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Threadfall Signups

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Threadfall Signups

Well, it's that time again! This month, due to end-of-month admin IRL plans, there is a hard deadline of February 10th to fill this out. Any character that is new after that point will be assumed uninjured, and anyone who fails to respond by that deadline will have all characters set at up to moderate.

So everyone, if you have adult dragonriders and wherhandlers, fill out the form below. This will tell us what injuries are acceptable! Please let us know if there is any sort of injury that do not want! For example, Woky can't handle broken toes and fingers, so he will put that on his post.

For any characters that are listed as part of a wing but will not be participating for any reason, please make a note of that.

All characters, if you've posted here or not, will be involved in Threadfall, but not everyone will be injured. Anyone who doesn't reply will be listed at up to moderate (but please reply even if this is what you want your characters to be listed at).

We will not kill characters unless we have permission.

Use this injury guide below to let us know what levels of injury you are okay with!

Fatal: Injuries that result in a death for one or both members of a pair. Dragons cannot survive the death of their riders, but whers may. Players may discuss reimpressing their whers to another character if they survive, or dictating that they disappeared/went feral/went to an NPC.
Permanent: Injuries that could be described as crippling or debilitating in some way. In some cases, they can be overcome by adaption and tenacity, but your character will suffer the effects forever. Permanent vertigo, blindness, paralysis, and limb or digit loss are the primary examples.
Major: Serious injuries, but ones that are recoverable, major injuries may take several months to heal from or are especially debilitating for their duration. Bad threadscoring or burns, as well as serious compound fractures, are the sorts of injuries that can be expected. These and permanent injuries are the only ones that can be qualified as "near-death experiences", near-misses or close brushes excluded.
Moderate: Injuries that take less than a season to recover from show up here. Simple breaks, minor to moderate threadscoring, badly-wrenched muscles, repetitive stress injuries and the like represent this injury level.
Mild: Superficial injuries altogether, these will affect the person, wher, or dragon injured for a handful of weeks at most; they should last no longer than a half-season at most. Sprains, scrapes, concussions, and bruised pride will be found here.
Trivial: No real injury has occurred, but the rider may be shaken, guilty, or embarrassed. As well as near-misses big enough to be worth mention, things that are inconsequential, such as hair, straps, or clothing being scorched, or a particularly embarrassing dismount (falling into a giant puddle, anyone?) will be the bulk of what happens here.
None: No injuries, embarrassment, or guilt-related trauma will happen, no matter how minor or inconsequential.

Fill out this form below with all of your eligible characters before the end of the month, and we'll see you then!

If picking 'Fatal', please specify which of these three categories they fall into:
  • Dragonless/Wherless Only - Rider may not die, but bonded creature may; if there is a death, it must leave the human dragonless/wherless
  • Both Die - They may only die together
  • Either - Being left dragonless/wherless is acceptable, but so is death of the entire pair; basically, go with whatever the dice choose

Code: Select all
[b]Character name:[/b]
[b]Acceptable injuries:[/b]

Alternatively, if almost all of your characters have the same acceptable level, you may just fill it out once with 'All' in the name field for most of them, and then again for your exceptions. If you have more than two or three exceptions, fill everything out individually; it's easier for me to keep track of this way.
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Character name: All
Acceptable injuries: Moderate and below
Midnight Wingrider Erian of Bronze Hammerloth + Garnet Timori
Midnight Wingrider Jeremiah of Brown Cogeath + Garnet Villetta
Midnight Wingrider Noa of Brown Argamath
Eclipse Wingsecond Kurue of Garnet Artesiath + Garnet Damaya
Eclipse Wingrider Rey of Blue Nuth + Brown Beebee
Aurora Wingrider Four of Green Marnith
Daylight Wingrider Leena of Green Verinth + White Nissa
Daylight Wingrider Tikra of Green Everieth
Aurora Wingrider Valkyrie of Green Ielleth
Weyrling Ysayle of White Ebrietath
Daylight Wingrider Banagher of White Unicoth + Green Haro Two
Dragonless Gino + Gold Tristan
Moonshot Wingrider Amuro of Brown Casvath + Green Haro
Firestorm Wingrider Ryoma of Brown Zamth + Garnet Kagero
Moonshot Wingrider Suzaku of Brown Rath + Bronze Albion
Firestorm Wingrider Talien of Charoite Arellath
Starfall Wingleader Chekov of Blue Altieth + Bronze Wictor
Trouble Weyrling Honerva of Blue Aersth
Starfall Wingrider Anaiya of Green Adasheth + Feline Hobbes
Starfall Wingrider Y'guys of Green Atropoth
Firestorm Wingrider A'ric of White Impath + Gold Adria
Sunburst Wherhandler Emaran of Brown Almarask and Brown Emarsk + Green Numa
Windsong Wherhandler Moriko of Green Morsk and White Morisk
Chopin Squadrider Liyanel of Gold Nebulaeth + Blue Fisher + White Tater
Chopin Squadrider Saji of Bronze Veototh
Nocturne Wingrider T'challa of Bronze Lockoth
Weyrleader Cornelia of Garnet Guiloth + Bronze Strudel
Mazurka Squadrider Shallan of Blue Ophoth + White Pattern
Healer's Wingrider Barriss of Green Moorith
Weyrhealer Chalay of Green Oshuth + Bronze Imagundi
Healer's Wingrider Elend of Green Antoth
Weyr Guard Mara of Gold Marsk and Green Marask + Bronze Talon
Weyr Guard Chirrut of Quartz Chirrusk and White Chirsk
Guard Lieutenant Ahsoka of Garnet Ahsosk and White Ahsk + Blue Rex
Weyr Guard Anakin of Blue Anask and Brown Anakisk + Brown Hondo
Wherleader Fartoo of Blue Fartosk and Brown Fartsk + White Detoo + Brass Threepio
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Fri Jan 31, 2020 4:54 pm

