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M'nain of brown Tierith [DEL]

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M'nain of brown Tierith [DEL]

It's not working and he is stressing me out.

M ' N A I N

Give me envy, give me malice, give me your attention
Baby, give me a b r e a k


NAME: M'nain (Minaunain)
GENDER: male
PRONOUNS: he/him/his
ORIENTATION: pansexual

BIRTHDATE: Early Spring 2742
AGE: twenty-six as of Late Fall 2768
LOCATION: Semaca Weyr
OCCUPATION: rider, general dogsbody
SQUAD: Lamentoso

EYES: brown
HAIR: brown
HEIGHT AND BUILD: six feet and three inches, gangly like he still hasn't grown into himself
PLAY-BY: Dylan O'Brien

The first thing to notice about M'nain, besides his unkempt hair, is that he never stops moving. Always drumming his fingers or gesturing with his whole body, M'nain does not sit still easily. And yet, despite this constant interaction with his body and his surroundings, he manages to be inordinately clumsy. He is frequently bruised, and if


M'nain is good intentions crossed with clumsy execution, wrapped up in a flaky pastry shell. He would like to say that he has his heart in the right place, but he is short-sighted. He does not look to see the big picture, and to be quite honest? He doesn't have the attention span to deal with the big picture. That sounds like a cruel assessment, but for all that M'nain doesn't do perception, he knows his own limitations. He needs a guiding hand to help him along, someone looking over his shoulder to keep him on track. His biggest problem is managing the focus to follow through.

[His limitations frustrate him at times, and he remains acutely aware that he is lucky his family loves him. Not because he thinks he is not worth loving, but because of how easy it would be to attribute his troubles to personal failings.]
He look like a brat. Accurate. He brat. He not mean for be brat, on account of he have good heart often in right place. But he selfish without mean for be, more self-centered than selfish. He not always have head on straight, and his sense of humor sometimes cruel.

FAMILY: A family of common holders, there is still a good relationship there.
SIGNIFICANT OTHER: none just now

The harpers told his parents that Minaunain would never amount to anything. He was disruptive in lessons, he talked too much, and he never. stopped. moving. Fortunately for a very young boy, his father had been much the same way as a child, and he was set to much more mentally difficult tasks than the set that had him so bored. He was adamant that he wanted to be a Crafter when he grew up, something that family was not known for producing. After shadowing the hold's various journeymen, Minaunain settled on Tannery. It had as sorts of lovely fiddly bits, see, and he could pay attention to the fiddly bits. He was formally apprenticed at the usual age of ten.

However, his ease with complicated processes made things much more difficult for him when it came to the simpler things. He would concoct elaborate rituals around the easiest tasks, complicating things enough that he could pay attention. It made advancing through his apprenticeship a monumental task, and one he didn't actually achieve. Minaunain did not walk the tables to become a journeyman, and left the Hall when he was twenty-two for two reasons. The first being his frustration at being unable to advance in his craft. He just couldn't get the hang of the boring bits, the repetitive things that were important to his knowledge base that he just couldn't concentrate on. His willpower failed him, and admitting that shamed him.

The second reason was that Minaunain was Searched. With less than two Turns left before he aged out, Minaunain found no reason he shouldn't devote some time to candidacy. It meant possibly never returning to the Hall, but to be quite honest, the chances of that were small to begin with. Spending time under the instruction of a candidate master would please his mother, also, and the odds that he would Impress were fairly small.

Really. There were those who could mathematically prove the chances of any particular candidate Impressing, and Minaunain made friends with one such person.

Those astronomical odds were challenged when garnet Laulreth laid three eggs, sired by a brown. None of the eggs from the Erratic Stardom clutch were terribly big, but Beauty of Dreams landed smack dab in the middle of the clutch, size-wise. Despite being the first to hatch, Tierith and M'nain were the last to come together because the brown simply had to investigate every. single. candidate. Twice. By the time he turned Minaunain into M'nain, both of his clutchmates had found their partners.

Oh, it is you! I suppose you will have to do. Certainly none of these others have what it takes.

Thus began an epic struggle between a brown who demanded only the best of what his rider had to offer, and a rider whose best rarely looked good.

--weyrling training
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NAME: Tierith
BIRTHDATE Midsummer 2765
AGE: three as of Late Fall 2768

LENGTH: forty-nine feet
HEIGHT: eleven feet
WINGSPAN: sixty-six feet
COLOR: Brown

Tierith is a long, lean brown. Most of him is a fairly neutral color, the kind of brown that springs to mind when asked to picture the concept. The variation comes in the form of light brown net-like markings on all four of his abnormally long legs, They are shorter on his front legs, almost like gloves. He also has three small dots beneath each eye, and a marking that looks like a twig on his forehead.

A sharp, snarky brown, Tierith demands only the best. Not perfection, but the absolute best that his bonded can offer. He wants only the very best effort at anything they attempt, and he may be more than a little annoying about getting it. He is a very intelligent brown, very tactically oriented, with grand ideas about how to best fly Thread, or how to cover the most ground while scouting. How he goes about implementing it, though, that can be abrasive.

To his bonded, he will have a bit of a superiority complex. He will need to be shown tolerance so that he can learn how to accept others around him. With time, he may even learn that he is not always right, and that it is alright to not do everything right the first time. This expectation of instant perfection is his greatest hinderance to being a useful member of society.

Voice: Tierith's voice is sharp and snippy, possibly a bit high-pitched and grating.


Clutch: Erratic Stardom
Dam: Garnet Laulreth
Sire: Brown Wydlonth
Hatching Number: one of three
Impression Number: three of three
Details: Tierith came from the second egg to begin rocking, which was the first to hatch. He inspected every candidate on the Sands twice before knocking into M'nain's hip solidly enough to knock him over.

Beauty of Dreams 
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