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[Arc] A Time of Acceptance

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Fri Oct 09, 2020 10:52 pm

[Arc] A Time of Acceptance

Luetta stared down at her hands. Her knuckles were slightly chafed from the frequent hand-washing required of a cook, and there were little scars here and there that hadn't been there a few Turns earlier--some from minor burns, others from carelessness around sharp knives, and once a sharp wherry bone. They were the hands of a worker, not the hands of a coddled goldrider she'd once thought she was meant to be.

She wasn't really sure when she'd stopped thinking that. When it had become okay that she wasn't what anyone had expected of her growing up. And yet, she was slowly starting to be satisfied with the life she led; she couldn't say she was necessarily happy with it yet, but she was getting there.

She set aside the last of the dough rounds to rise, and turned to wash her hands yet again before going to take care of an errand that she felt she'd been putting off for a long, long time. Molly was surrounded by family that was riders, and yet she seemed more than content with her place in the Weyr as someone who wasn't. Luetta still didn't understand how the older woman had arrived at that, and yet she wanted to learn.

And she had more to learn as well. Cooking was all well and good, but Semaca needed a lot more help than that. Still, she hesitated for several moments before finally knocking on the door.

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Thu Oct 15, 2020 12:34 am

Molly thought it had been a rather good feast. The ingredients Semaca offered might be unconventional but the results had been delicious. And besides, this was hardly a conventional weyr. Unconventionality suited it.

She smiled and hummed to herself as she scratched down her notes of which dishes had been picked the clean the fastest. One tart in particular looked like a promising addition to their regular menus...

Molly looked up at the sound of a knock at the door and put the parchment aside. The task could wait. There was more to being Steward than keeping lists.

"Hello, Luetta. Come on in. What can I do for you today?" Molly asked with a warm smile. Howler's eyes flicked open but the firelizard didn't move from her spot by Molly's side.
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Luetta hesitated, then stepped inside. It was far too late to reconsider now. If she was worried about her pride, retreating would surely be far, far worse. She hated that her hair was pulled back into a braided bun. She felt like she needed something to do with her hands to hide her nervousness.

"It's... actually the other way around. Sort of. Cooking is useful of course, but Semaca has a number of people who like to help out in the kitchen. If I can be more use helping elsewhere when, say, a certain brownrider wants to experiment with food..."
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