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"Time won't follow the path we came
The world you left?
It forgot your name
Stay with me and be mine, my love
Spare my heart the pain"


NAME: Time
GENDER: Cis male
PRONOUNS: he/him/his

BIRTHDATE: Late Summer 2744
AGE: 25 as of Late Summer 2769
LOCATION: Semaca Weyr
OCCUPATION: Dragonless

EYES: Blue
HAIR: Blond
HEIGHT AND BUILD: 6'3", athletic
PLAY-BY: Link (Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time)
Time is a pretty young man. He has fine features with fair skin, which betrays his hard-working nature. He keeps his blond hair parted and kept short in the back. His face might be pretty but his hands are calloused and his eyes are weary. He looks as many dragonless do, weary and worn with a far-away look in his eyes. He seems selectively mute, having inhaled ash and thread-fighting wounds destroying much of his ability to speak. He can, but the pain is rarely worth dealing with. He prefers to sign. Time prefers to dress in greens, with worn boots. He has a small piercing in each ear.

If you never knew his history, you would think Time was a soft, kind man. He is somehow always able to put on a smile, but a practiced eye knows that it is false. He is friendly, but going through the motions. A quiet man, and a weary man, Time always seems to be putting on a mask that he hopes the world will fall for. That if he pretends things are fine, and things are okay, that it won't be a problem. Nothing will matter and nothing bad will happen if he just smiles. If he just pretends.

That said, there are embers that burn deep inside him. He is courageous to the point of putting himself in harm's way for others. He is so very protective. Of people, of runners, of dragonets, of anyone who needs it. His anger is rare and explosive, something to be feared. He doesn't like to be angry. He doesn't like to let that mask of who he is desperately pretending to be slip. He prefers not to speak, the action painful for him, and his sign language is near-flawless. He had to learn fast, and learn he did.

He is very fond of runners. Even as a dragonless, he likes to just spend time around them. Caring for them. He has a talent for it, though maybe it is just because he is quiet and kind.

FAMILY: Some trader caravan, long has he lost touch with them
BIRTHPLACE: Some road between Bitra and Benden
TW: death, injury
Born on a rainy night in a late summer, Time spent his youth as a rambunctious, active child. He was always at home in the wilds, running around the wagons and being as active as possible. He always preferred it, to be outside and doing something. He learned basic hand signals, and cared for runners at young ages. Always traveling from place to place.

It was at Benden Weyr where he impressed, not expecting to. The family was there, invited to the hatching and their children given the chance to stand. Time did, absolutely, and he was overjoyed when a chipper blue - Naviteth - found him. He was the happiest he could ever have been, feeling his traveling days fading away and his life opening up to many new opportunities. At 16, he had a baby dragon, and he said goodbye to his traveling family. Not that weyrlinghood was an easy transition. Having to stay in one place, having to adhere to different rules and deal with the inherent colorism of Benden was not Time's idea of anything good.

But he tried.

He always tried.

It was not long after his 20th Turn that tragedy took his blue from him. The fall was particularly bad, destroying his voice and sending Naviteth Between with the horrors of thread devouring him and his voice forever. Time never recovered, falling into the depths of sorrow that only other Dragonless understand.

He had to go. He saw, soon, the writing on the walls, and he had to leave.

With the help of a brown wherhandler and his extensive network of people, Time was able to leave Benden and make for Semaca not long after he turned 23. The air was fresh and the world was new. And maybe... maybe he could try to be okay.
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