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So who is planning on trying for one of the wher eggs? Is it really fair for Keltin to be deciding who gets picked? What will Zansk do if she doesn't like the candidates?
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Sipping his klah, looking unruffled despite feeling quite the opposite, Mackenzie looked around the barrack's common room, where'd he'd taken a cozy seat near the hearth. Cold weather didn't agree with him, though he enjoyed many a winter day when the weather had no biting breezes or blinding blizzards. Winter was coming. It was inevitable. It was evident in the cool breezes from the north and west. Shells, they'd already had snow! And quite early!

Mackenzie, hearing the mutters swirling around the room, decided to be brave. Clearing their throat, the whercandidate piped up, "I will be attending Zansk's clutch, in the hopes of being chosen for one of her eggs. O-On the matter of...who is selecting handlers for the wherlets...I suppose if Keltin makes a choice that Zansk doesn't approve of, she will make her thoughts known, correct? I mean, I believe one would listen to the clutchmother and heed her words and actions, yes?"
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"I'm not going." Neidellah murmured easily, glancing up at the others in the room. The candidate who spoke up first drew her attention. She let him talk, tilting her head thoughtfully. This Zansk... wasn't she the crazy wher who put her chasers in danger? She sniffed disdainfully. "I mean, yeah. If this is the same wher that everyone's mumbling about, she's nasty enough to bite Keltin if he choses someone she doesn't like. Probably..."
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Mackenzie fought the urge to duck his head and make himself appear smaller, managing to reply in a steady, pleasant tone, "I certainly hope not! I don't want any wher - or dragon or flit, for that matter - biting anyone! I doubt Zansk would behave in such a manner, unless Keltin...completely disregards her opinion? A-And even so, Zansk's handler would keep her in check."

But would Zansk's handler do so? There were so many uncertainties to begin with, not even counting a human other than the wher's handler picking new handlers for the eggs. Would it go horribly wrong? This would be Mackenzie's first time Standing. Would it end in violence and missed opportunities? The whercandidate sighed and pinched the bridge of their nose, adding softly, "Maybe Zansk isn't so bad... Maybe she wanted to ensure a good partner... Maybe she had her reasons for running the way she did..."
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Sat Nov 06, 2021 7:18 am

"Hmmph." Cordelina, a mug of klah on the little table next to her elbow, looked up from her needlework with one of those supercilious little smiles that just asked to be wiped off her face for her. "Whers are nice enough if you like that sort of thing, I suppose, and they are useful, but... well, they're hardly dragons."

She shrugged. "I can't understand the attraction of whers, personally. Imagine being awake all night, every night? And having to pretend they're good-looking, too? Ugh."
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Mackenzie jumped when he heard a "Hmmph", turning to see who had spoken. There, one of their fellow Candidates - a dragon Candidate, if memory served - with some klah and what looked to be needlework. Mackenzie opened their mouth to compliment her handiwork only to be stopped cold by her words. Did she just...?

Mackenzie's white flit, Yuki, zipped from her place, daintily fluttering to his shoulder, chittering in response to his sudden upset. How dare she open her venomous mouth and imply whers were inferior to dragons! How could anyone imply whers were ugly?! Mackenzie clenched his jaw and looked away, trying to school himself so he didn't say something that would get him kicked out in complete disgrace.

Taking a deep breath, Mackenzie turned back to Cordelina, big blue eyes narrowed, and quipped, "Perhaps it is a matter of perspective, m'lady. Whers may lack the capability to fly, but consider this: dragons can't sear every bit of Thread from the sky, nor can they track it if it falls to the ground. That's what whers do. Without whers, Pern would be doomed. Changing your schedule to suit the needs of a wher isn't a bother for most who are dedicated to their work and the defense of Pern. The body will adapt. And personally..."

Mackenzie turned away to face the hearth, gently stroking his humming Yuki, calling over his shoulder, the words falling with finality. "A creature, any creature, - dragon, wher, firelizard, beast, or human - is only as beautiful as their soul entails. If you need clarifications, m'lady, it means you could be the prettiest creature in all the land...and yet be hideous and unbearable inside." Mackenzie turned his gaze to the fire, a spike of panic lancing through him even as his face remained neutral and blank.

