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Milasia of Blue Misk

Thu Mar 28, 2019 1:16 pm

Milasia of Blue Misk

"they say 'stick and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me', but they do hurt me"


RETIRE INFO: Retire both
NAME: Milasia
GENDER: Female
PRONOUNS: She/Her/Hers
ORIENTATION: Heterosexual

BIRTHDATE: Winter of 2735
AGE: 33 as of Fall of 2768
LOCATION: Semaca Weyr
OCCUPATION: Bluehandler || Journeywoman Beastcrafter
WING: Chopin Squad

EYES: Brown
HAIR: Long and brown
HEIGHT AND BUILD: 5'6" and Slender
PLAY-BY: Hailee Stanfield
She has a soft box-shaped face with almond shaped eyes that are brown in color. Around her face falls her naturally straight long dark brown hair. She normally will wear her hair down so it has free reign of movement, but when she is working, she has it pulled back so it is out of her way. She also likes to wear it up in a sort of bun shape when there is some kind of special occasion that she is getting ready for. She does have thick brown eyebrows that seem to be unruly and slightly hard to control.

She is five feet and six inches in height, which she refuses to wear any kind of shoes that make her look taller. She likes being the height that she is. But her build is slender, while still seeming to show curves. She does have muscles in her legs that are defined, and this is mainly because she is one who will chase after something. All of the running that she does is how these muscles were made and defined in her legs. But there seem to be no muscles to be seen in her arms, and this is because they aren't defined at all.

Her dress style though seems to depend on the day. No matter what she is wearing, she will always have some sort of shade of blue on her outfit, just because she loves to wear it to accent Misk. She will wear dresses or skirts during special occasions, and shirts and pants during her normal days. She will wear sandals while in dresses and skirts, but she will wear boots while she is in her pants. She feels that the boots will be best for her while she is working, so they are always on during that time.

Over all, she is a calm woman. She likes to think practically and rationally, which tends to make her seem a bit more calm than she might be during a stressful situation. Her calmness seems to transfer into Misk and Goldie, which helps keep her two bonds calm and refrain from causing havoc. But she is over-sensitive, and by a lot. Just a simple statement about how she looks or how she acts that can be mean, and she will start to cry. She doesn't like to be bullied, but with how sensitive that she is, it can be common. She hasn't found a way to overcome her sensitivity.

She can be hesitant in doing new things that she hasn't done ever before. This is because she is scared to do it really. She doesn't know how she is supposed to act or what she is supposed to do, and it stresses her out a bit. She tries to just walk in and do something, just because she knows that she needs to overcome this, but it does not always work for her. But she is practical with how she thinks. She doesn't like to rush into things, because she wants to be able to know how she can get something done right. Or because she wants to be able to show that you don't have to be irrational or non-practical when working on things quickly.

She has a ton of determination in her though. This is mainly because she knows that she can do something, and well, she wants to show that she can do it. She wants to be able to prove that you don't have to be special to do something. Her determination tries to come into when she does new things, but even still, at that moment, she can be hesitant still. But when she sees someone in need, she will drop what she is doing to help them. She is extremely selfless with how she places others above herself. She wants to make sure that the most amount of people and creatures live, which is why she will always put herself last.

Sarin - Father, Journeyman Beastcrafter
Lamisy - Mother, Journeyman Beastcrafter
Ar'lon - Older Brother, Dragonrider
Isnoria - Younger Sister, Candidate
Keroon Hold was the home of a medium sized Beastcrafter family. First it started with mother and father, who were both Journeymen, then you started to get into the children. Milasia had an older brother who was two turns older than her, and it made for interesting times on making sure that the pair didn't spook any of the livestock on purpose while playing. There was the accidental stuff, but that couldn't always be stopped. When Milasia was three, she had a younger sister be born to the family, and it was said that Isnoria was going to be the last child for they didn't want to many children.

At the time Milasia didn't understand, and she didn't want to. Instead, she wanted to play with her brother and sister. She was eight when her brother stopped being able to play with her, and that was because he was a Beastcrafter apprentice now. She knew that it was going to be her turn to join in two turns, so, she focused on playing with her sister to make sure that Isnoria didn't feel so alone. But those two turns seemed to go by quickly and soon, Milasia was ten turns and she was an Apprentice Beastcrafter as well. She felt bad for leaving her sister without her normal playmate, but she was enjoying her time working with her mother and father and learning with her brother.

Of course, they didn't get to do much, just mainly mucked out the stalls and put feed down, but it was still something. As she got older, she was able to start doing more with the beasts. She was able to start sheering them or checking their health. Of course, she wasn't a Beasthealer, but she was taught the basics from one of the beasthealers that worked beside her family. Her brother though, had been searched for the Weyr to become a candidate. Milasia felt the pang of loneliness at him leaving, but she knew that he was going to be just fine. When she turned seventeen turns, a green wher had a small clutch. She was asked if she wanted to stand for the clutch since she was of age, and she agreed. There were only three eggs, but the green mother gave Milasia one of them.

The egg she was given was a dark color, almost black, with some white and light blue specks on it. She found the shell to be adorable in a way. But what came from the shell, was the most handsome wher that she had ever seen. He was a dark blue color with lighter blue spots and specks all over him. The design looked amazing to her, and she loved it on him. She quickly cut her hand like she had been instructed to and she smeared her blood on the whers face, that was when she learned his name. Misk. Want food. That was the beginning of her new found wherling lessons with the two others.

