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A'lin of bronze Tasikheth

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A'lin of bronze Tasikheth

A ' L I N

Your bad judgement is your problem, not mine.


NAME: A'lin; frequently called 'Molly'
GENDER: cisfemale
PRONOUNS: she/her/hers
ORIENTATION: Demiromantic pansexual

BIRTHDATE: Spring 2736
AGE: thirty-five as of Early Spring 2771
OCCUPATION: bronze rider, weyrling mentor
WING: Midnight

EYES: dark brown
HAIR: black, naturally curly but frequently kept in small braids
HEIGHT AND BUILD: five feet eight inches, willow and buff
PLAY-BY: Brandy Norwood
FULL APPEARANCE: Molly is very proud of her figure. She likes to show it off with tightly-fitted clothes. If she can show off her buff arms and strong legs, she will. The bolder the color, the better it seems to suit her, yet she ends up in monotone undyed materials. Her flying leathers are as dark as leather comes naturally, but her every-day clothing tend towards light and neutral shades. That's why her bright blue Gather finery pops so vividly - it's such a startling change from her normal appearance.

In recent months, Molly has lost enough weight that her clothes fit differently. Although her regular sessions with the mind healer have improved her demeanor, she is slow to regain the weight she lost.

PERSONALITY: Molly, as a born-native of Fort Weyr, carries herself with the casual, careless familiarity of someone in her own territory. She may not have gone through weyrling training there, but she knows the oldest weyr. She knows most of the riders by name, and those she does not know, she will meet.

She is a very social person, not content to let herself simply glide through life greased by the simple merit of being a dragonrider. Her contacts are many and varied, ranging from riders in every weyr to wherhandlers. She's met hundreds of people at least socially, and her memory is incredible. She remembers details about everyone she meets, sometimes superficial, but she'll remember it for Turns.

On top of being social, she is highly protective. She is loyal to her home, and she is an immovable shield between those she loves and disaster. It was one of the qualities that made her an ideal spy for Monty and Tuckal, and one of the reasons she was able to rescue Alayna and Wyzeth from their captivity. The harsh realization that the world holds people like Taliri and Sido has wrought dramatic changes in Molly. She is quieter, and more determined than ever to stand between what she loves and those that wish to do harm.

  • Birth mother - L'nne of brown Janarath deceased
  • Foster father - S'tane of bronze Uldouth, seventies, Igen Weyr
  • Foster mother - Kida of white Elmyth, deceased

Brownrider L'nne waited until she was in her sixties to have children. As riders experience extended lifespans, this was not unusual, though in this case, it was unwise. The first viable pregnancy she managed to carry to term was stillborn. Her second viable pregnancy carried to term was a breech-birth, which resulted in a live offspring due to the Healer's intervention, but left her weak and susceptible to disease. A simple cold finished her off.

In her place, she left little Amolin, as cute a tyke as a mother could wish. Molly had no father to raise her in her mother's absence, and so was raised by S'tane, rider of bronze Uldouth, and his weyrmate Kida, rider of white Elmyth, both having been friends of L'nne's.

Like most weyrbrats, Molly began to Stand for the clutches when she was fifteen. She Stood for every clutch, and was left standing every time. She never even managed to attach a fire lizard, and her mother and father each had one (gold and blue, respectively). Still, she stuck with it. Things took and interesting turn nearly ten Turns later, when she was almost aged out.

Kida was grievously injured in what came to be called the 'Battle of the Weyrbowl', and suffered complications that led to her death. S'tane transferred back to his first weyr, Igen, to deal with the grief. Amolin went with her father to help him make the move. She had hoped to lessen the impact of aging out of candidacy by not being at home when it happened. Instead, well...

Molly hadn't realized that there was a clutch at Igen when she and S'tane arrived. Her duties involved the headwoman and the drudges, not the weyrwoman. But the call went out to assemble on the Sands, and nearly ten Turns of conditioning took over. She made it to the Sands, much to the surprise of the Candidate Master, Weyrling Master, and her father.

Bronze Tasikheth was most pleased to find Molly among the candidates. He came from an egg much coveted by the older candidates, and was even their much hoped for bronze, but he never so much as glanced at the candidates who had touched his egg.

Thank Faranth you made it. I thought I was going to have to go find you!

Molly formally elided her name to A'lin, but did not correct most people when they continued to call her Molly. She was not a popular weyrling, having been an interloper at Impression and walking away with the highest ranked hatchling. But she was a competent one, and she threw herself into her new life with an enthusiasm that delighted both Tasikheth and Uldouth.

