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Ciaselai of Gold Ciask and White Ciasesk

Fri Jan 18, 2019 4:35 am

Ciaselai of Gold Ciask and White Ciasesk

"i love to learn, learning makes me stronger"


NAME: Ciaselai
GENDER: Female
PRONOUNS: she/her/hers
ORIENTATION: Heterosexual

BIRTHDATE: Summer of 2741
AGE: 27 as of Summer of 2767
OCCUPATION: Goldhandler || Whitehandler || Journeyman Scribe || Wherling
WING: Dusk Squad

EYES: Dark Brown
HAIR: Long and Black in color
HEIGHT AND BUILD: 5'6" - Athletic
PLAY-BY: Alexandra Shipp
She stands at five feet and six inches while she weighs roughly one hundred and forty pounds. She has the weight on her body, just it doesn't look like it since she has an athletic build. Instead, most of that weight is just hidden muscles that don't want to be defined on her arms and legs. She has a darker hue on her skin, making her look tan. Even if she was to stand in the sun for a long period of time, which lets face it, that doesn't happen at all anymore since bonding with Ciask. Her long black hair has some waviness to it, but not a lot. She would keep her hair pulled back and out of her face, but Ciask seems to like it down, so she has stopped wearing it up and out of her face. Because of how much she likes to draw, her hands can normally be seen covered in charcoal dust.

STRENGTHS: Knowledgeable, Quick-Learner, Artistic, Generous
WEAKNESSES: Fast-Paced, Quick-Tempered, Impatient, Judgmental

LIKES: Reading, Drawing
DISLIKES: Waiting, Indecisiveness

Knowledge is the one thing that she cherishes with all of her heart. She loves to learn new things, and she can usually be seen either drawing or repairing a book or scroll. These are things that seem to keep her busy so that she doesn't have to think on much else. But that doesn't stop her from getting impatient with someone if they keep her waiting. That is one thing that she absolutely hates, is to be kept waiting, especially once it starts to become daylight out and Ciask has to go to bed for the night. She cares more about her bonded Gold than she really does for most human interactions when it comes to being too close to daylight. But even with her impatience she is still generous and kind, and that is because she knows that she cannot make friends with a bad attitude.

If you tell her to go and learn something, she tends to be quick about it. This is just happens naturally and she mainly learns by doing things with the hands on approach. She hates to be told to watch someone do something, then just go and do it because she should know it just by watching. It doesn't work that way for her, which is why she fell in love with drawing and the scribe craft. She got to learn things by doing them herself. Of course, even though she is a quick learner, she will still mess up, but that is why she has extras of everything that she will need for her task. But sometimes this will make her work too quickly, which can make her mess up too much. This fast-paced nature came from trying to keep up with the other apprentices when she worked with the Master Scribe when she was younger.

She can normally be either found reading or drawing while she is on her own down time. She doesn't like to be surprised or interrupted most of the time when she is drawing, and if that happens, she can get angry quickly. Ciask seems to know how to handle her when her quick-tempered nature comes out, which is the best for the pair, because Ciaselai doesn't know how to keep control of that quick temper.

Sicaska; Mother, Weaver, 48
Lanisal; Father, Bluehandler, 46

TW for mentions of miscarriage

Summer time seemed to be eventful for Lanisal and Sicaska on Crom Hold. One was part of the Weavercraft and the other was a Bluehandler. But both were proud and happy to have their little girl, whom they named Ciaselai. Life seemed to be going very well for the until Ciaselai's sixth turn. Apparently, Ciaselai's mother had gotten pregnant again, but during the winter. But sadly, that little baby didn't make it to be born, which left Ciaselai really sad, because she was ready to be a big sister. But Ciaselai's mother was told that she wasn't allowed to have anymore children, so her parents obliged. This left Ciaselai as an only child, and that kind of hurt her feelings, because she felt like she would have been able to make a great big sister.

End TW

So, starting then, in her down time of not helping her mother or father, she drew on anything that she could get her charcoal onto. It got her into a trouble a lot because she would draw on things that she was supposed to, but the main thing that she would draw was a Wher. Mainly her father's wher to be exact. So when she turned eight turns old, her mother took her to some of the scribes on the hold and Ciaselai asked if she could learn the scribercraft from them. She was accepted and she started her lessons and training that day, while her mother went back home to do her own work. Ciaselai actually loved learning to be a scribe, and with all the practice that she was doing to learn how to transcribe books and scrolls, her handwriting was getting better and better everyday.

