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Peryam of Bronze Apocryth [WIP] [ADPT]

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Peryam of Bronze Apocryth [WIP] [ADPT]

"lyrics or quotes here"


NAME: Peryam
GENDER: Female, cis
PRONOUNS: she/her

BIRTHDATE: Late Autumn 2744
AGE: 27 as of Late Winter 2771
LOCATION: Semaca Weyr
WING: Nocturne Wing

EYES: Hazel
HAIR: Auburn
HEIGHT AND BUILD: 6'1", lanky
PLAY-BY: picrew a-comin
- you know what she looks like merry

- regal and elegant
- level headed, reasonable
- respectable
- ambitious
- power hungry oh my god CHILL
- neutral-good-passing chaotic neutral
- has a sly streak
- will step over anyone to fulfil her needs
- outwardly very friendly and helpful
- intelligent, good at planning
- knows what she wants and how she will get it
- focused
- can be somewhat cryptic and overtly charismatic
- literally what the fuck is your deal
- a good leader. maybe.
- i think she does actually want to see the weyr do well.
- wants to help people, she swears.
- creative and good at problem solving
- not completely detached from the idea of lying
- a schemer
- can be kind of manipulative?
- oh yeah she's selfish. very selfish.
- social is not her strong point

- uhhh

(i am mostly getting mr. dragon up)
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NAME: Apocryth
BIRTHDATE Late winter 2767
AGE: 0 as of 2767

LENGTH: 55ft
HEIGHT: 14ft
COLOR: Bronze
HEX CODE: #c0c0a6
FULL APPEARANCE: A stunning conqueror. Apocryth is large and strong, built solidly and notably more muscular than Veototh. He is larger too, with sharp teeth and a powerful form. He is a fighter through and through, and he will stand strong against any storm. He is a pale bronze all over, shining best in the light. There is a dark bronze mask over his face, with a lighter patch over his nose. A tarnished bronze "scar" mark crosses over his right eye and down the right side of his neck. Darker bronze markings cross over his forelegs and down his sides, like wide bands with mosaic accents. The insides of his wingsails are streaked with dark bronze, making them look like secondary wings. A darker color is over the backs of his wings.

PERSONALITY: Apocryth is a hardened warrior right out of the shell. He considers the pros and cons to major actions, but he approaches life like a military commander. His thought process must consider the good of the weyr at large, and how his actions will help or harm. He is very well-intentioned, with "his" people (see: the weyr) put first. That said, his anger will be terrifying. He has no problems fighting other dragons, harming humans, or showing the world his power. Strength through force, loyalty through power. There is no other way.

To his rider, Apocryth is less a friend and more of a fellow soldier. He thinks like a soldier, that things must be in order, things must be done a certain way. He needs to learn that the world does not live or die based on what he does or what he has failed to do, as failure carries a tremendous guilt in his heart. Apocryth has very little care or love for many others. Vaheoth may have his affection, but it is Varelsith who he is likely to spend hours with, the white and him operating on the same level.
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