Weyrling training was made unnecessarily difficult for her. She was tested far more than her male peers, and the weyrling master tried to make an argument for why she was never supposed to Impress, much less bronze, and she would be much happier if she handed Tasikheth over to another rider. With a less confident dragon, or different Impression circumstances, that might have worked to an extent. But Tasikheth had known her from the moment he shattered his egg, and as a bronze in a traditional weyr, his words eventually came to have more weight than the old blue of the weyrling master.

Graduation brought her a formal transfer back to her home weyr, which was falling into disarray again. Molly was delighted to return to a place that didn't feel the need to test her everything. She was another of a growing group of female bronze riders, not the once-in-a-lifetime freak Igen was convinced she would be. Her transfer coincided with the new Senior Weyrwoman's transfer in from Benden. She and Tasikheth became part of Midnight Wing.

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  • Late Winter 2764 - Molly and Tasikheth take on their first mentees when Kurue of garnet Artesiath - one of the Newtype weyrlings - requests her guidance.
  • Early Summer 2765 - Serapheth's third Flight! Tasikheth takes to the skies after Fort's senior gold, and sustains minor injuries from the other suitors. He does not win.
  • Late Fall 2765 - Molly and Tasikheth help weyrling gold Nornth and rider Blaze attend a meeting with Ista. She objects to the coup.
  • Early Winter 2765 - Threadfall was easy this time around. Molly's biggest transgression is trying to tease Erian of bronze Hammerloth, and missing.
  • Late Winter 2765 - Molly is charged with a secret mission from her wingleader. She and dragonless Angelo are officially traveling to Semaca, with a few stops along the way. Their mission is to find out where the mystery eggs are coming from.
  • Early Spring 2766 - Taskiheth sprained his left wing while avoiding Thread. He doesn't get scored, but his rocky landing gives Molly a bit of whiplash.
  • Late Spring 2766 - Benden was the source of the mystery eggs, produced by their hidden gold Wyzeth. Molly learned this when Wyzeth was forced into the air one night, and her rider Alayna begged Molly - a stranger - and Angelo to save her dragon. Molly and Tasikheth guided Wyzeth to Fort' hatching ground, where they were met by several ranking members of the weyr, as well as a lone brown rider out and about. Since then, Molly has been plagued with the memory of Benden bronzes converging on pale, ailing Wyzeth like predators. The experience has strained her relationship with Tasikheth, through no fault of either.
  • Early Summer 2766 - A bright spot amidst the gloom! A chance visit to Fort Hold resulted in a new member of the family. Molly Impressed green Emissary, to the delight of both Molly and Tasikheth.
  • Late Summer 2766 - Molly and Tasikheth volunteer as honor guard to escort Blaze and Nornth to Semaca for Serapheth's Flight. After the tragedy at High Reaches, Molly is not eager to repeat the experience of losing a gold. She and Tasikheth willingly sit out the chance to win Fort's leadership.
  • Early Fall 2766 - Serapheth's fourth Flight results in a second clutch sired by Sinanjuth. The Hatching is laced with terror and trauma for Molly, who could not muster the will or courage to leave her weyr and attend. It led to a turning point in Molly's recovery, and shortly after that she began to see a mindhealer.
  • Winter 2766 - Having missed the hatching doesn't mean that Molly has nothing to offer the candidates who found their lifemates. Weyr gossip indicates that Thor of blue Hinokath is in most need of help adjusting to the weyr. She offers him her mentorship, much to the disgust of their respective fire lizards.
  • Early Spring 2767 - As if in penance for the previous Turn, Thread leaves both Molly and Tasikheth unharmed.
  • Late Spring 2767 - Blue Hinokath turns out to be a female blue when she takes a weyrling flight. Molly and Tasikheth stand guard over her and her single egg on the hatching sands.
  • Early Summer 2767 - Tasikheth charms the fastest garnet on Pern, and takes claim of her two eggs. He has never spent so much time at the hatching ground.
  • Late Fall 2767 - Molly and Tasikheth are left miraculously undamaged by Thread.
  • Winter 2767 - In the horrific aftermath of losing yet another gold, Molly flees Fort to spend time with her father at Igen. Sometimes a girl just needs her father, even if she is a badass bronze rider.

