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[EVENT] Temptation

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[EVENT] Temptation

You know you're not supposed to be out here alone but the jungle's just so pretty! And this is SEMACA. Semacans don't follow RULES.
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Maybe he wasn't supposed to be out there, but maybe he just didn't care! Wild was a reckless kind of guy, that meant that going outside the wall for a walk was a must. Everything outside the Weyr was so much prettier than anything that was inside! Who could blame him? Well, maybe the healers if he got hurt... but he wouldn't! He'd be careful. Sorta.

Triforce chirped away on his shoulder and Wild laughed, she was being really loud today, but that just meant she was in a happy mood. Walking alone was never truely lonely when Triforce was there, but walking with people was usually better.
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Some people might have called Kaladin a hypocrite for supporting a wall and then proceeding to go over it. They'd be wrong. He didn't think everyone should necessarily be kept out of the jungle; only everyone who didn't know how to take care of themselves. He didn't fall into that category, himself.

The sudden sound of laughter a dragonlength or two away made him stop short, one foot just off the ground in mid-step. Someone was here. A rider? No, he'd have heard a dragon just walking. One of the Weyr Guard? He hoped not; even if he hadn't done anything wrong, he still didn't want to disappoint Vella, who unlike most of Semaca he actually had some modicum of respect for.

He hastily pulled the stray leaves out of his wavy hair from his earlier nap, and moved to the side of the little game trail. Maybe if he was lucky, whoever it was would be going in the opposite direction and not pass by him at all.
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Wed Jan 09, 2019 9:16 am

Wild didn't necessarily support the wall, thought it felt constricting to where people could and could not go, but he realized how it would protect those who were more... accident prone. But, daredevils and those generally prone to break rules would always go over the wall no matter what.

Proceeding through the jungle at a steady pace, he continued to enjoy the pleasant scenery and Triforce's cheeping and chirping, all without any incidents! A great part of his enjoyment was not getting hurt yet, or at all. He wouldn't get caught and in big trouble, or maybe someone would ask where he was when he got back... but for now? Everything was fine.

A figure popped into sight as he continued walking down the trail. Triforce flew herself over and started chirping at them, which made Wild instantly bolt down the trail to keep her from annoying the other. "C'mon Tri, you can't just- oh. Kaladin? What are you doing out here?"
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Thu Jan 10, 2019 10:06 pm

Kaladin looked up as Wild appeared, then looked away. Candidates. Apparently half of them thought he'd been kicked out, rather than chosen to quit. The rest of them knew he'd left, likely knew why, and still chose to stay.

"Walking," he muttered defensively.

Syl flew in from where she'd been flitting among the branches above. She chittered excitedly at Triforce before proceeding to land on her human's head to preen herself, still chirping.
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Sun Jan 20, 2019 2:35 pm

He paused, nodding to Kaladin's very short response. He couldn't quite say he knew why he'd left candidacy, too many stories being flung around. But, he did know that they were both walking.

"...Can I walk with you then?" Wild asked.

Triforce gave a few cheeps back in response to Syl, and seemed generally happy to see her. She flew back onto Wild's shoulder to sit and watch the other flit.
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Mon Jan 21, 2019 7:52 pm

"Why would you want to?" Kaladin asked warily. He didn't mind the company, and Faranth knew things had been... lonely lately, but anyone who actually wanted to be around him after anything was immediately suspect. Most of the Weyr didn't like him, and he couldn't say he blamed them. Most days, he didn't like himself very much either.

Syl hissed momentarily at him for the morose direction of his thoughts, and nipped him hard on the ear from her perch in his hair.

"Ow! Shardit, Syl, why are you like this?"

The green chirped smugly.
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