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[DEL] Candidate Hibiki

Thu Jun 20, 2019 6:28 am

[DEL] Candidate Hibiki

"Live for today, see everyday as a new beginning."


NAME: Hibiki [shortened to H'bik upon Impression]
PRONOUNS: he/him/his

BIRTHDATE:Mid Fall 2752
AGE: 17 as of late spring 2769
b]LOCATION:[/b] Fort
OCCUPATION: Apprentice Beastcraft, specialty canines and felines, some knowledge of fire lizards. Candidate.

EYES: Amber
HAIR: Black
FULL APPEARANCE: Messy black hair, and usually fur covered cloths, Hibiki doesn't care too much about his appearance, except when he's got a crush and trying to impress them. he's currently still growing, expecting another at least 4 inches by his twenties. His build is slim, but lithe, corded muscles lie hidden under his relaxed and playful demeanor, he's got an active lifestyle and is used to much movement, and force, and his body shows it.

PERSONALITY: Hibiki is a joker, a class clown. He's optimistic, cheerful and bright, and loves to mess around and perk up everyone around him. His 'almost' playboy attitude is countered by the fact that only about half his passes are serious, but gives off the impression he will hit on anyone with a pulse. He feels that attention, flattering attention, makes people feel good about themselves, but if it makes his friends uncomfortable, he stops, and tries something else. He seems to have a literal book of cheesy one liners or groan worthy quips, flattery, or ridiculous actions, but he takes everyday like it's a Gather. His easy go lucky attitude fools others into thinking he's a slacker, but he's actually not. He works hard for the things he is interested in, and considers everyone he meets a friend, or a potential friend. However, for the things he's not so interested in? Yes. Yes he is a slacker. He will try to find ways to worm out of tedious tasks and spend the day goofing off or playing with the canines.

unfortunately, he's also a hornball. He's a horny teen boy who quite good naturedly takes no for an answer often, but follows his sire's example of being rather.. free with his love. ...also hitting on, and getting crushes on a wide variety of people, anyone with charisma or charm that catches his eye also tugs his heart. He also gets VERY distracted by these infatuations, forgetting what he’s doing or daydreaming when he’s supposed to be doing a tasks. How can boring stuff hold his interest when there’s a pretty face to flatter? What can he say? He's a lover not a fighter. he's that ridiculous guy who will show up with a rose between his teeth and waggle his eyebrows at you, but he won't press if it makes people uncomfortable. ..he's got horribly cheesy pick up lines to spare as well.

FAMILY: Mother, two brothers, and a very.. active father, so he has several half siblings as well.
Pretty average kid, had free reign of his place, roamed everywhere as a child, and had an affinity for his family's canines so he was sent to the beastcraft hall, where he ..well, he did enjoy himself but work is work! He's a freedom loving kid! He was sent off from his family in hopes to tame his wildness but it didn't work so well. He did pick up alot of knowledge of handling animals and breeding, learning enough about temperments, genetics, and stock. He even had a hand in breeding a very lean line of Canines, for racing and hunting, and was raising up the newest female when he was snagged on a Search.

It was both frustrating and relieving. He had been doing well in his apprenticeship, but he was lacking the motivation and skills for journeyman, and, well, they'd discovered... he was afraid of runnerbeasts. Something about them just... spooked him. And they were a vital part of life, so he was stuck in a rut. He'd just started learning about avians and fire lizards too.

hibiki was proud of his work, he was a fair hand with felines too. He had a way with animals and enjoyed it. They told him he had some skill in breeding specific traits, and he wanted to pursue that and learn more.

