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Wing Selection - Devils

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Wing Selection - Devils

That's right, that dream-crushing group of weyrlings are ready to graduate!

Weyrling players may pick what wings they want. If you do not pick by maintenance, you will be assigned one based on dragon size. If your weyrling is transferring, you must post in this thread where they're going.

Quinn of Bronze Louicyth
Takumi of Brown Fukoshith
Keith of Blue Shinadoth
Iscah of Blue Goumath
Kouichi of Green Kuzoth
Acxa of Green Kaniyath
Reign of Green Asakurth
Bayard of White Raidoth
Louisa of White Joheith

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[b]Wing choice:[/b]
Fort Weyr
Senior Weyrwoman Tuckal of Gold Serapheth
[White Journey]
Wa'en of Brown Galahath
Weyrlingmaster Lexien of Brown Mikazuchith
Mishima of Blue Harmoth
[Gold Moon Chip]
N'eth of Green Azoth
ethyst Vartisk and Garnet Varsk
[Bone Otani]
Candidate Alphinaud
Dragonless Angelo
[Gold Geara Zulu]
Semaca Weyr
Hecate of Almandine Cabadath
Aymeric of Garnet Thanatoth
C'loud of Green Moenbryth
Weyrling Quatre of Green Wynleth
[White Sandrock]
Dragonless Time
High Reaches Weyr
Z'kon of Bronze Gottmitunth
Clovis of Blue Artoriath
Exia of Blue Seieth
Lelouch of Blue Isith
[Gold Banshee]
Stahl of Blue Kinlath
Majima of Brown Majimask
Holder Xander
[Blue Laslow]
[Green Peri]
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Weyrling: Louisa of White Joheith
Wing choice: Starfall Wing
Transferring?: yes, High Reaches
B'yani of Brown Hyuth
Cecelia of Brown Uriangth
Zul of Brown Zulsk
Hanzo of Blue Velocith
Lou of White Joheith
Candidate Lazu
Candidate Deviya
Candidate Tarquin
Daiya of Gold Daisk
Carol of Blue Carsk and Brown Cask
Manuel of Garnet Minevath
Barold of Blue Impacth
Nidai of Green Norenath
Candiate Theo
Candidate Ollie
Lars of Bronze Scabellath
G'dan of Bronze Anubaath
Eglantine of Brown Anselth
Dusleros of Brown Runth
Kiki of Green Ghyblith
Ganymede of Green Auth
Candidate Hans
Candidate Orpheus
Candidate Adeline
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Weyrling: Iscah of Blue Goumath
Wing choice: Twilight
Transferring?: No

(unless Staff thinks Goumath is too small for Twilight, in which case Aurora is fine!)
Healer's A'ryti of brown Maltiroth
Dusk Tikaya of blue Tisk
Weyrling Iscah of blue Goumath
High Reaches
Firestorm K'aer of bronze Remponath
Candidate Sietske
Moonshot Wingleader Alizette of green Ysanith
Firestorm Dashiel of green Eiraeyth
Weyrling Constanter of blue Whith
Nocturne Yasmin of garnet Tenjouth
Chopin Tavrie and brown Dromeath

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Weyrling: Keith of Blue Shinadoth
Wing choice: Moonshot
Transferring?: Yes, High Reaches
Fort Weyr
Uryuu of Bronze Frydrykth
Cress of Brown Lumiouth
Shigure of Blue Cyaleth | Tide
Akira of Green Auruth
Trowa of Green Yasogamith
Weyrling Keith of Blue Shinadoth
Candidate Gaelio | Kimaris
High Reaches Weyr
Cesare of Brown Fuuth
Y'su of Blue Brenlosath
V'dar of Green Liralith
Weyrling Izuku of Bronze Xistanorth
Candidate Mineva | Kshatriya
Semaca Weyr
Niriru of Bronze Ziodyneth
Minato of Blue Charoth
Crowe of White Eclith | Lunafreya
Soran of White Qanth | Exia
Karaze of Blue Karask
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