot of things about how Pern works. He'd seen a lot in his time, and while he was definitely firm and honest, he also told her that if you play your cards right, you can get where you need to be. After their graduation, they finally decided to leave Telgar, and set out for Fort Weyr. She extended the offer for her brother to come too, and he accepted. He didn't have a dragon or wher yet, but he still wanted to keep in touch with her, and was excited to move to somewhere less cold.

    Early Spring 2771: In Threadfall, Nevlim tripped over a rock, breaking her hip.
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Got a lot to learn, kid.


NAME: Evlisk
BIRTHDATE Late Winter 2754
AGE: 16 as of Early Spring 2771

LENGTH: 15.5
COLOR: Brown
HEX CODE: #9e4f08
FULL APPEARANCE: Evlisk is huge, muscular, and hits every upper limit of 'normal' size for a Brown. Despite his intimidating size, his patterns are very beautiful; his general appearance gives off the appearance of forests in Autumn. his hide is, for the most part, varying shades of brown, almost appearing like leaves. Branch-shaped lines run up his legs and across his wings, in a lighter shade.

PERSONALITY: Evlisk is always very gruff and serious, and has no interest in playing around. He can, when pushed to his limit, be quite violent, especially if his handler is in danger. The Weyr is always in his best interest, and he will do whatever it takes to protect it. Although he comes across as very stern, he cares deeply for his handler, and is, deep down, a good friend and role model. He is both smart and wise, willing to impart wisdom upon those who need it. (He thinks everyone needs it.) He can be argumentative, and always puts business and serious thoughts first. He is honest, and always airs his true thoughts on any situation. He does not hold back when telling people what he thinks - however, he may come across as harsh, as he has no qualms telling people harsh truths.

Sometimes, he can be a bit of a cranky old man. He isn't very fond of kids, as he thinks they're loud and annoying. As well as this, he views everyone as a potential threat, and can be somewhat overcautious or paranoid. However, he does have a heart, and definitely knows when to use it. When he isn't on high alert, or fighting off threats, he is relaxed, sometimes bordering on lazy. He knows when there is stuff to do - when there isn't, he would rather chill out, and talk to his rider. To others, he isn't so talkative, as he believes his rider is better at talking and negotiation than he is, when it comes to strangers, or people who may be suspicious.

WHY ME?: Evlisk is a dad.
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