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General Rules

Your starting point for TPA. Rules, newbie guides, and relevant starting info can all be found here!
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General Rules

These are a list of the rules here at TPA that must be followed in order to remain a member of our site. Please review them before submitting your first character idea!

General Rules
  • Please be polite to people OOC. Slurs of any kind are not permitted in the OOC areas. Respect the staff and other members. Harassment of staff or members will not be tolerated and may result in a ban if proof of harassment is provided. One warning will be given, and if behavior continues, you will be banned.
  • Art or character theft of ANY kind will not be tolerated. If you wish to bring in characters from other sites, that is perfectly fine, we just ask that you do not use other artwork without explicit permission. Art theft will result in an instant ban, no exceptions.
  • This site uses one account for each user, NOT one per character. Please have your username separate from character names. This ensures that we do not confuse you with your characters when talking OOC. If you need your username changed, let staff know and we'll get that done.
  • If you do not submit an application within two weeks of joining (preferably completed and accepted within one month of joining), your account will be deleted. The deadline may be extended if you are shown to be working on the application and communicate with the staff/site.
  • The art, dragon templates, and designs used on TPA are, for legal purposes, TPA property. If you would like to use a dragon design elsewhere, you must get permission from staff. Applies to hatched dragons/whers and any art done by the admins for your character (that was not commissioned).

You will receive a validation email upon registering. Please follow the validation instructions to complete registration. If you do not receive a validation email, please check your spam filter/folder; if you still do not see an email, please ask for admin assistance in the cbox so we can assist with manual validation. Thank you!

Activity Rules
  • Activity checks will be posted monthly. Accounts that have missed 3 checks will have their characters archived. If you do not log in after 6 months of inactivity, your account will be deleted. Dragons hatched in PC hatchings will be put up for adoption at staff's discretion.
  • Hiatus. If you need to take an extended leave from the site for any reason, you can contact an admin and you will be placed in the Hiatus Member Group. Your characters will be placed in the Hiatus Board, and are considered to be visiting off-screen Weyrs/Holds. You will not keep any IC positions during your hiatus. If you do not check in after 3 months via PM or contacting an admin, you will be considered inactive. The deletion period of 6 months begins when you become inactive, including loss of on-site hatched dragons.
  • If you leave the site and return later, you may reclaim any pets (firelizards, canines, etc.) if they are available on the accepting list at time of return, including those claimed a posting prizes. You may reclaim original characters, unless they are gold, provided they are available on the accepting list. No golds may be reclaimed.
  • Character ties may be re-claimed if a member has left. The character tie in question will retain the name and relationships, but the application will be completely rewritten by the one who has claimed the tie.
  • Some characters may not be able to be reclaimed. If a weyrling dragon has been re-adopted, you may wait adjust your character's age and come in with an adult dragon or a 'transfer' weyrling. Please work with staff on this. Uniques may be reclaimed after speaking with staff.

Posting Rules
  • All bios will be reviewed by a staff member before they are accepted. Three revisions are allowed should something be found in need of corrections by staff. If after three revisions the character is not found to be accepted, the app is locked and the character will go through a period of heavy revisions worked on by player and staff.
  • Staff will only review one profile per member per week, with the exception of players' first three characters.
  • Posts should be a minimum of 50 words to allow for development and growth in story. We encourage more content, provided it is not filler, such as purple-prose. Third person, past-tense style is the preferred style of writing for this site. Please avoid first person perspective.
  • If you're unhappy with a thread, confer with another player as to how to fix it or come to an agreement to drop the thread. Do not blank or delete the content of your posts. Doing so will result in a warning or ban. Do not use unnecessary formatting in your posts, as this makes things hard to read for some users. We do not use post templates on this site.
  • Please use proper spelling and grammar must be used when typing posts. Chatspeak or other shortened forms is not allowed. If you need help, please ask; the staff will be happy to help you.
  • Events are not considered to have happened until they have occurred on screen unless all players explicitly agree to the details and that the event occurred off screen. This does not include basic, day to day things like goldriders leaving during another queen's flight or wingleaders running drills which can generally be assumed. That said- we encourage key moments to be played out on screen
  • Time is liquid. Anything that happens during a season is fair game. Each season is 2 OOC months long, with the first month being 'early' season and the second month being 'late' season.
  • Do not kill, attack, or physically harm another character without player AND staff approval. The staff will always inform a player if their character is involved in a plot that may result in death, with the ability to protect or save said characters.
  • If you wish to write something violent or of an adult nature (up to PG-13 rating on this site), please put it under a trigger warning. Please place a [TW] tag at the end of your title, and start your thread with a bold trigger warning (including what the trigger is) for everyone to be able to see in red. Rape and force-catching are strictly forbidden under any circumstances. The staff has the right to close your thread if things become too explicit or violent. If a thread crosses any of these lines repeatedly, we reserve the right to delete the thread and issue a warning.
  • Any member hoping to Impress at any hatching must have a minimum of 15 posts. If you have a candidate hoping to Impress Gold, we ask a minimum of 250 posts. This is to encourage members who are willing to commit to activity beyond Hatchings.
  • If you are permanently transferring a character to a new location, there must be an IC thread, letter, or one-shot showing the character's decision to permanently transfer, or of them informing another character. This is to prevent people from whipping characters around. This does not apply to temporary candidate transfers who impress.
  • If you have earned a unique dragon or wher and wish them to hatch and impress at an on-site clutch, you must inform the admins BEFORE the clutch is laid/the eggs are posted. Exceptions may be made for a plot, but you must talk to the admins first.