    ] Early Spring 2768 - Although Molly and Tasikheth are at Igen for the season's fall, nothing ill becomes of either of them, except that they are both very homesick.
  • Summer 2768 - This is the turning point - Molly returns to Fort.
  • Early Fall 2768 - The only minor injury Molly suffers from this Fall is that she scrapes the back of her right hand while handling firestone.
  • Late Summer 2769 - The late Fall has everyone tetchy. Molly and Tasikheth end up in the wrong place at the wrong time and get tagged by Magasuth's fire. Molly suffers severe burns on her right arm, while Tasikheth escapes with more minor burns.
  • Early Spring 2770 - When Neozeoth takes to the skies in Flight once again, Tasikheth joins her. He is passed over in favor of a blue, which he is not at all bitter about.
  • Late Spring 2770 - That turns out to be a good thing, because Neozeoth's two eggs were stolen, only to appear at High Reaches, of all places. In the wake of all the drama, the fact that neither rider nor bronze suffer injuries as a result of Fall is a mere footnote.
  • Early Spring 2771 - It really is just a footnote that Molly and Tasikheth are unharmed during Thread. The growing traditionalist movement stages a coup that results in Tuckal being placed under house arrest!
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Without monsters, how would we know the heroes?


NAME: Tasikheth
BIRTHDATE Spring 2761
AGE: ten as of Spring 2771

APPEARANCELENGTH: fifty-six feet (56 ft)
HEIGHT: fourteen feet (14 ft)
WINGSPAN: eighty-four feet (84 ft)
COLOR: bronze
HEX CODE: #D79927

Tasikheth is at the uppermost limits for his color, but that does not make him massive. Instead, this bronze is built for dexterity and speed rather than power. He is long and lean, able to make tighter turns than many bronzes his size. However, he pays for that with diminished strength. Even though he is not a weakling by any means, Tasikheth lacks the full range of strength many other bronzes display. Only a bronze or gold - or a particularly large mutation - could match him in battle, but his victory would depend on not being pinned.

He is a most medium color for bronzes, tilting a little more golden than bronze in the right light. His wings are painted with partial sun shapes, dark brown triangles and bright yellow circles starting and stopping at random. And his left rear leg is a full hue lighter than the rest of his body.

You know the saying about being forged in fire makes you stronger? Tasikheth would beg to differ. He and Molly have been through hell the last few Turns, and while their relationship is okay, it still feels a little shaky sometimes. To be fair, Tasikheth was shaken by their findings too, and dragon memory made it so that he was singularly unhelpful when it came to guiding his Molly through the dark landscape of trauma.

Age has steadied him some. His curiosity has been dampened by their trip to Benden, and he starts a little whenever he sees a shiny hide. His recklessness, however, is only tempered by the weight of his experiences. How will this affect his rider? Their bond? His ambition must take a back seat to their continued healing as they figure out their place in a confusing world. No longer content to let the color of his hide and their place in traditional hierarchy speak for themselves, Tasikheth must test the limits of what it means to be a Fortian bronze.

Ambitious as the day is long, Tasikheth has been a very, very bad influence on Molly. He is reckless in his pursuits, and he commits himself so whole-heartedly to his hare-brained schemes that Molly has no choice but to be dragged along with them.

While courteous - and very serious about manners - curiosity is his downfall. Tasikheth has a bad habit of starting a task, and getting sidetracked into a new line of query. This leads to a lot of new knowledge for A'lin, who remembers what they learn, and a lot of conflicting legacy stories about the massive bronze who rolled in a garden once to see why he saw a dog do the same. He's silly, but responsible enough to eventually finish the tasks he gets distracted from. It just might take a few extra hours, if something interesting pops up.

The Haunted Home Clutch - Late Summer 2767
Dam: Garnet Neozeoth (G'er)
Mother to All - Green Vivath
Broken Hearts - Blue Harmoth
You were never alone. I'm still here.
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NAME: Emissary
BIRTHDATE Early Summer 2766
AGE: nearly five as of Early Spring 2771

SIZE: small
COLOR: green
HEX CODE: #14A546
FULL APPEARANCE: Emissary is a very small green. She will never get very big, despite plentiful food and care. Her wings are a little bit big for her size, but the rest of her falls into good proportions. In color, she would blend in under a canopy just fine. She is the bright shade of summer leaves, dappled with shadows. Emissary all but disappears in the trees.

PERSONALITY: That same brightness is echoed in her personality. Emissary is one of the cleverest fire lizards of the holders' clutch, if not the cleverest. She is both focused and precise, with a delicate touch that astounds anyone who could doubt that lacking opposable thumbs automatically equates to clumsiness. And, above all, she is even more polite than her bonded human.
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