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Daleki of White Dalesk

Tue Mar 19, 2019 8:05 am

Daleki of White Dalesk

"things must get done, or things will go wrong"


RETIRE INFO: Retire both
NAME: Daleki
GENDER: Female
PRONOUNS: She/Her/Hers
ORIENTATION: Heterosexual

BIRTHDATE: Winter 2735
AGE: 32 as of 2768
LOCATION: High Reaches
OCCUPATION: White Handler || Assistant Wherlingmaster
WING: Sunburst Squad

EYES: Blue-Gray
HAIR: Long and brown
HEIGHT AND BUILD: 5'6" and slender
PLAY-BY: Alexandra Daddario
Daleki has long brown hair that is naturally straight and tends to be pulled back so it is out of her face. The only real time that her hair is down is for special occasions like hatching feasts and graduation parties. She has almond shaped blueish-gray eyes. The color of her eyes really depends on the light that is hitting them. In the shade, they tend to look more gray, while in the light, they have more hints of blue in them. Her build may be slender, but she does have some muscle. This muscle is just hidden and not defined, but it mainly lies in her arms and legs.

She tends to dress causally and in neutral colors, but more on the light side. She doesn't want to wear white, because that will stain easily, but she feels that by wearing light colored clothing, she can still accent the white on Dalesk's hide. There is something that is always in her pocket though, and that is the goggles for Dalesk. She likes to have these on hand, just in the off chance that her wher wants to be curious and investigate something in the daylight.

Independence seems to be the life blood of this woman. She doesn't want to have to depend on anyone but herself and Dalesk. She knows that having help is a good thing, but she does like to try and do things on her own. She is just as serious as she is dependent though. Yes, she does like humor, but she is not going to laugh at things if they are said at inappropriate times. She will hold work above joking around and she will be sure to always show a serious face during important events, unless she feels like she can relax.

She will hold the leadership that she is given, and she will even give pointers to someone who is a leader over her. She won't try to take over, but she will help. She wants to help others learn to be the leader that they want to be, so she doesn't try to take it away. She is loyal to Dalesk and the Weyr. She will always hold their safety first and she will always be there when she is needed, and even when she isn't needed. But it is her hard-working attitude that tends to leave her a bit drained.

She wants to be be sure that things go perfectly and according to plan, so she will work herself until the job is done. She will give extra lessons to those who feel like they need it, and she will always be willing to show them what they need to do and how to do it. She is straightforward and to the point though when she is teaching things or just working. She doesn't like to beat around the bush and she just wants things done correctly. This tends to go with her resilience because she tends to overcome whatever is thrown at her.

She can be given the worst job in the world, and she will still do everything that she can to get things done. She is passive in her ways though, for she doesn't want to fight, nor does she particularly believe in fighting. She would rather settle things with words than with fists or physical fights. But the worst thing about her is, is that she won't ask for help, even if she knows that she needs it. If someone wants to help her, it is normally best to just jump in and start doing something that she isn't doing, but she needs to get done.

She can overwhelm herself and sometimes even overwork herself by not asking for help. She doesn't seem to see it this way. She can't even follow someone really without thinking that she knows that the leader is doing it wrong. She will mutter corrections under her breath and she will just not listen to things that she thinks are wrong. Dalesk gets on for her this, and that seems to be the only reason why she still follows, without speaking out against things. She really hates to be stuck following someone who is younger than her, even if their wher is older than Dalesk. Something about it just agitates her mind.

Daina - Mother, Apprentice Weaver
Likanor - Father, Apprentice Tailor
Anaika - Sister
Karino - Brother
Narika - Sister
Keroon Hold seemed to be peaceful at the time when Daleki was born. Her mother was an apprentice weaver while her father was an apprentice tailor. Life seemed to be moderatly fair to her and her siblings. Daleki is the youngest of the family, so she had her older siblings to look up to and to follow around. Once she was older and was able to fully understand things, she started her Harper lessons. Something about all of the lessons of the past and how things are seemed to make her want to help make a difference, but she knew that as a Holder there was probably no way that she could even do that really.

But the other thing that she seemed to be keen on was watching her mother work. It was interesting, and she loved how the stitching would go and look when it was completed. This prompted her into trying to get her mother to teach her minor skills when she turned eight. Of course, since her mother was part of the craft, she could have become an apprentice then, but she didn't want to. She wanted to see how she liked it, because she even tried her father's craft as well. She also wanted to continue to work on her Harper lessons, just so that she could know all of the lore and history of Pern.

But when she turned twelve, she got bored of just her lessons, and she decided to join her mother's craft hall. That was how she became an apprentice Tailor. She went to her lessons for the Hall and for the Harpers, every day. She seemed happy and glad to have something to do. She was only part of the craft for three turns though, before a searchrider had found her. She talked to her mother at the craft hall before she left, just so that her parents knew that she was happy to go. She didn't know much on dragons, but she knew a bit on the whers, so she hoped that it would be of the same concept.

But as she went to the candidate lessons at Igen Weyr, she started to learn that it was not the same. She was determined to learn to enjoy it, but she just..didn't. When she was seventeen, she learned that she could become a Wher Candidate. She quickly asked for that candidacy transfer, just so that she could feel more comfortable. This was more her speed and style. Something she knew more about. But there didn't seem to be too many candidates for the Whers. She went to the hatchings for them, and the mother whers didn't seem to deem her appropriate for their eggs.

