[EVENT] Naked

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[EVENT] Naked

Why...why is there a naked man eating noodles in the Dining Hall?
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Vegaris had checked what the rules were for the Dining Cavern. Carefully. No pets, no lewd activities, and no extraordinarily soiled clothing, but nobody had said anything about no clothing. And, well, sometimes people just needed to laugh, even if it was bemused laughter at someone doing something utterly incomprehensible.

So he sat butt naked at the table, resting his chin on one hand as he slurped at the noodles. They were quite delicious, though he'd had to let them cool off a little bit for... safety reasons.
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There was a naked man in the dining cavern. A man. Wearing no clothes. In the dining cavern. Karaze couldn't help but feel mildly scandalized as he observed (he wouldn't dare admit he was staring) Vegaris eating. What in Faranth's name was he doing?

Eating. Karask informed him helpfully. He sat beside Karaze munching on scraps, but he wasn't so impolite as to beg. If they were offered he would eat, but his belly was plenty full without seeking out more. He is doing same as you.

He's not wearing any clothes!

Whers don't wear clothes. We come here too

I-but-! The Blue had him there. But people and whers were two different things! This was just... indecent! Karaze tried to go back to his meal, but his eyes kept flicking over at Vegaris every so often as though hoping his eyes were deceiving him.
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As he ate, Vegaris occasionally looked around the room, wondering how successful his little joke had been. He noticed a few smirks, which was a start, but not the grand guffawing he'd hoped for.

He took another bite of his noodles, then looked up in time to catch a wherling looking at him. He grinned, then winked. "Jealous you didn't free yourself from the shackles of clothes too, hm?"
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