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Merry's Thread Tracker

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Merry's Thread Tracker

Current Characters:

Fort Weyr
T'fon of Bronze Titabeth [Midnight] + Green Friend - complete adopt
Lanec of Brown Tobith [Twilight] + Garnet Rose - complete adopt
Nevlim of Brown Evlisk [Dawn Squad] + Bronze Flick
N'phi of Brown Soloveth [Eclipse] + Green Temperance
Seiraya of Garnet Primaveth [Twilight] + Brown Soup
R'mi of Blue Nevitath + Runner Zesty
Weyrling Tesa of Blue Tezcath
Cyr'a of Green Equinoth [Aurora] + Brown Nemali
Paro of Green Kaioth [Aurora] - complete adopt

High Reaches Weyr
Wingleader Amet of Green Aith [Raindance] + Brown Sugarcane
Miles of Green Ellieth [Starfall] - incomplete adopt 1/5 posts
Miraelle of Green Pharasmath [Moonshot] + Gold Mustard
Weyrling Thalia of Green Jodarieth + Gold Daybreak
Kah'ai of White Saupeth [Starfall] + Blue Snap & Bronze Crackle - complete adopt
Wherling Rex of White Regalisk

Semaca Weyr
Akane of Brown Kuraoth [Nocturne] + Gold Zero - complete adopt
Wherling Nariyo of Garnet Narsk & Blue Narisk [Weyr Guard] + Blue Thief
Alice of Blue Eluneath [Chopin] - incomplete adopt 3/5 posts
K'zal of Blue Tenebrith [Minuet] + Green Wanderlust
Semi of Blue Ofieth [Requiem]
Dirys of Green Bremirth [Minuet] + White Ghost
Weyrling Qa'rin of White Manoyuth


Outstanding Adopts:

Immediate Queue:
- Who the fuck is going with Tyth?
- Peryam of [redacted adopt i am eyeing up]
- Get a chaser at High Reaches you twat
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Fort Weyr

T'fon of Bronze Titabeth
Herb Gathering - Liau of Blue Chugoth [Sari]

Lanec of Brown Tobith

Nevlim of Brown Evlisk
Special Delivery - Eclipsa of Green Eclipsk [Shelb]

N'phi of Brown Soloveth

R'mi of Blue Nevitath
Flight of the Fairy - Kuzoth's flight

Weyrling Tesa of Blue Tezcath
Strength and Fury - Serras of Green Inashtath [Atlas]
Eye of the Hurricane - K'me of Green Wadjeth [Sari]

Cyr'a of Green Equinoth

Paro of Green Kaioth
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High Reaches Weyr

Wingleader Amet of Green Aith

Miraelle of Green Pharasmath
It's a Pity - M'sa of Green Mahallath [Sari]

Weyrling Thalia of Green Jodarieth
Halfway There - Nova of White Scryth [Sari]

Kah'ai of White Saupeth
Better Than The Rest? - M'sa of Green Mahallath [Sari]
And she's humble, too - Lace of Garnet Rozeth [Sari]

Candidate Rex
Hey, you! YOU! - Candidate Yew [Gen]
Through the Grapevine - Candidate Nhelin [Sari]
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Semaca Weyr

Akane of Brown Kuraoth
First Impression, Second Attempt - J'pei of Green Zelagoth [Sari]

Nariyo of Garnet Narsk & Blue Narisk
A Piracy Partnership - Plot

K'zal of Blue Tenebrith

Semi of Blue Ofieth
Nightwatch - Jiras of Bronze Jirask [Sari]

Dirys of Green Bremirth
Sparkle, Shimmer, Shine - Edalyn of White Lechuzath [Shelb]

Weyrling Qa'rin of White Manoyuth
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Archived Threads

Fort Weyr

T'fon of Bronze Titabeth
No Place Like Home - Regal of Brickth | T'fon reminisces about Semaca, and questions if he'll ever go back.
The Grind Never Stops - Lena of Kintokith | Titabeth wants to prove to his rider that keeping fit and well-trained are of utmost importance.
Low Gravity - Temporaeth's flight
A New Regime - Tuckal of Serapheth & various others | Serapheth gets placed under house arrest and many other dragons want to know what's going on.

Lanec of Brown Tobith
A Special Event - Flit Thread | Garnet Rose hatches!
Disaster Calling - Event | Lanec thinks Z'osh's regime is bound to end badly.
Big Strong Heroes - Akechi of Brown Cordaeth | Discussions arise about Z'osh's abuse of power. Akechi no why do you have a knife.
Cooling Off - Marius | Tobith scares the shit out of an innocent cheesemaker.