She didn't mind too much, she was willing to patiently wait for it to be her turn. For ten turns, she sat through this, and endured this. She was told that she could just buy a wher egg, but that wasn't how she wanted to do it. She wanted to know that the Wher mother trusted her enough to give her an egg. She she continued to wait and during her lessons, her leadership potential started to show. But when she turned twenty-seven a hatching happened and she was given this small baby pink egg. The egg was really tiny, so she knew there wasn't a Queen wher in it. To be honest with herself and everyone else, she was grateful for that. When the egg did hatch, from it came a small white wher. Food now. Names later. Hungry. That was what she was told after she had smeared her blood on the wherlet's face for the impression.

From there, the pair went on to their Wherling lessons and they showed that they could be great leaders, even for Dalesk being a white. It wasn't until Daleki turned thirty-one that this leadership potential was shown, for she was made an Assistant Wherlingmaster for Igen Weyr. She and Dalesk took this promotion and position with pride and respect. They did their job, even when they heard of all of the political downfalls that were happening else where. But the next turn, they had heard that High Reaches Weyr was in need for an Assistant Wherlingmaster, so they offered to transfer.

Igen Weyr already had another pair who wanted to be able to prove themself as an assistant wherlingmaster, so having them transfer wasn't going to damage their leadership ranks. When the transfer was approved they quickly packed their things, and are now new residents at High Reaches Weyr. Of course, they are still learning their way around, but they know that they will be able to hold true to their role, for they won't back down.
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Tue Mar 19, 2019 8:05 am

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BIRTHDATE Fall of 2762
AGE: 6 as of 2768

LENGTH: 11.9 ft
HEIGHT: 4.70 ft
COLOR: White
HEX CODE: #a19ca9
Dalesk is a large white wher. He has a solid white base, but upon this base there are some purple-gray shadow looking markings. These markings seem to look like slow moving waves upon his belly and the base of his tail. All of his legs, except for the front left one, has this shadowed color on it. This makes his legs look like they are wearing shadows on them, while the one non-colored one shows his true white color. His neck is even colored with this shadow color making it look slightly darker and more purple like than his head. He is muscular though, and this shows everywhere. His muscles are defined almost all over his entire body, which seems to still fit perfectly under his riding leathers.

Dalesk doesn't seem to really have a sense of humor. He knows what is funny, but he doesn't show it. If he does find something funny, he will give a short and curt rumble to mimic a small laugh that a human can give. He can be sarcastic with how he speaks to others, especially if they are doing something that they shouldn't be doing. His sarcastic remarks know no bounds though, for they can and will be directed at everyone.

He is focused when he is working on something though, for her wants it done right the first time. This goes for when he is teaching others as well, because they need to learn this focus, even if they don't truly hold on to it. His focus seems to help him be the leader that he feels he should be, for he will think out detailed plans before sending someone out or having Daleki send someone out. But he can be a bit impulsive, especially when he sees something shiny.

Shiny things at night seem to catch his eye very quickly, because to him, they are rare. Of course, Daleki has tried explaining otherwise, but he won't listen to that. When he is thinking about plans or something to teach, he will contemplate on it. He wants to make sure that the thought is well thought out, so it takes him a minute or two to actually make these plans. But his planning is happening all the time.

Even when he is not working, he is working. He likes to have a plan for the next day, and then a plan for in case something goes wrong. He tends to work so hard at times though, that he just falls right to sleep when the day is done for him. But this does not stop him from trying to press his influence on someone when they are doing something wrong. he knows that as a white, he won't be able to truly influence anyone, but that doesn't mean that he won't try to, just to keep someone safe.

He can be discreet when he is like this, or when he is trying to tell someone something private. If he feels that the entire weyr shouldn't know what he wants to say, then he won't say it loud enough for everyone. He can also use Daleki to transfer some words, just so that he can be sure that it is in safe hands, so to say.
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Tue Mar 19, 2019 8:12 am

IC Information
What type of candidate is your character: Wher

What color/s does your character want?: Anything but gold
Does your character have any personality preferences or concerns?: She would like something that compliments herself and Dalesk, while perhaps showing a little bit of a challenge.
Does your character have any other preferences or concerns?: She would prefer to never have to deal with being bonded to a gold. She doesn't think that she would have the sanity to be bonded to a gold and attempt to still be Assisstant Wherlingmaster

OOC Information
If your character is a dual candidate IC, do you have a strong preference on whether they Impress dragon or wher?: N/A

What color(s) are you willing for your character to impress to?: Anything but gold
Do you have any personality preferences or concerns?: I would love for them to have a challenge. As Assistant Wherlingmaster, they need to know how to personally work with all personality types, and it would be awesome for them to be bonded to a challenge.
Do you have any other preferences or concerns?: A challenge is great, but perhaps not a challenge that will make Daleki want to rip her hair out. The new bond should want to work with her, even if just a little.
Why do you think these choice/s would be a good fit?: Daleki is a woman who needs a challenge and feels like she needs to prove herself. With another wher that is a challenge for her, she should be able to overcome that feeling.

Do you have any preferences about the conditions of your character’s impression?: Take as long as you wish to make her the perfect match!
Are you alright with your character getting hurt? What injury level is acceptable/what should be avoided?: Anything short of death is acceptable. Scars are encouraged.

Is there anything you will ABSOLUTELY NOT accept?: Gold
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