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Onnora of Blue Olarith

Sat Jan 19, 2019 6:00 pm

Onnora of Blue Olarith

"things happen for a reason, even if we don't want them to"


RETIRE INFO: Retire rider/ Adopt Dragon
NAME: Onnora
GENDER: Female
PRONOUNS: she/her/hers
ORIENTATION: Heterosexual

BIRTHDATE: Autumn of 2746
AGE: 21 as of 2768
LOCATION: Semaca Weyr

EYES: Hazel
HAIR: Long and brown
HEIGHT AND BUILD: 5'5" - Slender
PLAY-BY: Ashley Greene
She stands at five feet and five inches tall and doesn't look like she should weigh much at all because of how slender her body looks. Ever since the hatching that she was mauled at, and impressed to Olarith, she has had a scar on the right arm. This was one of the deepest cuts that she received and she tries to hide this scar, for it is a daily reminder to her and Olarith that their impression didn't happen as it should have. Her hazel eyes can usually be seen covered by her long brown hair when she is focused on something, for she doesn't seem to notice her hair actually getting into her face.

STRENGTHS: Determined, Loving, Cheerful, Loyal
WEAKNESSES: Stubborn, Hesitant, Distracted, Passive

The first thing that will ever be remembered of this girl is her stubbornness. It showed during the hatching where she was mauled, and it shows still to this day. If she feels that she has somewhere or someone else that needs her attention, she will do what she feels that she needs to do. She will even argue until she gives up, just because she doesn't like to be told what to do when she feels like she shouldn't have to do it. This stubbornness seems to stem from her overwhelming sense of determination. Once she sets her mind to something, she will see it through, and she won't give up at all.

But ever since her mauling, she has become a bit hesitant against new things, and hatchings. She fears that she will get attacked again, and she doesn't want to relive that, nor does she want Olarith to have to relive his pain as well. But her being hesitant does not apply to her bonded, she still tries daily to try and bring him back to his old self. Instead, she shows him, and those she knows that she can trust, all the love that she can hold within her. With her love, she can show her cheerful attitude. This cheer can be said to come in over abundance or just be a little annoying, especially if she tries to make you just as cheerful as her. No matter what happens between her and a friend, she will always be loyal to them.

She is extremely passive and hates any kind of fights. She will argue, but she knows when she has lost, but she can't stand to be in a physical fight, or even see a physical fight. But she can be easily distracted, especially by Olarith. If she finds something that catches her eye as interesting, she will focus on that. But the moment that Olarith needs her, her attention fully goes on him and won't change unless she thinks he is okay.

Father: Onigal (JM healer; 2717)
Mother: Dyanora (JM harper; 2722)
Sister: Anoni of Blue Cermurith
Brother: Ondyn of green Ondynsk

Onnora was born to a happy family at Fort Hold. She was the daughter of two journeyman crafters, one being a healer and the other a harper. She had two older siblings as well to look up to. She stayed kind of close to her family when she would hear of things going badly, but one thing that she wanted to do, was be like her older sister Anoni in a way. When she was thirteen, her older sister had left to become a dragon candidate, and this peaked the interest of Onnora as well. She was just jealous that her sister got to go first, but that was just because she was just a few turns younger than her.

Onnora knew that she had to wait her turn, and even though her parents kept asking her to join a craft, she declined. She didn't want to get distracted from her true goal, becoming a dragonrider. She had a feeling that her parents just didn't understand because they weren't riders themselves, but after she kept denying their requests of her joining a craft, they finally let up. But once she turned fifteen, she left with a searchrider for Fort Weyr. She had hopes that while she was there, she would get to see her sister, and she did. They shared nearly everything together, chores and lessons, but they didn't get to share a room in the barracks.

But even still, she was getting bored of being at Fort Weyr, and when she heard that Semaca Weyr was accepting transfers from candidates, she put her transfer in. That happened when she turned eighteen. From there, she had to make new friends and forge new alliances, but her ultimate goal was to try and become a dragonrider still. Not long after she had transferred, did the other Weyrs start to donate clutches to Semaca. But even for those touchings and those hatchings, she never felt the Reaching that she was told she could feel when she found her egg.

