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Lainna of Green Icolenth

Thu Mar 28, 2019 1:23 pm

Lainna of Green Icolenth

"how does one fail, without trying?"


RETIRE INFO: Retire Rider | Adopt Dragon
NAME: Lainna
GENDER: Female
PRONOUNS: She/Her/Hers
ORIENTATION: Heterosexual

BIRTHDATE: Fall of 2736
AGE: 32 as of 2768
OCCUPATION: Greenrider || Wingrider || Journeyman Dragonhealer
WING: Healer's Wing

EYES: Dark Brown
HAIR: Brown
HEIGHT AND BUILD: 5'5" || Slim
PLAY-BY: Minka Kelly
Long brown hair seems to wrap around her face with slight natural curls in them. But her hair seems to have some natural highlights in them, but these are mostly seen at the tips of her hair. These highlights are just a lighter shade of brown, that seem to compliment that darker shade that grows at the roots. She loves to wear her hair down and up, it all just depends on what she is actually doing at the time. When she is just walking around with no work to do, her hair is down and flowing behind her either in the wind, or bouncing as she walked. But when she is working or healing, her hair is pulled back so that it is out of her face and out of the way. She feels that this is safer, just so that she can be sure that she is constantly able to see without any kinds of distractions.

Her dressing style seems to compliment her slim build. She will wear dresses when there is a special occasion going on, but when she is working, she will wear a shirt and pants. This is because to her, the shirt and pants seem to be more flowing for if she has to run around. No matter what she is wearing though, she will either alternate between sandals for shoes, or boots. She doesn't like anything with a heal, because she feels that wearing heals and having to move fast is a way to get harmed. She loves to wear slightly darker colors with green accents on her outfits though. She does this as a way to accent the green that is on Icolenth's hide. She loves the green's coloring so much that she wanted to adopt it for herself.

When she sees someone in need, the first thing she does it go to help. She doesn't care what it is that she is helping with, but she will do it. She hates to see people struggle or to be harmed, which is why she became a Healer. But her helpful nature stretches into her caring. This is because she actually likes to be helpful and finds that it makes her a nicer person than some would believe. She loves to talk to people about themselves and how their day might be going. She will always put others before herself as well, even when she is hurt. She can be protective of everyone whom she meets though. This is mainly so that she can be sure that there is no harm done while she is around. She will make sure that remedies and instructions are followed. She will take the time to double check that a patient knows that treatment that they are doing and how to take care of their wounds if they don't want to return to the infirmary.

Everything that she owns has a place, and she likes to keep it there. This organization helps her quickly find the things that she needs in a time of stress or quick movements. But her organization makes things look perfect, which is how she likes them. All organized in a small stack that isn't too small, nor too large. She likes to make sure that everything looks the same and is organized in the same way. But this doesn't keep her from getting stressed easily. When things start to get fast paced and moving quickly, she tends to let the stress to get to her. She will try to take on more things that she can, and this overwhelms her just as much. The more she feels overwhelmed, the more stressed she becomes. If it weren't for Icolenth's support, she probably would have lost her head to her own stress.

Something that not most people see, but Icolenth really sees, is her scatter thoughts. She may have everything on the outside organized, but when it comes to the things in her brain, it takes her some time to get it sorted. She can be called a scatterbrain with how she thinks, because she will remember the least important thing while forgetting the most important, or visa versa. She tries to fix this by writing things down that she will need, but she can't always have that list with her.

Nigano - Father, Apprentice Healer
Laninaria - Mother, Journeyman Mindhealer
G'ric - Older Brother, Dragonrider
It was a household of healers that Lainna was born into, so there was no real surprised that she learned to love the craft growing up. But before she was able to do anything, she was sent to her Harper lessons with her older brother. She was always wanting to know more, but she was showing her kindness and letting others ask their questions first. Sometimes this would lead her to not having any questions, because she would forget them, or someone else has already asked them all. But when she turned eight, she was able to start working in the healer hall with her parents. She was excited for this, because it was what she really wanted.

For four turns, all she did for the Healer hall was follow around Journeyman Healers and help them with minor things. She didn't mind this, for it was still one of the best ways to learn, and well, she loved to help people. She was still learning everything that she needed to know for the basics as well, going to lessons and learning more about the different treatments and medicines. But there was something that was more intriguing to her at the time, and it was something that she wanted to ask questions about all the time. She wanted to be able to help all of the dragonkin, and she knew that specializing in Dragonhealing was going to be the only real best way to do so.

Two more turns had passed with her learning what she was able to, and it was noticed still that she wanted to learn everything about Dragonhealing. So one of the Master Healers and a couple of Journeyman Healers made arrangements for her to start helping with Firelizard patients. Of course, she was still unable to touch the firelizard in any way, but she was able to hand over tools or medicine that was needed. She was able to start to watch how they help even the smallest of dragonkin. When she asked why she was only able to help with Firelizards, she was informed that it was due to her age. For her safety, they didn't want her to work with dragons until she was of the age to be a candidate, which wouldn't be until she was about fifteen or sixteen, just depending on the cases. For whers, well, they said not until she was nineteen. They said that it was because Whers would attack before a dragon, and they were not going to chance that on a young Healer.