Character name: All
Acceptable injuries: up to Permanent

Character name: Lelouch of Blue Isith
Acceptable injuries: Up to Major
Fort Weyr
Senior Weyrwoman Tuckal of Gold Serapheth
[White Journey]
Wa'en of Brown Galahath
Weyrlingmaster Lexien of Brown Mikazuchith
Mishima of Blue Harmoth
[Gold Moon Chip]
N'eth of Green Azoth
Weyrling Alphinaud of Green Koth
Vartin of Amethyst Vartisk
and Garnet Varsk
[Bone Otani]

Dragonless Angelo
[Gold Geara Zulu]
Semaca Weyr
Hecate of Almandine Cabadath
Aymeric of Garnet Thanatoth
C'loud of Green Moenbryth
Weyrling Quatre of Green Wynleth
[White Sandrock]
Dragonless Time
High Reaches Weyr
Z'kon of Bronze Gottmitunth
Clovis of Blue Artoriath
Exia of Blue Seieth
Lelouch of Blue Isith
[Gold Banshee]
Stahl of Blue Kinlath
Majima of Brown Majimask
Holder Xander
[Blue Laslow]
[Green Peri]
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Fri Jan 31, 2020 4:59 pm

Character name: All
Acceptable injuries: Up to Permanent
High Reaches Semaca Fort
Candidate Toki - Bronze Flit Menace Aimbyr of Garnet Averodith B'rent of Blue Charlith
Vhiki of Brown Kyozuth Weyrling T'oma of Brown Einth - Garnet flit Wave ---
Louna of Blue Zulth - Gold Flit Duck --- ---
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Fri Jan 31, 2020 5:00 pm

Character name: Alerae of Green Willomath
Acceptable injuries: Alerae- Trivial
Willomath- Moderate

Character name: Z'osh of Bronze Diyarth
Acceptable injuries:
Z'osh - Major
Diyarth- Moderate

Character name: Madoka of Garnet Homurath
Acceptable injuries: Mild

Character name: K'tian of Blue Allegretth
Acceptable injuries: Fatal - Either
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Fri Jan 31, 2020 5:00 pm

Character name: Valyria w/ Blue Valyriask
Acceptable injuries: Up to Permanent

Character name: Talinal w/ Blue Kalzeoth
Acceptable injuries: Up to Major

Character name: Asherah w/ Bronze Kakarith (Kylan is here too if they count)
Acceptable injuries: Up to Moderate
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Fri Jan 31, 2020 5:39 pm

Character name: All
Acceptable injuries: Up to Moderate
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Fri Jan 31, 2020 8:35 pm

Character name: All
Acceptable injuries: Up to Moderate

Character name: Gabriel of Bronze Morriseth
Acceptable injuries: Up to Major
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Fri Jan 31, 2020 10:45 pm

