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[Hatching] Words of Radiance

Carefully shaped with the warm desert sands and high walls, the Hatching Hollow gives a chance for new life to begin!
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Mon Jul 01, 2019 10:23 pm

At long last, the Storm's Herald egg was hatching. This one wasted no time whatsoever in cracking, the egg practically exploding off of the brightly colored hatchling inside.


A green, tall and lanky, shook the remaining bits of eggshell off of herself and looked around, peering curiously at everyone watching. Her hide was a bright, tealy green color, with darker jade swirls on her legs. Running from her neck to near the base of her tail was a ribbon of spring green flecked with an even brighter lime color like motes of light. On her wings are similar, though less distinct markings, trailing away to her wingtips like dandelion seeds in the wind. She could have been the very wind herself, the way she moved.

She all but bounded off toward the Candidates, only slowing to a gleeful prance when she got near them. Everything seemed to excite her, to fascinate her. She nipped playfully at the hem of Wild's robe, catching only fabric and tugging slightly before releasing him and moving on. She had a mission, after all.

She stopped in front of a small knot of three Candidates, looking up at Nidai, Ephraim, and Izuku.

I could swear he was right here, she complained at all three of them, before her eyes finally locked on Nidai.

Ah! There you are Nidai! We have work to do, you know, you and I. So much to fix. So much to put right.
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Mon Jul 01, 2019 10:42 pm

Nidai of Green Norenath - What the heck

What was happening.

He was talking with Ephriam and dealing with izuku and then there was a dragon sat in front of them.

I could swear he was right here...

"Huh?" Nidai had looked up and just... felt like he was hit with a wall of emotion when he locked eyes with the dragon.

Ah! There you are Nidai! We have work to do, you know, you and I. So much to fix. So much to put right.

What was... happening? They'd had a lesson on this but he'd come in late and-

Hey, hey, hey! Focus, ok? Your Norenath is here now, and we're already behind schedule. She would gently headbutt his belly to start trying to move him. I'm hungry and I know you are too so let's go! We can plan and work out what happens next when we're all fed and good. Norenath would tug his less than perfect robes and just start pulling him away. For such a little thing, she was strong! Nidai was impressed.

"Uh! Right!" He had tears in his eyes and a sappy grin on his face as he waved to Ephriam and Izuku.It was hard not to let the emotion get to him... "I guess I cant complain! I'll see you guys at the Feast maybe?

That sounds good too. We can eat at the Feast after we eat here.
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Ephraim-Tag Nidai
Ephraim could only laugh. Disappointed as he was, he was happy for his friend. His dragon seemed.... well, he would have liked impressing her as well just from what he could see. She seemed to have a rather friendly disposition just from how she behaved.

"Course. Go get to know your dragon, Nidai. I think she takes favor over us for the moment." he laughed.
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