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A Swim at Sunset [Alex]

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A Swim at Sunset [Alex]

"How're they fitting, buddy?" Lance called over his shoulder to his wher. Lansk swung his legs out as he trotted, the movements slow, rhythmic, and exaggerated to mimc the fine show-runners in their flowing movements. Perched on his face, shielding his eyes from the last of the sun's onslaught, were a pair of goggles designed just for him...and other whers.

Fit great! Feel great! Lansk sty-lin'! Lansk declared to his bonded, stretching out on the still warm sand of the Weyr Lake. The sun made everything nice and warm, but the brightness was very annoying. Now he - and other whers - could enjoy basking in the sun and not be bothered by the radiant sunlight.

Lance chuckled at his wher's delight. Even if these goggle did the job they were built to do, Lance still wasn't going to risk his wher's discomfort, so he'd firmly stated they would wait to swim at sunset, when the light was fading and less intense. And Lance was glad he did. Lansk rumbled as he rolled in the sand, glad to amuse himself in the gritty substance while he waited for the sun to drop further so he could swim.

For now, Lance himself got ready for a quick swim, removing his riding gear and setting it aside, all while he eyed the water. It was Fall already, the leaves turning color and falling from the trees, heralding the coming of the freezing Winter months. Sure, neither man or wher minded cold water, but just how cold was this water today? Well, only one way to find out! Lance dove into the water gracefully, surfacing and slicking his brown hair back. Not too cold, but enough to get your blood pumping! Perfect, in Lance's expert opinion.
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