Nevlim of Brown Evlisk
The Golden Sun - Ryosk's run
Returns and Exchanges - Negan of Wireth | The old Weyrleader asks a wherhandler if she's heard any rumours going around.
It's A Boy! - Rumour - Z'osh of Diyarth, Baptiste of Rolth, Er'sa of Kapitath, Mineva, B'lak of Kinnirath | Gold Samirth has claimed male pronouns for himself, and of course, Z'osh has an opinion.
Cause of our Own - Keltin of Kelsk & Keltisk, Arkta of Arktask, Vartin of Vartisk & Varsk | Wherhandlers deserve recognition... and maybe a little revolution (as a treat).

N'phi of Brown Soloveth
The End Of Training - Ozma of Akioth | What was this one about again I forgot I will have to check.
A Lazy Day for a Dragon - Clover of Kurceth | Kurceth doesn't wanna get up today.
Siren Song - Sy'rei of Asrakaerth | Soloveth decides he will go for a swim and check out the ladies.
Songbird - Maze of Temporaeth | Soloveth thinks he can sing. He cannot.
Wheeee! - Kreta of Eseath | Soloveth... checks out the ladies. (This is a running theme with him)
Chasing Starlight - Temporaeth's flight
Kuzoth's First Flight - Kuzoth's flight
Perfection - Iramadth's flight

Cyr'a of Green Equinoth
Now What? - Maze of Temporaeth | After moving to Fort Weyr, Cyr'a and Maze question where they will go from here.
Restoration - Rumour - Z'rya of Gravith | Will Aldoeith be a good addition to High Reaches, or will she become the new Golre?
Collision Course - Esther of Krugith | After colliding with her in Threadfall, Cyr'a checks on Esther.
An End to Apathy - Maze of Temporaeth | With Temporaeth's eggs on the sands and Z'osh grounding garnets, Maze realises she should probably start caring about politics.
Rogue One - Plot | The rebels discuss what they're going to do about Z'osh.
Coming to a Head - Plot | It's time to confront Z'osh. Equinoth might have started something.

Paro of Green Kaioth
Knock Knock, Open Up! - Mite | Mite is a little shit.
Sky Sailors - Kaioth's flight
Assassination? - Rumour | Paro thinks it's stupid that someone attempted to assassinate Z'osh.
Beneath the Crescent Moon - Rainbow of Rasuneth | Kaioth wants to visit her dear friend.

Candidate Tesa
Heartbeat of the Deep - Wher Hatching
Imagine... An Egg - K'me of Wadjeth | Tesa raves to K'me about eggs.
Eggs, Cats, and an Entire Lack of Subtlety - Thyne of Thynesk | Tesa... raves to Thyne about eggs.
Sunshine of the Soul - Cricket | Tesa thinks her fellow candidates need to cheer up!
They Can't Block Out The Sun - Aoi | Aoi shouldn't be so afraid of Z'osh!
Mandatory Expectations - Plot | The new Assistant Candidatemaster is a staunch traditionalist, and Tesa takes it upon herself to tell him he's wrong.
Can You Believe It?! - Candidate Shulk | A'lius is a big poopy meanie face. :C
Golden Gifts - Candidate Lewa | Tesa finds a gold flit egg, and gives it to a passing Candidate.
Greed for Greens - K'me of Wadjeth | K'me tries to teach Tesa about politics.
Divine Resonance - Hatching
Horn of Plenty - Hatching Feast

High Reaches Weyr

Amet of Green Aith
Traditions Old and New - Myalla of Enarth | Amet gets a promotion to Wingsecond and Myalla shows her the ropes.
Home - Enet of Aibouth | Amet sees her brother after her talk with Myalla.
Sky Pirates - Flit Thread | Brown Sugarcane hatches!
New Member of the Family - Safvris of Osjeith | Amet brings a firelizard home and Safvris isn't sure.
New Wings! - Event | The wings were shuffled and Amet is glad about this.
Promotion - Myalla of Enarth | Amet gets promoted to Wingleader, and wants to celebrate by visiting her previous leader.

Miraelle of Green Pharasmath
Potential Allyship - Nova of Scryth | Miraelle catches wind that there's other people around who aren't fond of Aldoeith.
The Suffering - K'ai of Vaseeth | See above.
The Bronze on My Side - A'riga of Kairaelth | ...See above, but this time it's A'riga so SURELY he's going to agree with her, right lmao?
Things Got Worse - A'riga of Kairaelth - Miraelle loses her arm in Threadfall, and needs some company.