What if I get thrown out for subtly insulting her? Oh, what would I do then?
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Mon Nov 08, 2021 11:20 pm

"I'd watch who you say things like that to or you might get slapped in the mouth," Remy commented to Cordelina as she entered the room with her mug of klah, giving Mackenzie a look that said 'I got this'. "It's almost like there are people here who want to Impress a wher! Crazy concept, I know, it's blowing my mind too." Dropping into an empty seat, she made a show of taking a drink from her mug despite the klah being too hot to reasonably do so. She'd take the burnt tongue to get her point across. People like that annoyed the crap out of her.
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"And you're absolutely entitled to your opinions." Cordelina sniffed, securing her needle in the fabric before retrieving her klah.

"They say some people have faces that only a mother could love. I'm sure that whers, to their bonded and those who hope for one, are handsome? To most of the rest of us, though..." She shuddered. "Necessary they may be, but they aren't exactly the most beautiful things in the world."

Setting her mug down again, Cordelina retrieved her needle with all the self-assurance of someone who believed she couldn't possibly be mistaken.
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TW: Mackenzie being mildly rude toward Cordelina, but being quiet (shhh)

Mackenzie muttered to himself, "You are not the most beautiful thing in the world yourself" in response to Cordelina's disdainful sniff, shocking even himself with what ill-tempered words popped out of his mouth. Gah, he thought to himself. Can't let her get to me. Daring not to look in Cordelina's direction again, they gazed into the fire, but called over their shoulder, "You are entitled to your opinions, as are we. Keep them to yourself next time, if you would."

Mackenzie sighed as he looked into the flames, watching them dance and leap, feeling suddenly worn and gray. If this was what happened from a simple altercation of clashing opinions, how was he supposed to endure everything else life would throw at him? Running a hand through his blonde hair, the whercandidate looked to Remy with a tired smile, murmuring, "Thank you, Remy, for speaking up with...her. I personally find her rude and offensive, though I shouldn't be saying such things. Yet why would I conceal my true feelings on one matter or another? That would lying in and of itself!"
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Wed Nov 17, 2021 2:18 am

Had she been taking a sip of her klah, Neidella very well would have choked on it when she heard Mackenzie insult Cordelina. She did, however, manage to make a very undignified noise and slosh some of it onto her hand. Luckily it wasn't scalding hot anymore, but still warm enough to warrant discomfort. Neidellah contemplated retrieving a spare cloth before shrugging and wiping it with her sleeve instead. She needed to wash her shirt anyway.

"Good one." She smirked at Mackenzie, leaning back in her chair and stretching her feet towards the fire. "I dunno, there's 'a face only a mother could love' but there's also 'so ugly it's cute'. They're just sayings. Most whers aren't graceful or anything, but I think there's plenty to admire in their strength."
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Mackenzie looked to Neidella with a hesitant smile, murmuring in reply, "U-Um, thank you, I suppose. I really shouldn't be saying such things to anyone, but I upset. How could anyone say such an opinionated thing among those who are dedicating their lives to wherhandling? It is true that whers and dragons are not the same creatures, but each have their advantages in Threadfall that counter the others' disadvantages!"

Mackenzie sighed, looking down at their hands, clasped around a mug of klah in their lap. After a time, the whercandidate asked, "Should I apologize to Cordelina, for what I said? It was rude of me, even if I think it true, and I should attempt to foster a good relationship with other members of the Candidate class, even if we seek to Impress completely different creatures." Sighing softly, he managed another sip of his klah, watching the brown liquid swirl and settle in his cup after the motion was complete.

"That is quite true, Neidella." Mackenzie added. "Whers possess great strength and often a regal air about them, using their strength to help others. They don't even need wings to pull it off, either. Strength and beauty don't come from the outside, but rather from within: the strength to handle adversity, and a most beautiful heart for all to see." Jumping slightly, the whercandidate chuckled sheepishly, "I suppose I'm getting all philosophical again, am I not?"
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