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Get lost, belovedmine [Open]

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Get lost, belovedmine [Open]

E'nyo was a growing girl, and that meant she had to eat. A lot. It was only the natural order of things. Clearly, there was no problem with messily chowing down on a mini-feast. Breakfast was the most important meal of the day, after all. You look kind of shardin' gross. Nohadoth's voice touched her mind, from where he sat in the Weyrbowl, sunning.

Oh, like you'd know. Are you here? No. Get lost, punk. E'nyo rolled her eyes. She loved her dragon dearly, but they did enjoy teasing each other, pressing each others' buttons.

Nohadoth snorted, which E'nyo was keenly aware of, despite the two not being together. If dragons could roll their eyes, he would have returned the gesture. 'Sides. You're 29--the only way you're gonna shardin' grow is in width, ya know?

He had a point, but E'nyo's pride wouldn't admit it. As she continued to eat--putting away an amount of food that could only be described as a wondrous feat--she turned towards someone sitting nearby. She had the manners to swallow her food before speaking, a mischievous grin on her face. "Dragons, am I right? What a pain in the ass." She wasn't wearing her knots at the moment. She could have been anyone, she could have meant it. Her face suggested she didn't, but whoever it was had no way of knowing this.
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