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Semacan Candidate Games [CANDIDATES]

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Raymesin - Saekri, Castien, Pasca

The blond sailor with his arm in a sling eyed Pasca. "Got a problem with sailors?" The words were delivered mildly, but there was something behind them that wasn't as mild.

Raymesin found himself a spot to stand in near Castien. After all, it was starting to sound as though the sailors needed to stick together - and having another longknife nearby, even the hand of a man half-armless, might make a difference if someone tried to kick off. Which, at this rate, they were sounding like they might.

Saekri, however, got an appraising look and a nod of respect from Raymesin. Anyone with those sorts of scars had already done a little living, and she sounded like she was talking sense. But, really, they were here for something, and while Raymesin didn't know what, he did know that he'd like to start banging heads together and that'd be really difficult with one arm. And anyway, he'd been told 'no fighting', so that let that one out already.

"Anyway," said Raymesin, turning towards the Candidatemasters, "What would you like us to do?"
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Teleka - Anduin, Mutti, mention pirates
It was polite to nod while someone was speaking. After Anduin corrected her, she merely grinned, a toothy, shard-eating grin. "Uh huh, right. Don't worry, I'll come up with a better nickname for you. You're kind of an afterthought-kinda-guy, aren't you?" Teleka found him a bit dull, but maybe she could rile him up. No one was being too entertaining right now, but hey, maybe she could make this discussion a bit more fun...somehow?

She just shrugged at Mutti's comment, however. "It's not going to be very fun, no matter what we do. I mean, the suggestions we've had are all pretty dull. And, come on, we're just discussing it anyways. We're not even doing anything yet. Come on, let's just pick something. I vote sparring, because then I get to kick someone's ass."

She gave a quick look to Castien and Raymesin. Her fellow pirate peers, though easily annoyed with her, made for better company than the rest of these. Even though she'd annoyed Castien, she felt a strong loyalty to everyone on the crew.
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ACM E’nome of Blue Belleroth

Slightly shifting the load of precariously balanced batons still bundled in her arms, E’nome listened to the candidates for a few minutes before she finally spoke up with a briefly quirked eyebrow.

“Alright, cut it out please, all of you. This is not the time for bickering! We have been planning this for some time, and I will say that I, for one, will not appreciate having to break up any arguments or fights started today; so don’t EVEN think about it. You all know exactly what I mean.”

Green eyes stared at the candidates - especially the bickering ones - until the bluerider was satisfied she had their attention, before continuing on with a quick glance at Naxen.

“ now that we have your attention. We are not sparring, nor are we going to hunt in the jungle—” her gaze briefly fell on Pasca at that part, before moving on, her expression softening back into another grin as she continued to speak. “— but some of the suggestions put forward are also pretty good possibilities, which we’ll consider.”

E’nome carefully stepped forward around the haphazardly laid disarray of objects to stand closer to Naxen, though a couple of her batons managed to spill out of her arms at the movement despite her best efforts. Absently blowing a stray strand of hair out of her eyes, she merely readjusted the bunch of batons so that it wasn’t sitting quite as precariously in her embrace. A deep breath... and then she launched right in with a grin. Time to start the fun!

“..So. The first game we have planned.. is a relay race, with a twist! The rules are essentially the same, but the difference is each team will be taking their ‘batons’ of lovely little gifts or nice messages, to give to specific Semacans around the Weyr, especially the people you should know in case of emergencies! How does that sound?”

She nodded toward the Candidate Master, though her final sentence was still directed at the candidates. “Naxen has the list of Semacans we are relay racing to, I believe. Have you all chosen your teams yet?”

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Naxen of Blue Anitoth

Naxen nodded and smiled approvingly at E'nome's attempt to keep peace. She'd step in if the fighting continued, but it was important to give her Assistant the opportunity to establish her own authority.

It was also a good choice of game. Naxen and E'nome had brainstormed a list beforehand and as the candidates didn't seem to settling on anything suitable amongst themselves, they were just going to have to live with E'nome's pick.

"If anyone has not picked a team, I will assign one," she wasn't going to let anybody be left out of this activity because they'd yet to make friends amongst their peers, "I suggest having at least one candidate familiar with the weyr per team. We are NOT telling you where your targets can be found. Each team will have a different order of targets and every member must be participate. Unlike a traditional relay race though, while you'll alternate who's leading and carrying the baton, every member will go to every stop. These are all people you should recognize."

Naxen had chosen her list carefully, trying to balance between wherhandlers, dragonriders and a handful of weyrfolk and to pick a mixture of wingseconds and wingleaders from the wings and squads the candidates were most likely to need in case of an emergency.

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"There is one special addition to the list. Now that we have neighbors, maintaining good relationships with them is important. Today you will all finish up this game by acting as weyr diplomats. Each group has been assigned a captain of one of the sailors' ships currently docked here. You are NOT to go hiking through the jungle on your own. Instead, each group is responsible for finding a rider to take them there and back. You are to be the souls of courtesy and remember you are representing Semaca weyr."
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