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Fimlili of brown Fimlisk

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Fimlili of brown Fimlisk

The rain may fall, the wind may blow,
But there'll still be many miles to go
Sweet is the sound of the pouring rain
from the river that falls from the hills to the plains
Better than rain o'er a rippling brook is a mug of beer inside this Took


NAME: Fimlili
GENDER: male
PRONOUNS: he/him/his
ORIENTATION: Heteroflexible

BIRTHDATE: Summer 2742
AGE: twenty-eight as of Spring 2771
OCCUPATION: wherhandler

EYES: brown
HAIR: black
HEIGHT AND BUILD: five feet and ten inches, built like a fighter
PLAY-BY: Joshua Sasse
Fimlili looks like someone you'd quite like to punch. He's got boyish good looks, true, but it's paired with an arrogant smirk. And that beard? He switches between looking like he might challenge his father's massive beard and sporting neatly trimmed facial hair. Neatly trimmed and sculpted facial hair, because clearly there is not a better use for oil. He dresses well, as befits the hero, but if it's left up to him to maintain his wardrobe, things fall by the wayside. He isn't lazy, just arrogant, and a swift kick to his backside will have him straighten up. Since becoming a father, Fimlili has worked to clean up his act to give his children a good role model to follow.

Go ahead. Fimlili knows what you're going to say, and he agrees. He takes his nickname of 'Lily' with good humor. It doesn't offend him (um, anymore!) to be called by a traditionally feminine name. If this is his lot in life, there are much worse hands he could have been dealt.

Now, if you were to ask him, Fimlili would describe himself as the hero of a Harper's tale. He claims to be obsessed with justice for all, that he wants a world where everyone can stand as equals. And to be fair, that's sort of true. He doesn't put much stock in a color hierarchy, and while even he will admit that dragons have their uses, he doesn't know that they deserve as much reverence as they get. He'd rather see a world where the word of a holder will carry the same weight as a wherhandler, and as a dragonrider. He does believe in a just and fair world.

He just also thinks that he should be raised on a pedestal in testimony to his greatness. His ego is legendary. It's a wonder he has as good a sense of humor as he does. He doesn't deliberately try to be funny, but he never turns down the opportunity for a laugh if such a thing should present itself. If the laugh is at someone else's expense, so much the better, though given his nickname situation, he's learned how to poke fun at himself without bitterness.

Once, he had more opinions on the state of Pern and the politics of the weyr. He knows better now, and he knows that Fort has little consideration for its wherhandlers. The weyr is better than the hold, but only by virtue of not kicking the handlers out (and the pessimistic part of him, the one that comes out when he's had too much to drink, will say yet).

FAMILY: Father - G'li of Bronze Ereborth, Early Winter 2712, High Reaches Weyr, Moonshot
Older Sister - Galli +10
Older Brother - Khali of White Leveillerth, High Reaches Weyr +9
Older Brother - Merri +8
Older Sister - Fallili +6
Older Sister - Tekelili +2
Younger Brother - Kereli -1
Younger Sister - Genni -5
Younger Sister - Murili -6
Younger Brother - Khamili of White Tephaniath - Spring 2750, Semaca Weyr

Daughter - Hallila, Spring 2757, Fort Weyr creche
Son - Malibri, Summer 2759, Fort Weyr creche

SIGNIFICANT OTHER: Calafara of green Calafask
Look, G'li of bronze Ereborth got around. Fimlili knows both of his parents, though he doesn't have a particularly strong bond with his mother. There was a war on, after all. Riders were more concerned with staying alive as Benden, High Reaches, and Fort tried to tear Pern apart. Fimlili wasn't a part of that. He grew up with a number of siblings, both full and half, and was quite busy with the business of learning social graces. Life in the creche

Like many weyrbrats Fimlili began Standing for clutches as soon as he turned fifteen. And, also like many weyrbrats, he imagined himself on a bronze dragon, ready to lead the weyr or rescue a damsel in distress. Two years of clutches brought a sharp reality to the situation, and when Fimlili turned seventeen, he spread his availability to include the infrequent wher clutches. He could be a hero as a wherhandler too, and he wouldn't be in the shadow of his father, who - it must be emphasized - was not a bad father. Nor was his mother unfit to be a parent, that too must be emphasized. Though he and his siblings spent most of their time in the creche, they did know both parents. Fimlili just wanted a spotlight all to himself.

