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Dragonless B'rent

Sun Jul 28, 2019 11:00 pm

Dragonless B'rent

"They're good dragons, B'rent."


RETIRE INFO: Adopt Dragon/Retire Character
NAME: B'rent
PRONOUNS: he/him/his

BIRTHDATE: Fall 2735
AGE: 35 as of Fall 2770
OCCUPATION: Dragonless
WING: ---

EYES: Brown
HAIR: Brown
HEIGHT AND BUILD: 6'2", lanky
If one were to catch B'rent with a smile on his face, it's probably his nameday - or he's been into the wine. B'rent is a perpetually grumpy fellow and it shows on his face, lines etched deep where there shouldn't be lines quite yet. His tousled, brown hair is cut short on the top and pulled into Pern's smallest ponytail near the bottom, and his deep brown eyes are constantly hidden between bushy, furrowed brows and pinched corners.

His jawline is often covered in stubble, but he never allows it to grow any longer than that. He has no scars or injuries to speak of, but when it rains he sometimes favors his right knee in a slight limp.

He constantly wears his dragonrider's leathers and knots, thinking they're the vestures of his station, and he cares little for decoration and whimsy - he has work to do. And, well, they make him seem a little bit less small and lanky-appearing. Despite being mostly limbs, he doesn't lack for strength.

B'rent is in a perpetual state of displeasure, always finding something wrong with the most innocuous things; which he then proceeds to share with anyone who will listen (and, to be fair, those who won't). While he's yet to become actually motivated enough to DO something about anything he finds lacking, he's made it abundantly clear he's not happy about.. well, life.

B'rent has very clearly defined notions of how things should be, including dragons and dragonriders. Golds are the matriarchs, not any of this silly green-white-garnet nonsense. Greens only rise so the blues have something to chase. Only bronzes and perhaps the very strongest of browns should chase golds, anything else results in the weakening of the bloodlines.

He expects certain genders to ride certain colors but finds this affront to be more forgivable than others, as long as the dragon is strong and cared for. He might be a little jealous that bronzes would pick a woman over him, but at least THAT strand of melancholy doesn't last long, it's hard to stay disappointed in Charlith.

He doesn't like that things are changing and is more than a little concerned about the reasons why that might be. Large-scale changes like new colors or alterations of 'rules' that had been established for centuries seem indicative of some larger initial cause, and he often has an open ear to theories - sound or not - of what that cause may be.

FAMILY: W'ren of Bronze Nomenclath (NPC)
B'rent was born in Fort Weyr and raised by an incredibly traditional-minded Bronzerider. From an early age it was drilled into him exactly what was expected of him; how he was supposed to speak, walk, act, and carry himself. Anything less would have been unforgivable in his father's eye. It didn't take long for him to begin to expect these same things out of others, only to be grossly disappointed when the world didn't fall into his clearly defined standards.

At one point in his single-digit years, B'rent attempted to impress upon a Bluerider whose dragon was Chasing a Junior Weyrwoman's gold that he didn't think it was right, because if his Blue were to win, the eggs wouldn't be the biggest and strongest they could be.. and that Blues were less likely to father golds. Unfortunately, young B'rent attempted to bring this up during the Flight. He got knocked silly for his troubles. To this day he denies the incident happened.

B'rent became a candidate as soon as he was able, and Impressed Charlith at the age of 19. Initially he was disappointed to have received such a 'low ranking' dragon, when he perceived himself as an ideal candidate, but he found himself unable to stay disappointed in the starclad Blue for long.

(His rain-aggravated limp is because he fell off of Charlith at one point. He also denies that incident happening.)

Since then, he has continued to try to live up to the standards set for him, while trying to remind everyone else of what they're doing wrong...

  • Late Spring 2770 - Charlith catches Garnet Neozeoth and sires a clutch. Charlith injures his foreleg in threadfall. Clutch is summarily stolen by High Reaches.
  • Early Summer 2771 - Charlith dies in Threadfall.
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NAME: Charlith
BIRTHDATE Winter 2754
AGE: 14 as of Spring 2769

LENGTH: 35 ft
HEIGHT: 8.3 ft
HEX CODE: #03319A
Charlith is a gorgeous Blue by every definition of the term, something even his rider can't find cause to complain about. The majority of his hide is a shimmering Azure blue that runs fairly evenly across the entirety of his form. Nearing his wings, however, the blue begins to darken from azure toward navy at his wingtips, with the distinct appearance of ripples on a lake.

In body, too, Charlith is average in most respects, though occasionally B'rent will complain that his dragon's tail is a little bit too long and that such an imperfection marrs their otherwise perfect turning capabilities.

Further adorning his hide are small, white shining specks, each surrounded by a halo of slightly-lighter blue. These spots are what prompted B'rent to refer to his dragon as 'starclad' in rare moments of affection.

Charlith is the definition of a Good Boy and wants nothing more than to please not only his rider, but everyone else. He craves affection and attention in the same way a small child does, and finds such glee in receiving it that the happiness is almost contagious. One need only ask Charlith to do something and he will find a way to make it happen, just to be on the receiving end of someone's positive reinforcement. Unfortunately, he doesn't always know when the thing being asked of him is something he should do.

That said, Charlith is incredibly easily cowed by negativity directed at him. If someone were to yell at him, the poor dear would hide himself inside of his wings and tuck his tail between his legs. Then he would try with such fervor to earn forgiveness that the cycle of the Good Boy would only repeat itself. Charlith does not hold grudges, and never thinks that others are the ones in the wrong.
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NAME: Flit
BIRTHDATE Early Summer 1771
AGE: 0 as of Early Summer 1771

COLOR: Green
FULL APPEARANCE: There is not much to say about Flit. She is a small green of a slightly minty persuasion, with no markings or color variations or other adornments. A simple, solid color.

Flit is patient and quiet and seems almost compassionate toward her damaged person. He seems to want her to find something, but she cannot figure out what it is that he wants.. so she brings him any blue object she can find. It's never correct, and often makes him even more upset, so she tries to fix it with her quiet and solid company until he asks her to try again.
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