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Any IC guided can be found here. This includes color info, the plot, and location-specific guides. The censuses and wing list can be found here as well.
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Plot Update
(May 31, 2019)

Fort Weyr

The winter has been quiet to Fort Weyr. It seems that everyone has been adjusting, simply going along this new path. Negan has surprisingly been working with Tuckal to help the Weyr grow and build, and there seems like things are improving. There are still talks and whispers about what would happen should Serapheth lay another gold, but they are mere rumors and nothing more.

Fort Hold
After a wonderful, large Gather, the Hold has seen some improvement. Though the winter was long, the increase of traffic and supplies coming in has helped move them into some greater stability. It isn't much in the long run, but it counts.

High Reaches Weyr
With another disastrous Threadfall from before the winter taking its toll, many have started to worry about the state of the Weyr. With Anaiya's utter resistance to metallics and refusal to entertain the idea of a gold dragon, Schneizel of Bronze Damocleth and his brother, Lelouch of Blue Isith, have secretly taken matters into their own hands. They have been working in secret to try to secure assistance from other Weyrs, in the hopes a gold egg could be donated. With elections looming, the fate of the Reaches is uncertain.

Semaca Weyr
Semaca has flooded. Ruin has come. Structures have been damaged, livestock lost, fields completely destroyed. The damage is extensive, and there is already contention among the ranks over if they should ask the North for help. The recovery will not be quick or easy, and if the flooding grows worse, Semaca might be doomed.
Fort Weyr
Senior Weyrwoman Tuckal of Gold Serapheth
[White Journey]
Wa'en of Brown Galahath
Weyrlingmaster Lexien of Brown Mikazuchith
Mishima of Blue Harmoth
[Gold Moon Chip]
Mirai of Green Lieuteth
N'eth of Green Azoth
Weyrling F'ero of Garnet Hellfith
Vartin of Amethyst Vartisk and Garnet Varsk
[Bone Otani]
Candidate Alphinaud
Dragonless Angelo
[Gold Geara Zulu]
Semaca Weyr
Hecate of Almandine Cabadath
Wes of Blue Kreith
[Green Maya]
C'loud of Green Moenbryth
Weyrling Quatre of Green Wynleth
[White Sandrock]
Dragonless Time
High Reaches Weyr
Z'kon of Bronze Gottmitunth
Clovis of Blue Artoriath
Exia of Blue Seieth
Lelouch of Blue Isith
[Gold Banshee]
Stahl of Blue Kinlath
Majima of Brown Majimask
Holder Xander
[Blue Laslow]
[Green Peri]
Dragonless Sven
[White Black]
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