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[Rumor] The Builders

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[Rumor] The Builders

Due to the recent destruction, Semaca has decided to form a new squad: Chopin Squad. Consisting of crafters from select, vital crafts and those whose whers or dragon are willing to help with the heavy lifting, their sole job is to rebuild the Weyr. But is this even a good idea? Isn't it kind of... demeaning to even suggest dragons be used for that sort of thing?
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"If they want to do it, why would it be demeaning?" Karaze asked a bit nervously. He wanted to join himself, but not until he and Karask graduated. It was a place where he could be helpful with the least risk for injury, or so he hoped. He just wanted to be useful was all.

A good want, Karask agreed. We will help when can. No work bad when help others. They all needed some place to live and someone had to make sure that place was in tip top condition.

Karaze nodded. "Karask agrees. We want to help once we've graduated, so does that make it demeaning for us to do the heavy lifting?"
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"If such work is your ambition, why did you leave everything to come to Semaca and become a wherhandler? Most people Impress because they wish to fight," Noor observed neutrally as she gazed about the ruined grotto and tried to figure out where to start. Just because she had no intention of joining this new squad didn't mean she wouldn't help as she could.

Noor could barely remember what her dreams had been when she'd decided to stand or if she'd simply been doing what weyrbrats did. At 23 turns old, she'd been fighting Thread since she was 16. Anything else she'd ever hoped to be had long since faded into irrelevance.

As it happened, Noor liked herself as she was well enough. She had no desire to give up the battle that had defined her adult life. Nobody had asked her to join this new squad and Nuunieth was not the sort of dragon who would be content with simple labor.

Still, it did seem rather odd, "It is not demeaning, merely unusual. Especially I think, for those who were chose this life freely instead of being born to it."

Noor had seen Karaze only in passing and knew little of him, but his knots marked him as a Weaver. It was an honest craft. Why had he left everything behind if he was content spend his days doing heavy lifting?
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