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Candidate Cedar

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Candidate Cedar

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NAME: Cedar
GENDER: Male, cis
PRONOUNS: he/him
ORIENTATION: Not interested

BIRTHDATE: Early Summer 2751
AGE: 20 as of Late Fall 2771
LOCATION: High Reaches Weyr

EYES: Brown
HAIR: Brown
HEIGHT AND BUILD: 6'3", lanky
PLAY-BY: picrew by omoulo
FULL APPEARANCE: Cedar is tall, with almost no muscle or curve definition in his body, even if he isn't necessarily 'thin'. He takes pride in his appearance, dressing fairly formally, but doesn't dress to stand out at all, opting for mostly neutral colours and nothing in the way of accessories. His skin is a medium brown, with freckles all over. His eyes are a rich chestnut brown, a similar colour to his hair, which he keeps short in the back, and slightly longer in the front, framing a fairly round face.

PERSONALITY: Cedar is rigid, stubborn and firm; he has opinions and desires that he absolutely refuses to stray from or accept any other alternative. He is ambitious, with his heart set on leadership and power, and will settle for nothing less, if he can help it. He will do whatever it takes to get what he wants, and will absolutely never give up. He will shut down any argument he does not agree with, even if his logic is not entirely sound. That being said, normally, he is quiet, judgemental, and bitter, and will often only retort back if someone says something that particularly aggravates him. He is strong willed, and intelligent; he has the capacity to learn and absorb information, however, he has no qualms with telling people their opinions are just... wrong. He is confident, but also, very arrogant, rude, and dismissive. Though his self-esteem is good, he doesn't believe he has to change or improve in any way. He thinks he's fine the way he is, and he doesn't wish to reflect on himself, or take responsibility for his actions, at all.

Cedar has strong organisational skills, and has a strong memory; however, he absolutely hates things being dirty, unorganised, or unruly, and will often spend a long time trying to fix a problem. He will focus on something for hours on end until he is satisfied - he is a hard worker, and believes that he would make a good leader, if he were to Impress a dragon that could work with him. He has no tolerance for laziness, vulgarity, or cowardice, and will chastise people he doesn't necessarily approve of in that way. He doesn't care for romantic relationships at all, finding them to be a waste of time. He speaks to everyone formally and professionally, maintaining a distance with most people until he has deemed them appropriate for his friendship; often, this means, someone he can work with without hassle. The only people who have his unconditional respect, are people who hold authority over him - he constantly aims to impress his superiors, in the hopes of proving he could do their job, one day; and his family.

- The Tree Family (Various half-siblings, Aspen, Yew, Juniper, etc.)
- Mother: Darnilla of Green Valavath
HISTORY: Though he was born as a product of flightlust and raised in the creche, Cedar still yearned for his mother's love - she would often visit him whenever she got a spot of free time. His father, however, he had met, but had not bonded with at all. His parents informed him that he had various half-siblings and cousins in the creche; mostly on his dad's side, for his mother was fully devoted to him. He didn't bond much with his siblings, but he still respected and trusted them unconditionally, for they were family. His mother was kind to him and had earned his respect; as did his father, even if he was absent. The rest of the children here, however, he paid no mind to, and had no care in what they had to say.

From a young age, he always had goals; dragonriding, and being a leader. He really liked the idea of having a big, strong, hard-working dragon, one he could cooperate with. He became a candidate at 15, and was prepared to take on any task given to him, for he was determined to prove that he was worthy of the most amazing dragons. He would prove his dedication to his authorities, and show himself capable. After he turned 17, he had still not impressed, and he took it to mean that there was a dragon waiting for him that was perfect, and he would not settle with anything else. He did not become a dual candidate, for he viewed whers with disdain. The ambition only grew within him, and he was utterly determined to get a dragon, continuing to work hard.

Eventually, his brothers moved to High Reaches in late 2770; and he followed suit, for he was determined to strengthen his bond with some of them. Though he wasn't too fond of the Weyr's political structure itself, he knew deep down that he couldn't choose what he Impressed, even if he ideally wanted a bronze; therefore, there were more chances of him having the power and leadership he wanted. He settled in fairly quickly, anticipating what Gold Aldoeith may bring to the Weyr.
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IC Information
What type of candidate is your character: Dragon

What color/s does your character want?: Bronze. Brown is also acceptable.
Does your character have any personality preferences or concerns?: Hard-working, strong, something that can lead with him. Nothing that will overpower him, and nothing that will hinder his progress.
Does your character have any other preferences or concerns?: N/A

OOC Information
If your character is a dual candidate IC, do you have a strong preference on whether they Impress dragon or wher?: N/A

What color(s) are you willing for your character to impress to?: No metallics. Preferably green/blue/white/garnet but if there's a good brown match that's fine
Do you want your character to be eligible for gold?: Absolutely not
Do you have any personality preferences or concerns?: I'm completely open to personality but I think he could use something to drag him off his high horse, whether that be a dragon that's firm enough to set him straight or a dragon that's just a complete and utter goofball and doesn't listen to a word he says. Whatever's gonna make a good match for this asshole.
Do you have any other preferences or concerns?: Absolutely feel free to ruin this man's life.
Why do you think these choice/s would be a good fit?: Idk man I'm trusting Woky on this one.

Do you have any preferences about the conditions of your character’s impression?: Nope
Are you alright with your character getting hurt? What injury level is acceptable/what should be avoided?: please feel free to fuck him up (major)

Is there anything you will ABSOLUTELY NOT accept?: No metallics
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