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Candidate Zarsteyr [WIP]

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Candidate Zarsteyr [WIP]



NAME: Zarsteyr
GENDER: Male (trans)
PRONOUNS: he/him/his
ORIENTATION: Romantic. Just romantic, in general. (Pansexual)

BIRTHDATE: Late Winter, 2743
AGE: 26 as of Early Summer 2769
LOCATION: High Reaches Weyr
OCCUPATION: Candidate, Apprentice Dragonhealer

EYES: Brown
HAIR: Brown
HEIGHT AND BUILD: 5'7", sturdy
FULL APPEARANCE: Zarsteyr may only be 5'7", but he's a sturdy lad. His body lends itself more towards lean, sinewy muscle than bulk, but through hard work, he's maintained a more solid shape. Still, he's more lean than he'd like, as his body is generally compact, but with relatively wide shoulders and hips. Despite having little in the ways of curves, and a definitely fit sort of build, he nonetheless tends towards hiding his body under relatively baggy clothing. Neutral or earthy colors in practical form are his preference; he looks cleaned up and neat, but with a casual sort of style. Never messy, but always stylin'. If only he could hide his height! He's the shortest of his siblings, even though as a youth, he was the tallest of them. His skin is a warm shade of brown, and he boasts chocolate-brown hair worn short, but not too short. It's still shaggy and a bit messy, a bit uneven in parts (he cuts it himself), but the wave to it makes it look passable. Even his eyes are brown, a surprisingly soft shade, but brown nonetheless.

PERSONALITY: Zarsteyr is surprisingly insecure, considering how cocky and proud he acts. He has a realistic view of some of his abilities, but even stronger is his sense of helpless insecurity. As someone who fights tooth and nail, not only for his own goals but for the defense and care of others, Zarsteyr is easily affected by perceived failure. All the determination in the world won’t save everyone, and the protection and safety of every single person, ever, is his goal. Naturally, this results in him feeling helpless and frustrated with himself, as though he’s personally failed anyone who has been harmed. He tries not to show his inner angst, unless he is very close to someone. As a healer, he inwardly aches when he sees someone hurt, but as always, he does what must be done regardless. He mourns any deaths, even if he never had any contact with the person. Everyone deserves for their lives to matter to someone. He bounces back from his bouts of depression, determined to be resilient.

He may question himself, but he aims for the skies. His ambitions are both shortsighted and vague, such as “save the world...somehow!” He’s willing to do what it takes to save others, and his method of choice is usually self-sacrifice, or giving something up for another. He tends to throw himself in harm’s way, and will even fight to protect someone he hates. That said, he has a very black-and-white worldview, and when that is called into question, he gets uncomfortable. Zarsteyr takes a lot onto his shoulders, and takes responsibility for everyone and everything. He’s a dutiful, respectful man, despite his tendency to share his opinion when no one even asked. He takes important tasks seriously, and completes them eagerly. He’s a hard worker who yearns to act, to do something; he hates inaction, and wants to be useful.

Despite acting like he has everything together, Zarsteyr is a walking disaster. He is easily flustered and embarrassed, reverting into an awkward, unsure person when someone shows any kind of romantic/sexual interest. He’s a closet romantic (which is a poorly kept secret, if we’re honest). Unfortunately, he’s also a bit oblivious. Stubborn and bullheaded, too. Despite being friendly and sociable, with a relatively kind attitude, he tends to state his opinion loudly and proudly, sticking by it until the end. He refuses to budge and tends to fight any attempts to make him change his mind fiercely. In many ways, Zarsteyr is reckless, acting impulsively when emotions run high. He rarely thinks things through, and tends to be both straightforward and short-sighted.

