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Fairyfox Searching for?

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Thu Oct 03, 2019 5:40 am

Fairyfox Searching for?

I'm looking for anyone in high reaches who has a dragonrider free willing to interact with Naera. I think it would be an interesting exploration for her character to actually interact with a dragon and it's rider.

on another note, not dragonrider related [tho perhaps could be?]
looking for eventual romance / and drama related to her? Send me a message if you'd like to plot something with me please!
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Wed Nov 27, 2019 8:20 pm

I have a bunch of riders at High Reaches I can offer you. xD

Let me know who you'd like!

K'aer is a tinker, bronze Remponath is a very intense (to put it mildly) dad.

Alizette is the current Wingleader of Moonshitshot, working on making it ... not the strikeout ... green Ysanith is cheery and externally ditzy but smarter than she wants you to think she is.

Dashiel is unremarkable by specialty; he prides himself in being 'just a guy.' Green Eiraeyth is extremely outgoing and super absentminded.

And Constanter is just a weyrling, still getting used to his odd not-actually-little Whith. Whith is probably not the dragon you want for her to get to know, because while he isn't actually standoffish, he blank-slates most people.
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Candidate Sietske
Moonshot Wingleader Alizette of green Ysanith
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Weyrling Clementine of brown Yslath
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