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[Event] The Semacan Games

A big open space, this leads to the desert and jungle both, as well as having a small farmed area and space for feeding and training!
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[Event] The Semacan Games

It's time for the first annual Semacan Games, where dragons and whers compete against each other to determine who's the best of the best and whether dragons or whers are REALLY superior. What do you mean it's not a real tradition? It is now!
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I will be... interested.. in observing this. There seems like there is much to be learned from such a gathering. Einth was saying, the adolescent brown nudging his rider forward in the same way he usually did to get T'oma to go along with something the fisherboy didn't want to do.

"You're too young to participate. You'd get bowled over by even a Wher. We could be fishing, while everyone else is busy," T'oma protested in a manner that sounded distinctly like a whine. He had been looking forward to the chance to escape for a while, but obviously his dragon had different ideas, and Einth usually won.

You may fish at any time. This sort of... thing.. does not happen very often. I cannot let such an opportunity to obeserve pass.
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Temask was not especially pleased with this particular situation. Anyone trying to force her to work with whers, and to side against dragons was likely to meet with her ire. Tempi's insistence that they stick with "their" team wasn't helping her mood any.

I do not believe I could bowl him over, Temask told T'oma, taking his verbal communication as an invitation to respond. She was always eager to speak with someone who spoke in sentences longer than two words.

Sometimes three, Tempi protested. She ignored him.

And surely there must be a way for dragons who cannot fly with their riders to participate. Tempi and I will join you.
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