Ah, good. Fimlisk made good choice. Fimlili hungry? No, wait. Fimlisk hungry. Made good choice, now hungry.

A bare Turn later, in 2760, he Impressed brown Fimlisk at a green clutch. Not long after that was the first time garnet whers appeared at Telgar. Fimlili barely had time to wrap his head around the idea of a brand new color, a replicating color, the likes of which hadn't appeared since white became a common part of clutches, before his life changed once more. The two transferred to Crom to help the wherhandlers there for a time. Fimlili is many things, but unwilling to work is not one of them.

In the autumn of 2765, Fimlili and Fimlisk transferred to Fort when word leaked that Lord Vellaren was looking for a husband. Fimlili didn't come with a Hold, that much was true, but he was the son of a prominent bronze rider from Telgar, and he was a brown handler. That held political value, and he came to put his hat in the ring, as it were. When he got to Fort, though, he was almost instantly distracted by a different love interest. He met Calafara of green Calafask when her green Ran. Fimlisk sired a fine little egg, and Fimlili quite forgot that he was supposed to be wooing Lord Vellaren.

At least, that's what he'll say if pressed. saving face and all that. The truth was that he believes in true love, and he would rather have a love match than a political one. Calafara suited him, and - amazingly - he suited her in return. He and Calafara agreed, and by the time Calafask was ready to run again, they had welcomed a daughter to the world. While Fimlili and Calafara sorted that out, Fimlisk discovered one of the benefits of Fort Hold - the wild whers. The Golden Ghost was a familiar presence, if not always welcome according to the whims of the current Lord and all that, and Fimlisk joined the run of a wild green. He's been chasing her ever since.

Things changed abruptly in 2769, when the Hold collectively rose up to throw all the wherhandlers out. Fimlili and his weyrmate were two of many who sought refuge at the weyr, carrying their toddler and new infant. They arrived to only relative safety. The weyr is more accepting of him and his little family than the hold turned out to be.
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Fimlisk as a fully mature adult wher, as provided by badger

NAME: Fimlisk
BIRTHDATE Summer 2760
AGE: ten as of Winter 2770

LENGTH: fifteen feet and one inch (15.1 ft)
HEIGHT: five feet even (5 ft)
COLOR: Brown
FULL APPEARANCE: Heavy, solid and burly in build, this wher looks solid. He will never be the fastest wher but what he lacks in speed, he makes up in stamina and in sheer strength. He carries himself with a solid assurance, confident and at ease in his own skin. There is a steadiness to him that means his eyes seldom flash red or yellow and it shows in the way he holds himself as well. His markings are simple, the large fellow being a fairly uniform dark cream with klah colored markings on his nose, around his face and on his right paw, as if he dipped his nose into a bucket of the drink and then tried to wipe it off with a paw. Flecks of the same color scatter over his near perfectly proportioned body, as if when he tried to clean off the klah, he splashed it on himself. His handler has found that as he ages, he darkens from cream to tan and gains more spots.

Fimlisk as a baby, as provided by badger

PERSONALITY: There is a solidity to this wher. If you’re having a problem, he is the one you can go to about it and he will listen, then if you wish, sort it out with unrelenting cheerfulness, steady patience and relentless stubbornness. He is outgoing, willing to initiate conversation and offer his opinions on most anything. Cheerfulness too wraps itself around this wher’s mindset, a sort of bubbly optimism and humor that shows in his mindvoice and in his unbridled desire to make the world a better place for his.

It is that determination that shapes him and that cheery bubbliness that masks part of his personality. Most would be surprised to learn that this wher is a plotter, having a sense of cunning that runs deep in him. Sometimes this used for simple things, like sweet talking his into letting him have that bucket of Klah. Sometimes, for more dangerous pursuits, like finally catching that wild green he’s been chasing for the past three turns.

Fimlisk as a young adult, as provided by badger
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LFI questions:

I feel like the tail end of his history is too sparse - he moved to Fort for this reason, fell in love over here, moved to the weyr - but I'm not sure where I need to expand it, if I do need to.

I think I got timeline and plot things well enough, but does he need more?
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It looks good to me! The tail end of the history is short but it's only covering about two turns and a lot happened before then. I feel like his adult life is pretty well-fleshed out.
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Thanks for the look through! I'll swap him to RFR, then.
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