Then, it was time for their wherling lessons. The green mother's handler was able to help in the lessons, as well as another wherhandler who was more skilled with teaching wherlings. These lessons went on for almost two turns, and Milasia was soon discovering that Misk wanted to be the dominate one of his siblings. When their lessons ended, she went back to the farm with her parents. With Misk's help, they were able to do more heavy lifting now, which made for daily chores to go by a bit faster. This went on for turns, and when she was twenty-five, she was able to walk the tables to become a Journeywoman Beastcrafter.

She honestly hadn't thought much on what she was going to specialize in, so right now, she has no true specialization. Instead, she is just focusing on on realms of the craft, even if she never masters one specific one. Four turns after her Journeywoman status, she found a lone egg. It looked like the rest of the nest that it was in had been ravaged by a wild animal, but one large egg managed to survive the attack. When the egg hatched, a gold firelizard came from it, and she happened to have some meat on her for the trip that she and Misk were on. She fed the firelizard some of it, and named her Goldie.

But life was starting to get boring while being at home, and she wanted to see what a Weyr was like. Sure, she could have gone to Igen Weyr, but the new Weyr, Semaca, seemed to be more appealing to herself and Misk. So, they transferred to their Beastcrafters division to help them. When they arrived, they had been assigned to the Pavane Squad. They didn't mind this and they helped during Threadfall as well as with the Beasts. But not a turn after transferring, a huge rain storm had hit the Weyr. The river had flooded over. Thankfully, they were able to get everyone to safety, and this included their livestock.

The Weyr's leadership made a new Squad just for those who wanted to focus on the rebuilding of the Weyr. Milasia figured that with her craft knowledge, she and Misk would be a great addition to this new squad, so they asked for their transfer so that they could focus on the rebuilding and care of the livestock.
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NAME: Misk
BIRTHDATE Spring 2756
AGE: 12 as of 2768

LENGTH: 12.1 ft
HEIGHT: 4.5 ft
The majority of this blue's coloring is dark, but then comes the design that he seems to adorn. Upon his hide, he has a mixture of light and medium blue colors, all of this seems to make a galaxy sort of look upon the blue. He does have one light blue patch over his left eye. He isn't the biggest blue that can be found, but he doesn't seem to mind his size. Instead, this small stature of his seems to hold more definition on the muscles that he earned from his hard work of working on the Beastfarm with Milasia. His small build seems to make it easy for him to get through doorways and small crevices, but it does restrict him in how much he can handle when moving and carrying things.

Misk tends to be a bit on the restless side of the personality spectrum. He really hates to sit still and not be doing something for a long period of time. To him, it is just a waste of time and something that just doesn't need to happen really. This restless nature seems to bring out his dominate side more than anything. This is because he wants to push his way into getting things moving, so that he isn't just sitting around getting fat as he likes to put it. His dominance can't seem to mask his naiveness though. This is mainly because Misk doesn't know everything, but he likes to try and think he does. This backfires on him when someone calls him out on it and he tries to give a fake answer.

But, no matter what is going on, he is optimistic. He likes to look on the brighter sides of things, and he will even try to make small jokes here and there to help brighten other peoples days. Sadness and depression is something that this blue hates to see on a daily basis, and he wants to fill that hole with happiness. He knows that it will take time, but his optimism is what keeps him going. He does have some smarts though, but it mainly comes down to street smarts. He can tell you the best way to move a Beast or the best way to get to something that is stuck. But he cannot, for the life of him, tell you what comes out of a book.

In the midst of something that needs a quick answer, he is there. Just it doesn't always seem to be the right answer or the best plan of action. He tries though. Sometimes, he speaks before he can fully think of what it is that he wants to do, which is what makes these bad ideas. But thankfully, during these times, he has Milasia to help build upon what he was trying to say.
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NAME: Goldie
BIRTHDATE Summer 2764
AGE: 4 as of 2768

Goldie is a bit on the large side for a gold. She still finds it easy to land upon Misk or Milasia's shoulder when she wants to get a free ride. Her large build seems to compliment the small build of Misk, helping him feel a little more bigger than he is. But her hide is that part that seems to shine. Her body is of a pale gold coloring, but the front of her chest and front legs are a darker gold color. This darker gold color can also be found on her nose, as well as the underside of her wings. It is the contrast between the dark and light that makes her feel like she shines, other than her being a gold of course.

There is a side of her that only Milaisa and Misk get to see. That is her compassionate side. She loves the two so much that she can't act mean or anything towards them. She is always help the pair with anything that she might be able to do. She is brave, and she shows this by just standing in the face of something that doesn't seem to like her. Sure, she might be scared, but she doesn't want to back down, especially if the danger is facing down Milasia. She will only truly flee when something tries to harm her herself, or when Misk or Milasia tell her to leave.

But even then, she is still hesitant in leaving, or just meeting new people. She tends to act cold and distrusting. Milasia still is unsure of why Goldie acts this way. Even with her cold and distrusting nature of new people, she doesn't act out to cause harm. She just won't be talkative or particularly happy to be touching someone else. She isn't a dumb firelizard, she tends to be smart in the things that she does, which helps her escape from things and situations easily.
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