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Jonaiali of White Alisath

Thu Feb 21, 2019 9:10 am

Jonaiali of White Alisath

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RETIRE INFO: Retire Rider | Adopt Dragon
NAME: Jonaiali
GENDER: Female
PRONOUNS: She/Her/Hers
ORIENTATION: Heterosexual

BIRTHDATE: Early Fall of 2741
AGE: 27 as of Early Fall of 2768
LOCATION: High Reaches
OCCUPATION: Apprentice Tailor || Whiterider
WING: Starfall Wing

EYES: Brown
HAIR: Long and Reddish-Brown
HEIGHT AND BUILD: 4'5" - Slender
PLAY-BY: Kim So-eun
Milky white skin covers her entire body while her build is slender. She has red-brown hair that falls just below her shoulder blades and is naturally wavy. There aren't curls in her hair, but just little waves that seem to bounce a little when she moves. She has proportioned deep brown eyes that seem to give away her emotions. Her slender build hides her muscles, which she doesn't seem to mind at all. She does have muscles on her arms and legs, but only her calves seem to have muscles be seen a little bit. She normally likes to wear white clothing, just because it seems to accent her skin tone. Her hair will be down almost all the time, unless there is something important going on or she is bathing and oiling Alisath.

Likes: Being Busy, Traveling, Adventures, Family
Dislikes: Standing Still, Doing Things Wrong, Forgetting Things, Politics

Strengths: Strong-Willed, Loyal, Family Oriented, Kind
Weaknesses: Impatient, Blunt, Brutally Honest, Grudge Holder

She wants to be able to do what she wants, and if she can't, well, she will find a way. She doesn't like to be told that she has to sit in one spot and wait, she would rather go out and about and try to find things that might help. She loves to go on adventures, and she will drag Alisath with her. But one thing that she cherishes more than anything, is her family and Alisath. She loves to get things done when they need to be done, but she hates doing them wrong. If she finds that she has done something wrong the first time, then she will go back and redo it just so that it can be correct in the end game.

But no matter what is going on, she hates to wait and being kept waiting. Patience was not a virtue that she seemed to have gathered, and it is quite obvious to see in how she acts while waiting. She will tap her foot impatiently, or after a while, she will see about hunting down the person who is keeping her waiting, just so that they can get moving. She is blunt with how she talks, for she doesn't like things to be softened when she is spoken to, so she doesn't soften her words for others. But no matter what you may do to her to get back on her good side if you do her or her family wrong, she will hold a grudge against you.

She won't actively make you remember what you did, but she defiantly won't forget. She is a lot like Alisath when it comes to politics, but she does one thing that the dragon can't, she tunes them out by humming songs in her head. She will even push these songs into Alisath's head to help the white, but she knows that it doesn't always work. She does have a soft and kind side to her, it just takes a lot for a new person to see it. Mainly just her family and Alisath gets to see her kind side, and this is because she is loyal to them and she will always show them her love.

Maiali - Mother, Greenrider
Jonanji - Father, Bluerider
Minji - Younger Sister, Bluerider
NameHere - Older Brother, Dragonrider
BIRTHPLACE: High Reaches Weyr

Being born on a Weyr to two dragon riders meant that she was to be raised in the Creche. That is exactly what had happened to, she was born, weaned, and sent to the creche. She doesn't remember much of this time, nor does she remember when her younger sister came to join her in the creche a turn later. When she and her brother were five and six, her brother is a turn older than her, they helped take care of Minji, since she was a turn younger than Jonaiali. Much isn't remembered from her childhood, except for her Harper lessons in the Creche.

The first thing she truly remembers, or so she claims, is when she joined the Tailor craft. She didn't know at the age of twelve on if she wanted to become a dragonrider like her parents or not. So, to kind of help her make up her mind, she became an apprentice. She seemed to enjoy it, making clothing and cloths. It was something to keep her busy and out of the hands of trouble. Her older brother became a candidate when she turned fourteen. Seeing him become a candidate made her think more on what she wanted to really be.

When she turned fifteen turns, she made her decision and she became a candidate just like her brother. The next turn, her sister joined her in candidacy and it seemed to keep the family whole. Their first standing for that turn though, Minji and Jonaiali impressed. It was truly amazing really. Her sister, Minji, impressed upon Blue Haurchefath, and Jonaiali, well, she impressed upon White Alisath. There is going to be talk of politics. I hate that talk. I am hungry and perhaps we can escape before the talk.

Right off the bat, the two connected by the similarities that they had, and they knew of the differences that they needed to work on. For two turns, they focused on their training and lessons. They wanted to do the best that they could, and they proved that they could. When they graduated their weyrling training, they were put into the Starfall Wing. But this did not mean that they were appreciated. There was so much hate on certain colors, and even though whites had been around for a bit, it didn't subject them to hate.

