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[EVENT] Countermeasures

To one side of the cliffs, weyr caves built into the rock gaze out over the lush but dangerous treetops of the jungle below. Home is where the heart is.
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[EVENT] Countermeasures

We need to do something to keep our new arrivals safe. Should we hunt down more spotties? Give everyone a firm lecture? Maybe we should have rebuilt that wall after all...
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"A tragedy," Natira murmured as she curled her hands around a mug of klah, expression pensive and tone quieter than usual. The spotty incident that had claimed three lives weighed heavily on her mind. These people had arrived here fresh from the North, ignorant to the dangers, and had been placed under her care. Well, perhaps not her specifically, but it was Semaca's duty to protect the newcomers and teach them of the threats lurking.

And what had happened? Natira had failed. Three people gone, their lives just...ended in a matter of minutes. Not only were their hearts stilled in death, everything they could've become was cut off as well; their hopes and dreams, their ambitions. All of it, snuffed out like a candle in the dark. A grim metaphor, Natira thought with a soft snort.

Khalbath rumbled at the edge of Natira's awareness, concerned and confused by the emotions and thoughts swirling through his bonded's head. Natira soothed her dragon into only humming softly, swearing she'd explain later how she felt and why. The brown was currently resting in his weyr, paws bandaged from the scratches and bite wounds left behind from the spotties' retreat, but that did nothing to bar him from reaching out mentally.

Natira sighed softly, thinking aloud to herself in a mumble, "A wall might help... But can't spotties climb? No. Yes, spotties can climb. Think about the wall more later. Increased patrols to control spotty activity near the Weyr boundaries would be an effective countermeasure, but we cannot do too much, lest we risk culling too much of the population and causing an imbalance in the environment. Increased education on spotties might help too. More frequent and more information provided. Yes... Maybe..."
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