Her life changed when she was fifteen turns. She had been on her way to the Healer Hall to go to her lesson for the morning when she was approached by a rider and her green. So, with the thought of being able to help more and being able to find herself a lifemate, she said yes. She was then taken to Fort Weyr to become a dragon candidate. For turns, she stood for hatchings and she went to her candidate lessons. She was enjoying the opportunity to become a dragonrider, but after the first five turns had gone by, she was starting to wonder if she was going to impress at all.

Hatchlings would look at her, and then pass by her, it was starting to hurt her a bit watching this happen. She did her best to remain happy and like her normal self, but as the time went on, she started to wonder if she was actually going to impress. To help her feel happy and normal, she would volunteer her free time to working on Dragonhealing. She knew that her progress was slower now, but it was still something that she wanted to do. When she was twenty-four, almost twenty-five, she walked the tables to become a Journeywoman Dragonhealer. She knew that this was the best thing for her, for even if she didn't impress within the turn, she would still be able to help the Weyr as much as she was able to.

But that Winter was when her fears were put to rest. She was standing at, what was probably her last, hatching. The first egg hatched and the bronze ignored her, but it was when the second egg hatched and a beautiful green came form it that everything changed. She felt a presence in her mind, something that hadn't been there before, before she heard the voice. Lainna! Did I make you wait long? Lainna couldn't have been happier than to hear that voice, and that was when the weyrling training began. She had fun with it, and she enjoyed seeing how Icolenth and her own personalities were almost the same. She knew that Icolenth was going to be a great help, and she was a great help to the green.

But their training didn't go as smoothly as it probably could have, just because High Reaches had attacked them twice the next turn. The first time was just the normal wings it seemed like from the other weyr. During this time, she helped as much as she could. She helped in the infirmary if she was able to spare the time, just because she knew that it was going to be needed. When it seemed that the first attack was over, she went back to purely focusing on her weyrling training. But then the second and final attack happened, only this time, it was lead by High Reaches Weyrwoman Golre and her gold Vizeth themselves. They had brought all of their bronzes, but none of them survived, including the goldpair. Again, during this attack, Lainna was attempting to help as she could in the infirmary, just to try and lessen the load on the Weyr's Healers.

It wasn't long after the final attack did Lainna and Icolenth graduate from their Weyrling training. Lainna asked to be put in the Healer's wing, because she wanted to be able to help in the infirmary since she was a Healer, and she wanted to be able to start her practice once more. Her request was accepted, and that is how the greenpair became part of the Healer's Wing right after their graduation. With the freedom of being in the Infirmary and the Healer's Wing, she was able to start to fully practice her craft once more. It felt great to her, she was able to help, and Icolenth felt like she was able to help right beside her. They have now been in the Healer's wing for six turns, and they are still loving the help that they can give.

Even with the Threadfall, the greenpair has made the best of every situation. They know that injuries are always going to happen, so this is why Lainna continues to learn and practice, just so that she is ready. Icolenth cheers her on along the way, proud of her rider.
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NAME: Icolenth
BIRTHDATE Winter of 2760
AGE: 7 as of Late Fall 2768

LENGTH: 28ft
COLOR: Green
HEX CODE: 144607
A fair sized green, Icolenth is...average. She isn't super speedy or surprisingly tough, she is just right the way she is, and there is nothing wrong with that. She is an average size, with wide wings and a good green frame. She won't be winning any races soon, but she definitely has the heart for it. She is an incredibly light green, almost like she has been left in the sun too long. Her face is lightly marked with a light, grassy green while her back left leg looks like she stepped in deep, leafy paint. Her wings have huge leafy-green marks on them, almost like large eyes on them, giving her a moth-like appearance.

Icolenth has a huge heart. She is a very caring green, thinking of many of her clutchmates and eventually her wingmates. She doesn't think of herself as a violent sort, and she doesn't like to fight. She prefers to nurture, to provide support and take care of others. She has a desire for knowledge, and will be pleased to learn without being overeager, but she won't be too keen on trying to start fights. However, she doesn't let herself get pushed around, and hates when others get picked on. She prefers to stay out of the spotlight, letting others take the lead while she quietly helps.

To her human, she would rather they step into the limelight, and she'll be the one behind them, quietly encouraging them and making sure they can succeed. She'll do everything in her power to make sure they have a happy, healthy life. She is more prone to worrying, and will be susceptible to stress. There is a huge capacity for caring, even if she does get scared easily, and she will need someone who understands her and understands that she genuinely wants to bring out the best in people even when she is not at her best herself.

Voice: Icolenth has a very ladylike voice with an almost regal quality. She isn't afraid to speak her mind, and is very pleasant to listen to
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