She even watched as Gold Nuuth rejected her children. This was horrifying so when the dragons of Semaca tried to drive her out, she was happy. That was something she didn't think any child should feel, human or dragonkin. Things seemed to stay quiet, until Gold Nebulaeth had her maiden flight, and laid her own healthy clutch of twelve eggs. When the Touching came for that clutch, she felt her Reaching, and it was with the Alpha Ursae Egg. Since she knew that that egg was going to be hers, she couldn't wait for the hatching to happen. But when it did happen, she didn't expect it to be so...traumatic.

TW for Blood and Injuries

The hatching started off wonderfully and peaceful. The first four eggs to hatch were all greens! Onnora wasn't going to admit it aloud, but she half wondered if there was going to be any other color that actually hatched, but that was when the white hatched and proved that there were other colors in this clutch, even if just one at the moment. But everything changed when the sixth dragon hatched, a metallic blue. This blue was beautiful to look at, but not for Onnora. The moment the blue seemed to lay its eyes on her, it wasn't happy with her, and she didn't understand what was going on, until the blue hatchling was upon her.

He had leapt forward and onto Onnora with a force she didn't think hatchlings could have. His teeth and claws were digging into Onnora's limbs, flailing and thrashing. He clawed through her clothing and her flesh, leaving nothing unharmed really. But as soon as he jumped off of her, he had impressed. But she didn't see this, all she really felt was the pain from the scratches, that was when she had the Weyr's healers around her. They were trying to force her off of the stands, but she didn't want to leave, not until her egg hatched. But they were adamant, and she was stubborn. She was on the sands, bleeding and in pain, but ignoring that, she fought with the healers.

She didn't want her dragon to go between she so really didn't want to leave the stands. During her arguing with the healers, she missed the four dragons who had hatched after the blue that attacked her. None of that mattered to her, she didn't want to risk her dragon dying. The healers kept trying to tell her that the hatchling, if it was to choose her, wouldn't necessarily go between because there were other candidates there that it could impress upon. After hearing that, she gave in and agreed to leave, but right as she was getting ready to leave with the healers, she felt the pull at the back of her mind. That was when her egg hatched. She didn't see the blue come out of it, but she felt him meld with her mind. She felt him go from happy and charming to instantly in pain.

That was when she heard his terrified and pained keening fill the sands. Someone had grabbed Olarith and brought him to her and they were both escorted from the sands. But she herself didn't know that damage that she had done to Olarith by waiting and being stubborn, that was, until she started to heal, and it seemed like he didn't. His personality didn't feel the same as it had when he first hatched, now it felt protective and guarded. He was constantly scared and anxious, which did not help Onnora's healing, because she was just as scared and anxious as him. But her scratches did heal and they were able to go to their weyrling lessons, just late, and with her bond not acting as he probably should have.
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NAME: Olarith
AGE: 1 as of 2768

LENGTH: 37 ft
WINGSPAN: 56.5 ft
HEX CODE: #004191
FULL APPEARANCE: Olarith is…well…blue. From a distance, it would be easy to write him off as, frankly, pretty average. Just a nice, standard blue of medium color and above-average size. But come closer and it will become apparent he is lovely. While he’s not the flashiest blue in the weyr, he is leanly muscled and his medium-blue hide is shot through with subtle variations, like sunlight in the water, that give him the illusion of iridescence when the light hits just right. If one looks closely, his wings seem to be colored with stars.

PERSONALITY: Due to the traumatic circumstances of his impression, Olarith is genuinely traumatized. It will take time (several months at the very least) for his true personality to shine through, instead of being scared, anxious, and overly protective.

Olarith, if you ask him, is the dashing rogue of his family. He is absolutely addicted to the spotlight, and he is convinced that he is the handsomest dragon on all of Pern. It is hard to convince him of otherwise, and his siblings just kind of let him do his thing. He will perch himself on high places and announce his presence loudly to everyone in the area, usually using flowery words. He is remarkably dainty, his movements rather light and delicate despite how he poses himself as a powerful, strong creature. He is the best and the brightest, there's no denying that... in his mind anyways.

To his rider, Olarith is stubbornly loyal. He is a guiding light, even if he is over the top and a bit of a theatrical trainwreck. But there is a charm to him and how he just is, without any sort of subterfuge or lies. He is a pure sort of dragon, in love with the idea of just being a devilishly dashing hero. He is sweet, he really is, even if he might be wrapped up in his own fanciful image of himself from time to time.

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