General IC Rules
  • Even in character histories, no character may marry under the age of 18, and no betrothals under the age of 16. Political, blooded arrangements may be made when the character is as young as 16, but they must be 18 before the actual wedding, as it can be assumed that marriages are consummated.
  • Characters must be at least 21 to have children. This applies to both parents. Only one of a player's characters may be pregnant at any given time. Please wait for the first character to give birth before having another conceive.
  • While inter-character relationships are both allowed and encouraged, there are limits on the age gap between two characters. The youngest person a character can be involved with is half their age plus seven, rounded up. So for a 28-year-old, this would be 21; for 29, this would be 22.
  • Assassin characters, child assassins, and trained killers are no longer permitted without admin permission. Characters being trained in combat are fine, but we do not allow "trained from youth to be private killers" characters or variations thereof.
  • There is no slavery of any kind on our Pern.
  • Blooded characters from major holds require staff permission prior to submission. We ask that they be created sparingly and that minor holds or cotholds be used when possible.
  • To be eligible for a ranking position, with the exception of those awarded via flights, a dragon or wher must be a minimum of 5 turns old. Wing or squadseconds may have partners who are three turns. All human partners must be at least 21.
  • Remember that healers and people in leadership have additional responsibilities aside from being riders. They are not going to be tapped for extra duties such as Search, mentorship or standing watch except under extreme circumstances.
  • Dragon candidates must be between the ages of 15-25 turns of age at Fort Weyr, and 15-30 turns at High Reaches Weyr and Semaca Weyr. Wher candidates must be at least 17 turns of age, and may Impress at any age thereafter. Ages outside of these ranges may be earned via our Post Prize system here. Stands Impressions may also be earned, and will not occur any younger than 14 turns of age.
  • Players are allowed 1 wher rebonding per OOC year (in backstories, through RP, etc). This does not stack, it is one per year. Note: this does not include reimpression of a former wherhandler, which falls under our one reimpression at a time rule. It refers solely to the wher.
  • Characters are limited to no more than two firelizards each. Candidates are only allowed one firelizard until they impress a dragon or wher, and once they graduate, they will be allowed to impress a second firelizard if they so choose. No firelizard 'breeders' or 'trainers' are accepted in this setting.
  • Dragonless characters may reimpress once and only once. Only one dragonless character per player may impress in one OOC year.

Flight and Clutching Rules
  • Force-catching is strictly forbidden under any circumstances. Any force-catching or triggering material (as detailed in the rules above) will result in a warning, and in extreme circumstances, a ban. Dragons/whers are still allowed to attempt to catch a female; the female (and player associated) always have the right to choose the winner at the end.
  • Characters are not under the influence of flight feelings or flight sex unless they choose to be. Their reaction is left up to the players, who may choose how characters react. Stand-ins or choosing to stay in weyr are perfectly acceptable, and flights do not need to end in sex. All flights should end in a 'fade to black' for riders who choose to engage in mature activity.
  • All hatchings will be planned and run by staff. Flights may be handled by the player, including deciding the outcome and winner. Input into Hatchings may be earned via our reward system here.
  • All clutching flights and runs must be scheduled with the staff. Non-clutching flights can be scheduled in our Flight thread here.
  • General population flights and runs may be closed/run 'off screen' should a member desire. If you choose to run a flight on screen that is 'closed'/already decided, please mark it as such at the beginning of your thread. Leadership flights will always be run on screen and will be open to any who wish to participate.
  • All flights must end within three rounds or five days, whichever comes first, or staff will pick the winner. Please do not drag it out.

Rules are subject to change by admin/staff any time. Announcements will be made when a change is made.
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