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TPA Goldlines

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TPA Goldlines

TPA Goldlines
Ekketoth's only known gold daughter is Keahith. Keahith had only one clutch before her unfortunate demise, and left behind no gold to continue the line. Thus ends the original Fort bloodline. It may live on if her one bronze, and four brown sons sired a clutch, or if her three garnet daughters were to clutch, but so far none of them have shown the inclination.

Gold Izanycorth and her rider transferred to Fort to bridge the gap between Ekketoth's death and Keahith's maturity. Not long after that, Iirla and Izanycorth vanished. They are suspected dead, but no one knows for certain. Izanycorth has no known children, gold or otherwise.

Gold Glycinth was at Ista when she was caught by Almandine Cabadath. The first clutch on Pern to be sired by a color mutation held gold Imorith and atacamite Zoranth. Gold Imorith, as well as many of her clutchmates, transferred to Fort in 2761 to replace their senior queen. She laid gold Serapheth in her Blended Curse clutch, which also held kyanite Felisanth. Serapheth rose to become Fort's senior gold after the death of Macath, and laid gold Nornth in her Awakening of the Trailblazer clutch. Shortly after hatching, Nornth and her clutchmates were poisoned, and this is suspected to be the reason behind her extremely late maiden flight. The massacre that ensued in her maiden flight led to Nornth's assassination in 2768. The Touch of the Void clutch was to be her last, and although she laid a gold egg, Nornth did not leave behind a gold daughter to continue the line. This new Fort line continues, as Serapheth remains hale and healthy. There may well be further golds, though hopefully none so calamitous as Nornth. Serapheth has shown a marked preference for bronze and brown mates. The first time a blue dared to join on her flights, she chased him off, though she has not yet had the choice of a mutation color. That may depend on where they would fall in the color hierarchy. In addition to gold Nornth, Serapheth has laid three mutations (carnelian Tianth, jasper Izaganath, tanzanite Yharnath) and two chimera (bronze-garnet Magasuth, bronze-white Louicyth). The darkest whites came from her line in Nornth's ill-fated maiden clutch.

Glycinth had one other suspected gold daughter, who was weyrwoman at Ista from the time Imorith transferred until gold Maktooth took the position. (and this gold is no longer recorded anywhere, but Faerie has a good memory. Allegedly. I do remember noticing when Emma and Maktooth took over because the senior died/retired.) Maktooth donated a clutch to High Reaches Weyr, which yielded gold Aldoeith. Young Aldoeith is still little more than a hatchling, and she has a long road ahead of her before it is known whether or not she will leave a legacy to be remembered. In a surprising turn of events, Maktooth's very next clutch also held a gold egg which hatched into a gold. Gold Samirth has claimed male pronouns, leading traditionalists everywhere into a frenzy regarding dragon gender. Will he even rise? At this point, it is impossible to say.

Gold Ravneth's legacy splits in her three (known or suspected) gold daughters. First was Vilketh, who Impressed to Taliri. She donated a clutch to a rebuilt High Reaches in a show of support that resulted in twin golds. Gold Midath's maiden flight never got very far off the ground, as she took off at the same time as Garnet Ariath. Midath perished in the ensuing fight, and Ariath was permanently grounded. Gold Terminath fared little better, for although her first clutch bore three potential gold eggs, all three of them yielded bronzes for metallic-shy High Reaches. Her second clutch was also without a gold, and Terminath went *between* as soon as the last egg hatched. Thus ends this line of Benden's queens.

Ravneth laid also a second gold, gold Nuuth, who Impressed to the daughter of Ravneth's rider. Nuuth laid gold Wyzeth, who Impressed a girl who would not fall into line. Wyzeth and her rider Alayna were then kept captive, drugged into complacency and forced into the air whenever the Senior Weyrwoman and her cadre of bronze riders decided she should have one. Of the many clutches that resulted from this torture came gold Nebulaeth, whose egg was smuggled from Benden's hatching sands to hatch and Impress at Semaca. Nebulaeth's first clutch had no gold egg, and her second clutch similarly has no conspicuously shiny shell. However, Nebulaeth and her rider remain far removed from politics, and there is great hope for continued their continued good health. Her mother Wyzeth has not risen since her rescue from Benden, and it is speculated that she never will. Wyzeth never had a flight that was not compelled, and her choices were always limited to the few bronzes and browns in the inner circle of the Benden Elite. It is impossible to speculate at this point in time where her preferences may lie, though if she ever rises again it's likely that bronzes will be specifically restricted from chasing her. Nebulaeth has yet to choose a 'traditional' dragon. Her first clutch was sired by almandine Cabadath, and the second by blue Rauseth. Time will tell if she will settle for the traditional gold's mates of bronze or brown, or if she will always flout tradition.

It is unknown whether gold Macath came from Ravneth, Nuuth, Vilketh, or another unknown gold. She came from Benden and transferred to Fort Weyr in the aftermath of Imorith's assassination, and had only one clutch before she was killed in a bizarre Thread-related accident. There was no gold egg, and Macath's line ended there. It's difficult to speculate as to mate preferences with only one clutch, but the Vaults of Pandora clutch was sired by brown Espinneth.

The gold line of High Reaches is drenched in tragedy, like so much of the rest of the weyr. Gold Vizeth and her rider Golre were known as the 'Mad Golds', and they were the ones who first used the term 'Peacekeeper's', ironically just before launching Pern into a war between three weyrs. Vizeth was known to have one gold daughter, Mneth., Mneth, in turn, laid gold Rhunith before she and her rider fled High Reaches in favor of Telgar (where they live to this day). Rhunith's fate was the same as Wyzeth's, as the weyr's senior queen kept an unruly subordinate under tight control. Rhunith's existence was only discovered when she and her rider emerged above Fort in the middle of Threadfall and died on the hatching sands. It is unknown whether or not Mneth has had any other gold daughters, though I favor the theory that Mneth is the one who laid Aniseth, now leading at Benden. Regardless, the original line of High Reaches lives on at Telgar Weyr.

When gold Lutrath rose at High Reaches Weyr, she was caught by an ambitious green. When there failed to be a gold in the resulting clutch, Telgar donated an egg from one of their queens. It is not known if Otohith was born of Phalanth, Mneth, or Aniseth. Regardless, she and her rider died in plague before they could leave another gold in their wake. Phalanth has not laid a gold egg since her favorite became blue Kaworth. It is speculated that blues cannot sire golds, though without a larger sampling it is impossible to state with any certainty. Certainly Lutrath's green-sired clutch held only male dragons. Green-sired clutches are nearly unheard of, though, so speculating their consistent constants is an exercise in futility.

At Igen, Gold Zeranth recently hatched a gold, in the form of Calesth. Time will tell how the current crop of weyrling golds will change the face of Pern. Zeranth has a tendency to choose bronzes and browns. Her opinion on nontraditional dragons is unknown.

As Pern heads into 2771, it is playing host to three weyrling queens - Aldoeith at High Reaches, Calesth at Igen, and Samirth at Ista. Is this a prelude to a new age of prosperity? Or will Pern erupt into another war, this time over the locations of queens in general? Only time will tell.
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