Thalia of Green Jodarieth
The Vagrant's Song - Hatching
Roses and Violets - Nyrida | Thalia meets someone who is very much on her level.
All Is Quiet - Tholli of Edwyth | Before the hatching, Thalia has a conversation with another candidate.
Robe Sewing - Candidate Event | The candidates sew their own colourful robes!
The Rite Of Contact - Touching | The Titan Ram egg does feel more like a protector when Thalia touches it... eye emoji.
The Ballad of New Beginnings - Hatching Feast
All In This Together - Nightwings Class Thread
Didn't Plan This Far Ahead - Amyntor of Tarith | I can't remember what this one was and I can't be arsed checking tbh
How Dare?! - N'ero of Aeth | N'ero is very angry that Jodarieth bit him on the ass. She'll fucking do it again.
The Rite of Communication - Tholli of Edwyth | Thalia realises she should probably actually talk to some of her other weyrlings.
Under Guard - Weyrlings | Toki has requested guards and Thalia wants to know what's going on.
The Wretched - Candidate Nyrida | Thalia might still be very, very gay for Nyrida. And vice versa. Oops.

Kah'ai of White Saupeth
White Knight - Cesare of Brown Fuuth | Fuuth is injured in Threadfall and Saupeth's gay instinct devotion kicks in.
Grumblings - Event | The wings got shuffled... what's the point?

Semaca Weyr

Akane of Brown Kuraoth
A Terrible Impression for a Reunion - J'pei of Zelagoth | Akane is faced with the guy she abandoned.
Unseasonable - Rumour | Akane doesn't half believe some shite she hears lemme tell you.

Nariyo of Garnet Narsk & Blue Narisk
An Honest Conversation - Makai of Kask & Makaisk | Oblivious gays are oblivious.
Wher Are We Going? - Karaze of Karask | Good question, Nariyo. Where ARE you going?
A Slightly More Honest Conversation - Makai of Kask & Makaisk | Oblivious gays are oblivious part 2.
The Sound and the Fury - Hatching
Eggstreme Measures - Wher Pool Hatching - Makai of Kask & Makaisk | Narisk and Makaisk hatch!
Move-in Day - Makai of Kask & Makaisk | Nariyo and Makai move in together, like proper gay dads.
Baby Whers - Makai of Kask & Makaisk, Shiko of Shisk, Dimitri of Dimisk, Felix of Felisk | Imagine a PTA meeting but with whers.
Tunnel Service - Plot | The wherhandlers try to figure out exactly what happened with the spotties and where they came from.

K'zal of Blue Tenebrith
Patiently Watching - Flit Thread | Green Wanderlust hatches!
Doesn't Count - Uruk of Georsath | Uruk is trying to seek something shiny.
A Boon At Last - Nebulaeth's flight
Too Quiet - Rumour - Aedih of Rauseth | The spotties haven't been around in a while and Aedih is sceptical.
It's Dangerous to Go Alone - Sportacus of Kidulth | Tenebrith and Kidulth discuss a plan to get rid of the spotties.
A Dream of Stars above the Skyline - Orbith's flight

Semi of Blue Ofieth
An Offer and a Request - Rumour | Maybe pirates aren't that bad...

Dirys of Green Bremirth
Oh Whoa, What's This?! - Kas of Vaheoth | Bremirth is not looking where she's going and ends up rear-ending a garnet.

Qa'rin of White Manoyuth
The Repentance - Touching
EGGS - Rumour - Chrom, M'dell of Munakatath | Well, you saw the thread title. EGGS!
There's Always One - Aldar, M'dell of Munakatath | Qanthrin is attempting to stir up shit by asking who the inevitable candidate who hates their dragon is.
The Day Without Suffering - Hatching
Lights and Shadows - Palico of Himuroth | Manoyuth checks in on a friend.
Waking Up - Hatching Feast
Exercises - Obscuras Lesson | The spotties attack and Qa'rin thinks that punching a spotty is, somehow, a good idea (It was not a good idea)
Trauma Centre - Event | The weyrlings recover from the spotty attack.
Slow Words for Quick Actions - Palico of Himuroth | Manoyuth tries to reach out to Himuroth in the infirmary.
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*Only firelizards with art have been included. Question marks denote characters I have planned, but are way into the future.

