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[EVENT] Another Round of Taxidermy

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[EVENT] Another Round of Taxidermy

Mazurka Squad is using the Dining Den to preserve their latest finds. That is not okay- or sanitary! Why does Mazurka even NEED more dead things anyway?
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"Why." Glory muttered, remembering one unfortunate instance with... someone's collection of odd, preserved things. That was one thing, but to see it in progress? In the Dining Den? "Why? Just... why. This could be done ANYWHERE else. Not where we eat..." Ugh, her skin was crawling just thinking about that horrid dream touching...

"I'm gonna start eating in my quarters. Ugh..."

She really, really didn't need to see Mazurka's... science experiment, or whatever they deemed to call this. It just seemed... unnecessary. And frankly, kind of disgusting.
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"Do you mind?" As Glory spoke up, Dirys' attention was brought towards the... budding taxidermist, or whatever they planned to call themselves. He glanced, with a light frown, with a cup of tea in one hand, breakfast sat on the table. "As this... lady here put it," He gestured towards Glory, very evidently not knowing her name. "working on your... preservation experiment in the middle of a dining hall can have some... sanitary complications, can it not?" Regardless, he sipped his tea. Looking down for a quick second at his food. Maybe eating this here was not a good idea.

Soon enough, Bremirth was interested in whatever their... 'experiment' was. Oh? There's a thing over there? Oh no. Go over there! I wanna see it!!! Dirys shook his head. "You... you really don't, Bremir--." She cut him off. I wanna see it! What is it? Is it pretty? Is it a cute animal? I bet it's super cute. Dirys!! Listen to me! I wanna see the thing! I'm sick of looking at your eggs, Dirys! I wanna see the thiiiiiiing!!!!!! The rider facepalmed. Why was his dragon like this.
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"Faranth's fork it smells like the bo'sun's briefs in here!"

Raymesin, having poked his nose into the Dining Den, decided that his nose was the last thing he should have poked in. He beat a retreat, heading back out to where the dead things weren't.
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Glory had opened her mouth to agree with Dirys, only to snort rather inelegantly at Raymesin's rather amusing exclamation. There was no disguising it as anything but what it was, and Glory covered her mouth to hide the grin stretching across her face. Well, that was enough to improve her mood, at least marginally.

"Sanitary concerns aside, though that's an excellent point," She inclined her head to Dirys approvingly. "It's just forsking gross. Don't you have enough dead things in the storage rooms already?"
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