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At Work [Atlas]

All of the utility buildings and rooms have come together here for ease of access and use!
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At Work [Atlas]

Shuri grinned as she stoked the coals of her fire. Dragonriding and thread-fighting was all well and good, but shards had she missed spending candlemarks just her and her forge and her notes. She had just simple work for now- replacing everything that had been destroyed or swept away by the flood, but when the weyr was repaired...well...Then they would see what she could do.

For now, she'd make them their pots and pans and strap buckles. And maybe find a way to make them better. Shuri had never really thought very much about the optimal design for cooking implements, but everything could be improved. No sense in doing something if she wasn't going to do it right.
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Many people had their interests, their goals in life, routines that they kept up, one of Rogers' was keeping fit. He was such a scrawny little thing when he was a kid, if only baby Rogers could see himself now. Yet, in all the destruction that was impacting the Weyr, he'd found himself trying to help as best he could with everything that he could, and, in turn, ignoring himself. Not only ignoring himself, but ignoring the fact that he needed to plan out a new running route. As soon as he was free for a few moments, he began his jog around the Weyr, trying to figure out the best places to run.

He passed the room with the forges, and saw a woman in there stoaking coals. Smithcrafting always intrigued him, not enough that he would have ever joined, but creating things, anything, always had a special place in his heart. He turned around and entered the room, but stayed close to the door as to make sure he wouldn't get burned by any stray sparks of fire. He cleared his throat as to alert the other that he was there, and he smiled. "What are you planning on making?"
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