Character name: All
Acceptable injuries: Up to moderate
Essa of Bronze Gectusith
Quinn of Bronze-White Louicyth
Wingleader S'bor of Bronze Yugoth
ACM Estelle of Brown Jaehaeryth
Faralyn of Brown Grooth
Ieyasu of Brown Ieyask
P'pin of Brown Palath
T'rin of Brown Celeth
G'er of Garnet Neozeoth
Lily of Garnet Eridieth
Relli of Garnet Rellivask and Blue Relsk
Augury of Blue Velveth
Chrysanthe of Blue Bidath
Gellera of Blue Virtrath
Miryem of Blue Riwenth
Thor of Blue Hinokath
Kiriani of Green Tabesleuth
Wingsecond L'ir of Green Byth
S'atyl of Green Nineveth
Makoto of White Usakinth
Wingsecond Tyrion of White Voluntauth
Candidate Dhavir
High Reaches
Elyron of Gold Elysk and Green Elyrosk
Jr. Wherleader Hela of Bronze Helsk and Brown Hesk
Sr. Weyrleader Schneizel of Bronze Damocleth
Azul of Brown Claarisath
Di'a of Brown Kasshuth
Dobby of Brown Kersuth
Wingleader Myalla of Brown Enarth
Th'ou of Brown Pavith
Wingsecond D'ark of Garnet Masreith
Eliza of Garnet Riaath
Squadsecond Tomas of Garnet Tomask and White Tsk
Allura of Blue Sendaith
Weyrling Master Camilla of Blue Kamuith
Jae of Blue Zappath
Sandy of Blue Rugrunth
Tamara of Blue Requeth
Zhuli of Blue Zhusk and Blue Lisk
Ailee of Green Suventh
Kanon of Green Kibeth
Kip of Green Amizuth
Numann of Green Rannath
Sokka of Green Wintrath
T'ir of Green Blysith
Riku of White Taissath
Semaca Weyr
Arena of Void Oscamith
Alayna of Gold Wyzeth
Al'bus of Bronze Matanuth
Noor of Bronze Nuunieth
Hermione of Brown Echoneth
Sage of Brown Wisketoth
Shuri of Brown Motath
Varda of Brown Magmeth
Ly'nk of Garnet Sakuyath
Maui of Garnet Mausk and Blue Mask (W)
Uruk of Garnet Georsath
Anoni of Blue Cermurith
Artemis of Blue Phoebuth
Corleon of Blue Corleosk
Candidatemaster Naxen of Blue Anitoth
Point Rigel of Blue Cygneth
Ya'ra of Blue Dymrith
Ariel of Green Kshatriyath
Rhea of Green Rheask
Captain Vella of Green Vellask and Magma Vesk
V'rell of Green Peridoth
Wyatt of Green Emilith
Laera of White Tarth
Kowal of White Kowalsk
R'tan of White Mazath
Steward Molly
Candidate Pasca
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Sat Feb 01, 2020 3:51 am

Character name: All
Acceptable injuries: Up to moderate

Kreta of Blue Eseath (fire-lizard Leirath)

Weyrling Xinia of Blue Yhargulth (firelizard Moonshine) (originally HR, Impressed @ Fort)


Weyrling Viela of Green Oveceth (fire-lizard Treble) (originally Fort, Impressed @ HR)


Trewyra of Green Orbith (originally of Igen; Impressed in Semaca. Firelizard Nexus)
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Sun Feb 02, 2020 1:02 am

Character name: All
Acceptable injuries: Up to and including Major

Character name: M'love of blue Skyloth
Acceptable injuries: None for M'love, up to Mild for Skyloth
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Sun Feb 02, 2020 5:24 am

Character name: E'nyo of White Nohadoth
Acceptable injuries: Up to major for E'nyo, up to permanent for Nohadoth
Thread Tracker
Fort Weyr
Weyrling L'ru of Brown Ghermath

WIP: Ariruen/Fyrrowen of Rowesk
High Reaches Weyr
Candidate Nyrida
Brown Envy

WIP: Sy'rei of Asrakaerth
Semaca Weyr
Kas of Garnet Vaheoth

E'nyo of White Nohadoth
Green Mid

WIP: Viiox
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Character name: All EXCEPT Hanzo
Acceptable injuries: Moderate and below

Character name: Hanzo
Acceptable injuries: Trivial and below
B'yani of Brown Hyuth
Cecelia of Brown Uriangth
Zul of Brown Zulsk
Pyrus of Blue Gask
Hanzo of Blue Velocith
Lazu of Tanzanite Yharnath
Candidate Deviya
Candidate Tarquin
Daiya of Gold Daisk
Carol of Blue Carsk and Brown Cask
Manuel of Garnet Minevath
Barold of Blue Impacth
Nidai of Green Norenath
Soursop of Green Lalulith
Candiate Theo
Candidate Ollie
Phyna of Gold Lutrath
Lars of Bronze Scabellath
G'dan of Bronze Anubaath
Eglantine of Brown Anselth
Dusleros of Brown Runth
Kiki of Green Ghyblith
Ganymede of Green Auth
Lou of White Joheith
Candidate Hans
Candidate Orpheus
Candidate Adeline
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