Something she didn't think that she would love doing was some of the math work that was involved with the craft. She was told why it was important to have that math work, but even still, she just couldn't understand why it was always necessary to know. Perhaps it was just because she didn't want to think on numbers, but she just wanted to continue to transcribe the writings. It wasn't until she turned twelve that the Master Scribe decided that he wanted to test not only her handwriting and math work, but her ability to transcribe a soiled scroll. He didn't give her an exact time, but merely said that they needed it as fast as possible. Well, this made Ciaselai's fast-paced nature kick in, and she started to transcribe the scroll.

If someone would have gone by her little area, they would have seen that she started over about seven times before she finally got the transcription correct and neat. The Master Scribe liked the work, but he was disappointed with how many tries it took her to transcribe it, but that didn't stop him from giving her another one to do. From that first scroll, she started to transcribe more and more of them, faster, and with more precision and less mess ups. After two turns of transcribing just scrolls, she was given a book to repair. This was a little bit more of a difficult task, and it did take her longer than the scroll ever did.

There wasn't a lot in the book that needed to be repaired, but there was enough in there to make it take almost four days to complete. The Master Scribe was pleasantly surprised to receive the book back though. He gave her a few criticisms to Ciaselai but said that she did really well in restoring the book. But the Master Scribe didn't want to try and challenge with her with much more than small books and a few scrolls, he even had her go to some Wher hatchings that happened on the Hold and had her transcribe what had happened. Ciaselai took her job very seriously, so when she turned seventeen, she was happy to take the opportunity that was handed to her. She needed to transcribe and transfer some old records and put them on new parchment and make sure that they are perfect.

She had a feeling that this was some kind of test, so she took her time and made sure everything was perfect. With her taking her time, and even with other scribes standing over her shoulder at times to see how she was doing, she completed her task in about seven days. These records held hatchings, flights, and even some of the songs that Harpers sang about those times. She loved to read them as she transcribed them, for she got to learn new things during that task. When she turned eighteen though, she was made a Journeyman Scribe. She was proud to wear those knots and she held her head high as she continued doing her jobs.

But after four turns of doing the same thing everyday, she figured that she should get a change of scenery. She asked if she could travel to Telgar Weyr to see if they needed any help there, and her request was granted. So the next day, she left for the Weyr to see how she could help. When she got there though, they said that no help was needed at the time, but she didn't want to go back to the hold. She had heard that there was a Wher clutch getting ready to hatch. She thought on this and she asked if she could become a wher candidate. They agreed to allow her, and she had to start getting adjusted to the sleep cycle of a Wher for when she impress. She had to stay awake during the night, asleep during the day. Doing chores in between, and she even asked if she was able to help the Weyr's scribes when she had downtime.

She didn't want to forget how to do any of the stuff that she had learned, and it also gave her the perfect opportunity to continue drawing. But the spring that came of 2764 came with some severe Threadfall and it was not pretty. Well, of course it wasn't pretty, but she was told to make sure that she stayed in the barracks. She did as she was told, and she was glad that she had charcoal and parchment, for she was able to still draw to keep herself busy and entertained while being unable to leave the barracks during the horrible Threadfall. But the summer of that turn seemed to want to just make things worse, for a plague swept through the Weyr as well, and it didn't seem to want to make things easy for any of the riders or handlers who had to fight the Threadfall.

The Threadfall finally calmed down and she was able to leave the barracks again. She went to the hatchings for all of the Whers that happened, but she wasn't chosen by any of the clutchmothers. She took no offense to it, Wher's knew who would be best for their babes, so she just sat and very impatiently waited for it to be her turn. For two turns, she waited and waited, and she was starting to feel defeated and like she wasn't meant to bond to a wher. But she knew deep down that she wasn't going to leave, for one main reason. She was not about to be a failed candidate, and that was proven when she went to one final hatching when she turned twenty-five.

That was when the gold wher came to Ciaselai and gave her a giant golden egg. Ciaselai gratefully took the egg, and it didn't take very long for it to hatch, and out came a beautiful gold wher. Ciaselai quickly made a cut on her hand and she smeared the blood on the gold wher, and that was when she saw the rainbow swirls in the wher's eyes signalling the impression had been made. You are Ciask's now. Ciask stay by you. You stay by Ciask. There was no denying the love that Ciaselai already felt for the gold, and she didn't even need to agree. They started their wherling training the next day. After two turns of Wherling lessons, Ciaselai and Ciask both wanted to find a different Weyr to live in, and they heard that Fort Weyr was accepting some gold Whers, so they asked for a transfer. Ciaselai also hoped that transferring to their new home, meant that she would be able to help the Weyr Scribes more at Fort Weyr than she was able to at Telgar Weyr.
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  • Early Fall 2768 - Bonded to Green Nanami at Fort Lake. Threadfall happens and Ciask slips and tumbles down a muddy hill, sliding into Fortran. She has only minor scrapes (Mild), but he's pushed into a Thread burrow he was working to clear. Sadly, Fortran was unable to be saved from his burrow and died of his injuries.
  • Early Winter 2768 - Bought a wher egg from a merchant at the Gather. From it hatched White Ciasesk.
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Fri Jan 18, 2019 4:36 am