Daybreak | Mustard | Zero
Titabeth | Crackle | Flick
Kuraoth | Soloveth | Evlisk | Sugarcane
Narsk | Rose
Nevitath | Ofieth | Tenebrith | Narisk | Snap | Thief
Aith | Bremirth | Equinoth | Jodarieth | Kaioth | Pharasmath | Temperance | Wanderlust
Manoyuth | Saupeth | Ghost

Character Ties
Cyr'a & Maze - Best Friends
Paro & Mite - Half-sisters
Tesa & K'me - Adopted father/daughter
Amet & Safvris - Girlfriends
Amet & Enet - Twin Siblings
Thalia & Nyrida - mutually crushing on each other like disaster lesbians
Nariyo & Makai - Boyfriends

"hey merry you and sari know each other right" yeah maybe

Dragon Ties
Titabeth belongs to the Aegis class, from Nebulaeth & Cabadath [Saturni Lunus Egg, hatched 7th out of 13]
Tobith belongs to the Sols class, from Guiloth & Spykth [Battle Berg Egg, hatched 2nd out of 14]
Evlisk belongs to an unknown class, siblings and parents unknown.
Soloveth belongs to an unknown class, siblings and parents unknown.
Equinoth belongs to an unknown class, which she shares with Temporaeth. Parents unknown.
Kaioth belongs to the Royals class, from Taibabrith & Ragaruth [Deep Aqua egg, hatched 6th out of 7]

Aith belongs to an unknown class, which she shares with Osjeith and Aibouth, from Rhunith and an unknown Bronze
Pharasmath belongs to an unknown class, with unknown parents.
Jodarieth belongs to the Nightwings class, from Maktooth & Akaranath [Titan Ram Egg, hatched 2nd out of 17]
Saupeth belongs to the Etudes class, from Terminath & Damocleth [Rozen Vanguard Egg, hatched 11th out of 13]

Kuraoth belongs to an unknown class, with unknown parents.
Narsk belongs to an unknown class, which she shares with Kask. Parents unknown.
Narisk was purchased as a Wher Pool egg. Parents unknown.
Ofieth belongs to an unknown class, with unknown parents.
Tenebrith belongs to an unknown class, with unknown parents.
Bremirth belongs to an unknown class, with unknown parents.
Manoyuth belongs to the Obscura class, from Nebulaeth & Rauseth [Lonely Path Egg, hatched 1st out of 9]

Claimed Prizes
Welcome: Gold Firelizard - Gold Daybreak for Thalia *Not a post prize; claimed as part of a contest (you can thank sari for that x)
Welcome: Gold Firelizard - Gold Mustard for Miraelle
Welcome: Unusual Pet - Runner Zesty for R'mi
100: Minor Mutation - Green Pharasmath [Minor size increase]
Bonus: Gold Firelizard - Gold Zero for Akane
200: Major Trait - Tattoos for Qa'rin
Bonus: Major Trait + Bronze Firelizard (TPA Anniversary)
300: Unclaimed
400: Unclaimed

Available Mentors
Lanec of Tobith - Fort
N'phi of Soloveth - Fort
Cyr'a of Equinoth - Fort
Paro of Kaioth - Fort
Miraelle of Pharasmath - High Reaches (but you probably don't want this one.)
Kah'ai of Saupeth - High Reaches
Akane of Kuraoth - Semaca
Semi of Ofieth - Semaca

Nevlim of Evlisk - Fort

In Need of Mentoring
Thalia of Jodarieth - Nightwings Weyrling, High Reaches
Qa'rin of Manoyuth - Obscura Weyrling, Semaca


- Yezna of Blue Gorath - HR
- Peryam of [REDACTED ADOPT I HAVE BEEN EYEING UP] - Fort or Semaca
- ??? of Brown Tyth - Semaca
- A'iba of Green ??? (i know which green, but idk her name) - Fort
- Sidon of Green Nauth - Semaca
- ??? of Brown or Bronze ??? - HR (because goldchaser.)
- i wanna use that pretty blue but idk who with
- D'ban of [probably a green adopt if i can find one that fits]
- V'lin of ???
- Sigma of Green Sigmask
- Tempest of White (or green) Temsk
(yes a lot of these are expies shut up)

- Cedar (Treefam) - HR
- Cygnene - Semaca?
- Fiora - Fort [yeets the xenoblade expies at gen]
- Steal one of Atlas' many children maybe
- Katelline - Fort (goldpref)
- Paimelo - HR?
- Bliss - ???
- Asmidei - ???
- Beau - ???

- Bonnie - Healer, HR
- Cariae - Pirate, Semaca

and then just dump all your npcs in accordingly
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