When the dragon came and Searched him, taking him away, he managed to befriend the rider enough to let him bring at least one of his canines.
So he chose his best of the stock, a female he'd named Wind, and grabbed up his few things and came along. Dragons were pretty cool and he'd started studying fire lizards, so this would be a fun new experience. He also heard that Weyrs were much more... free with their ah, affairs, so his flirtacious attitude would fit in much better there than the prudish holds and halls he'd been stuck in.
Most of all? He was looking forward to making more friends.
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Thu Jun 20, 2019 6:29 am



NAME: Wind
BIRTHDATE spring 2768
AGE: 1 as of 2769


COLOR: Chocolate and tan

FULL APPEARANCE: Wind is currently still growing, but so far the traits that hibiki was looking for are showing through.
Bright gold eyes that gaze at the world curiously, perked ears that catch all the sounds around her. A sleek wedge shaped head attached to a long powerful neck, allowing for fast movements and strong jaws for hunting, powerful haunches for jumping and running, and a sleek physique with a mild barrel chest, stamina for running and darting, speed is one of her advantages, speed and stamina.
A long whiplike tail is held erect behind her at most times, and it smacks everything in the way when she gets excited.
She has a short single layer coat that doesn't shed much, coarse rather than soft fur.
Medium sized, she only comes up to a person's knees, and weighs below 50 lbs.
PERSONALITY: Wind is a good girl. Loyal, patient, calm, she takes everything that comes at her with a curious and good natured gaze, and looks to Hibiki before acting on anything. She's a bit shy around new people and takes some time to warm up to them, but once she does, she loves to lick them and prance around them, begging for pets, play, and a good old romp.
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Thu Jun 20, 2019 6:29 am

IC Information
What type of candidate is your character: Dragon

What color/s does your character want?: Something Striking!!
Does your character have any personality preferences or concerns?: Be bold! vivacious! Take on the world with him!
Does your character have any other preferences or concerns?: He's.. a little concerned about all the gender terms and afraid if he gets a dragon that has different pronouns he might mess up. not that he has anything against all of it! He supports everyone's preferences he just... worries about messing up sometimes.

OOC Information
If your character is a dual candidate IC, do you have a strong preference on whether they Impress dragon or wher?:

What color(s) are you willing for your character to impress to?: any
Do you have any personality preferences or concerns?:none
Do you have any other preferences or concerns?:nah
Why do you think these choice/s would be a good fit?: He's a good boy and will raise hell. XD Energetic, adaptable, and an absolute terror and probably try to encourage his dragon to participate in different flights because.. well, that's the life isn't it?
Do you have any preferences about the conditions of your character’s impression?: Nope
Are you alright with your character getting hurt? What injury level is acceptable/what should be avoided?: Yeah, i'm ok with it! Heck, I like to encourage it. Uhm, any level of injury is alright with me.

Is there anything you will ABSOLUTELY NOT accept?: nah. gold, i suppose, but that's not even an option for him or me being so new.
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Fri Jun 21, 2019 1:00 am

From what I can see, these things below need fixing:

Please keep descriptions in the proper sections. Everything written in Orientation should be in Personality, as that is for something like:


Even putting "Straight" or "Not sure" is acceptable, but it should be short and easy to reference.

Birthdate and Age should be written like this:

BIRTHDATE: Late Spring 2752
AGE: 16 as of Early Fall 2768

You've got some extras on there that don't need to be there, so those just need to be tidied up.

Again, Height and Build should be moved to Full Appearance, and it should be something short and easily referenced like:

HEIGHT AND BUILD: 5'2", thin

Also, he's missing his entire appearance.

His personality is fine except that he needs at least one flaw.

-Please put breaks between paragraphs so it's easier to read

-Why is he at High Reaches? They would not have searched him from Ista Hold. An easy fix for this would be to make his birth place closer to HR.

-There's a lot of detail about breeding canines that probably doesn't need to be there.
The canines he bred were a sleek stock, with pointed ears and wedge shaped heads, almost bringing to mind the graceful dragons, but the body started with a barrel chest and tapered down to slim abdomen and powerful haunches. A long whiplike tail held erect behind them, and the coloration was blacks and some brown or tan markings. [think a mix between a greyhound and doberman]

This doesn't really need to be there, you could shorten it down to just
The canines he bred were a sleek stock, with pointed ears and wedge shaped heads, almost bringing to mind the graceful dragons.

And move on to his actual history.

he totally deserves either a green to match his lavicious flirtatcious lifestyle

Minor nitpick but color stereotypes aren't really a thing here OOC.

Please reply to this thread once these are fixed, and I'll review this again.
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