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NAME: Ciask
BIRTHDATE: Summer of 2766
AGE: 2 as of Summer of 2768



LENGTH: 17 ft
HEIGHT: 5.5 ft
HEX CODE: #b89663
Ciask is a little bit on the tall side, though she is not the tallest gold that can be found. She only stands at about five feet and five inches in height, which seems to compliment her handlers own stature. In fact, Ciask is only half an inch shorter than Ciaselai. But length wise, she is at seventeen feet even. Between her height and her length, Ciask seems to have a hard time getting through some openings, just because she has to be careful for if Ciaselai is upon her back at the time as well. She looks like a muscular wher, and that would be true, though not every part of her looks muscular, there are muscles there, they just aren't as defined as the ones on her legs.

Her coloring is a mixture of bright and dark for a gold. Most of her body is covered in a medium shading of a yellow-gold, while her underbelly, tips of her wings, and the tops of her wings are a creamy gold coloring. From the tip of her tail to the tip of her nose, there are small little dots, these dots are almost a pale gold color. Her wings and the length of her underbelly seem to have this little square design that matches the creamy gold color of her underbelly and wings tips.

STRENGTHS: Optimistic, Imaginative, Ambitious, Caring
WEAKNESSES: Dependent, Timid, Anxious, Jealous

LIKES: Having Her Headknobs Scratched
DISLIKES: Being Scared

Her imagination seems to tie right in with her handlers creativity and artistic views. If she knows that Ciaselai is having some sort of "block" as her handler called it, then she will try to think of a place that they knew that could help with the creativity. But her imagination can easily be beat out by her timid nature if someone else is to come by. It only takes her a few minutes to go from timid, to anxious, then completely jealous if this other person is taking all of Ciaselai's time and attention from her. It isn't that she is an attention hog, it is just because she is completely dependent of her handler, and she doesn't want to get lost or lose her, to anyone.

She has a lot of optimism though that she likes to share with everyone whom she trusts. If you are having a bad day, or fear something will happen, she will try her best to give you a brighter outlook. She wants to be able to help all, but most of all, she just likes to have happy people and whers around her. She does this because she is caring of how her friends feel, and she wants to try and keep you happy. If you want to get on this golds good side and quickly, then just ask if she wants a scratch behind the ear. That little trick will always gain you a friendship with her.

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NAME: Ciasesk
BIRTHDATE Early Winter 2768
AGE: 0 as of 2768

LENGTH: 11ft
COLOR: White
HEX CODE: #bbb3af
A lean, frightening wher. Ciasesk is the White Rider indeed. With an ivory-colored and near-iridescent hide, Ciasesk looks much leaner than a wher should, built to sprint instead of run long distances. Their markings are what make them monstrous. A dark gray, near black skull marking covers their face, and large eyespots track down their sides to the tail. They do not actually blink, but it could be simple enough to believe that this wher is really some elder horror. There is no way this wher will run marathons, but in short bursts it'll be hard to catch them.

A great conqueror is coming. Ciasesk is very much a bold conqueror of men. Maybe it comes with their frightening appearance, knowing that they are intimidating. This does not effect their siblings by any means, but Ciasesk has a commanding presence. They prefer the moonlight over any other sort of light, and are very strictly nocturnal. This wher will not be functional in the daylight hours. There is nothing there will be that is more terrible than this wher when they are focused, for there is almost nothing that will stop them, save for Glaisk.

To their bonded, Ciasesk is focused on their job. And only their job. This is a relationship of convenience. One of functionality. There is no real need for camaraderie, there is just the work, and there is world to conquer. They will pressure their bonded to seize what opportunities they can to add to power, expand their influence, and become as strong as possible. Their manipulations do not work on their siblings.

Voice: A low, hissing voice, Ciasesk sounds like a whisper in a cave, echoing and strong.
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Wed Mar 06, 2019 7:55 pm



NAME: Nanami
BIRTHDATE Early Fall 2768
AGE: 0 as of 2768

COLOR: Green
The majority of her body seems to be this lime green color, while she does have some darker green markings. These dark green markings are just stripes that appear on certain parts of her body. She has them on her neck and tail, while her back legs have two stripes at the top of them and her front legs just have her paws being covered in this green color. She is a small firelizard and will stay that way her entire life, but she loves this small size of her's. She is agile and strong, for she seems to be able to fly fast, semi-long, and agile-like through the Weyr.

Easily Flustered, Full of attitude, Active, loves to lay on Ciask
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