If you didn't ride a metallic color it seemed that you didn't truly matter in the eyes of the Weyrwoman. But because the two hated the politics around them already, this attitude just seemed to amplify it. It made them work harder to prove that they could do what metallics could do, even if Alisath couldn't clutch. But when High Reaches was declared Peacekeepers and peoples started to leave, it was of no true surprise when her parents left for Telgar Weyr with the others. Jonaiali was tempted to go with them, but she wasn't going to leave her brother and sister.

But when a war was declared, Jonaiali almost left the Weyr. She didn't want to be around for that, but she had a duty to the Weyr and to her family. She wasn't going to abandon them. So she and Alisath stuck it out and lived thorugh the delcaration, but when the first attack on Fort Weyr was given, they had lost nearly two full wings of people. She wasn't part of the attack, she had been tasked with staying at High Reaches and protecting their home. She knew that things had gone horribly though when the remaining greens and blues came home talking of their surrender.

This seemed to just anger Golre, and made the Weyrwoman lead the final attack on Fort Weyr. Only Vizeth and the bronzes were able to go, and this didn't seem to bother Jonaiali much at all. She stayed home and did what she needed to do. When the word came that the entire party had been killed, including Golre and Vizeth, she didn't know what to feel. Sure, it was because of how Golre ran things that made Alisath and Jonaiali feel like outsiders, but now, they didn't have a Weyrwoman at all.

It took two turns for someone to finally be elected and Jonaiali kept to herself on it. Jonaiali knew that a greenrider as the Senior Weyrwoman couldn't exactly mean all the best, but ever since Golre died, the colorist views that had been going on seemed to die down along with. This made the pair happy, for it meant that they didn't need to feel so out of place anymore. The turns started to pass, with the normal Threadfall and the normal political problems that they wanted to stay out of. But when a anti-gold greenrider, Anaiya of Green Adasheth, became the new Senior Weyrwoman, things seemed to be a little rocky.

The new Weyrwoman didn't like golds at all it seemed, and it made it hard for a gold to be brought to High Reaches. But Jonaiali minded her own business with Alisath and they worked on their drills. In her down time, she even started to pick back up on her tailor work, knowing fully well that nothing would truly come of it since she enjoyed being with Alisath more than the craft hall. She is still considered an apprentice, but she is mainly just doing her old tailor work as a hobby now, since she still does want to focus on her dragonrider responsibilities. But now, they are watching new dragons hatch and grow up, wondering if things are going to change again.
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NAME: Alisath
BIRTHDATE Late Summer 2757
AGE: 11 as of Early Fall 2768

LENGTH: 25 ft
HEIGHT: 6.3 ft
COLOR: White
HEX CODE: #616C76
Sitting on the small side of the size scale for whites, she is one to hold that to her advantage. She is a white dragon with multiple shades of gray along her hide. On her front legs and upper back and neck, she seems to have this gray coloration that makes a design. This design makes two little circles on her forehead while her back is mostly the gray color, except for a few parts that seems to make that same circle design in three place son each side of her neck. Her front legs are just the solid gray color, that seems to end in a crescent like manner just before her legs connect to her body, while her front feet seem to have a v-shape on them as if she were wearing sandals. Her wings are a dark gray color except for down by the tips of them, creating a fire like design on them. She doesn't hold many visible muscles, but she is a strong flier, as well as a speedy one.

Alisath is a dragon who will stick to what she wants and believes. Her will is strong, and she likes to hold to that. If someone tries to deter her from what she wants to do, or thinks is best, it doesn't normally work. Even when her twin, Alphinauth, jumps in, she sometimes listens. It isn't until Alphinauth and Jonaiali tell her that she shouldn't do it that she doesn't. She doesn't trust too many outsiders though. She has the strange feeling that they really only do things for themselves. She can even say this about some of her other clutch mates. She just knows that for sure, Alphinauth is not this way, which is why she trusts him with her life.

She can be emotional though. Her mind will make her jump to conclusions that can and will be determined by the current emotions that fill her mind. Her emotional state of mind can cloud her mind, depending on who she is getting emotional over. This ties in with the compassion that she feels towards others. She wants to help them, so she tries to. She might not like the task, but she will try to make do with getting it done in a timely manner. That is mainly so she can be done and over with with the horrid task as she will call it.

One thing that will always be seen about her, she hates politics. She doesn't want to be near them and she doesn't want to hear about them. She really prefers to never be in politics. She hates politics mainly because of the different sides that they can bring out in others. If she wanted to be near a person who hated a certain dragon color or gender, then she would make it known. But she actively tries to stay out and away from politics. Even still, she can be full of humor. She loves to laugh and jest with others, but there is one certain someone who she loves picking on the most, her twin, Alphinauth.

She will tease her brother almost the entire time that she is near him. She loves to jest with him and tease him, it just seems to be apart of her love for her twin. But along with this jesting, she hates being compared to him. She already knows that she is his twin, she doesn't need to be reminded of it daily by either being confused for him, or by being compared to him. If she wanted to be the exact same dragon as Alphinauth, she would act like him.
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