When in low-stress situations, he is practical and resourceful, if not a bit too focused on the big picture. Despite being earnest and meaning well, Zarsteyr does not have a mind for details. He isn’t careful (unless it involves his craft, or something equally important), resulting in simple mistakes quite often. Maybe Zarsteyr is gentle with those who need it, but he most certainly isn’t patient. He likes to do things quickly, and gets bored or frustrated with waiting or length tasks. Paired with his temper, which manifests when honor or pride is involved, he can be a bit mercurial. Despite this, Zarsteyr can be kind, caring, and exceptionally generous. He enjoys being around people and is socially motivated.

-Mother: Greenrider Zarxaha
-Father: Greenrider Teistryn
-Greenrider Treisha (HRW, +2/28)
-Brownrider X'teis (HRW, -8/18, Sari?)
BIRTHPLACE: High Reaches Weyr
note to self: coherentify/organize this, also get rid of some junk

The middle child of two greenriders, Zarsteyr and his sister were raised in the creche. Their parents were busy, but still present. Their lives were not especially pleasant at High Reaches, but their parents taught them to persevere and stay strong. Even as things got worse for High Reaches, their parents kept smiles on their faces and told the children that things would be okay--never to give up. Despite everything, the children itched to become candidates as soon as they could. Unlike some at High Reaches, they aspired to be greenriders. Greenriders may have been treated terribly, but their parents were greenriders, and their parents were the best, so it was obvious. They never understood why their parents didn’t just leave, but both older siblings were strong-willed enough to know what they wanted, even if they wanted something that would lead to hardship.

Despite being afab, Zarsteyr’s transition was relatively easy. His parents were loving and supportive. High Reaches itself was a hard place to live, especially for candidates who were the children of greenriders. Despite the difficulties, both older children waited eagerly to become of age. Golre was awful, of course, and Impressing green would make their lives even more difficult, but dragons made it worth it, in the end, didn’t they?

At 10, he became an apprentice healer, focusing on dragonhealing. He loved dragons, and wanted to be helpful. He didn’t want to just sit around waiting for candidacy, he yearned to do something to help. He was a gentle healer with careful hands, but grew impatient too easily. He hated when things took longer to heal, but he remained steady, and worked hard at his craft. Still, he was quick to put healing on the backburner when candidacy opened up for him.

As a child, Zarsteyr was always the largest. When he was eight, his little brother, Xahteis, was born, and Zarsteyr doted on his baby brother. He had to protect was his duty as the older brother! Zarsteyr was proud of his physical body until puberty, when his body started changing, but not in the good way (he didn’t grow much taller! He was suddenly SHORT!). It wasn’t fair that he wasn’t as tall as the other boys his age, so he poured all his focus into athleticism, not just to maintain some aspect of his physical self esteem, but also to be strong for his family and friends.

Although his sister was not much taller than him, Xahteis, baby Xahteis, towered over the other two. Scrawny but exceptionally long, Xahteis walked with a slouch, and still was awkwardly tall. Jealous, but still loving, Zarsteyr worked hard to keep his brother safe, and could be a bit overbearing.

Following some drama with the older candidates, Zarsteyr found his sister crying. When he found out what had happened--some candidates making fun of her--he got it in his head to defend her. He was only 13 at the time, not even a candidate, but he kept picking fights with his sister’s tormentor’s, anyways. Mostly verbal, but he might have gotten roughed up a few times, after throwing the first punch. He fought to protect his sister! He lost to protect his sister! Finally, she told him that he was only making things worse, and he reluctantly agreed to stop getting beat up in the name of his sister’s honor.

His sister Impressed to a green only a few hatchings after he became a candidate. Candidacy treated him the same way it treated other High Reaches candidates, but he hoped to Impress. He put healing aside, but didn’t Impress right away. Or at all. When thread began to fall, Zarsteyr grew all the more determined to Impress. When Zarsteyr was 20, his brother left the Weyr, moving to a crafthall to work only on his craft. Xahteis would later be searched elsewhere, and Impress a brown there.

It was bad, at High Reaches, for a while, but Zarsteyr and his family pushed through, never quite willing to give up. Eventually--turns later--Golre was killed, and her reign ended. Chromatics took charge and High Reaches was given a second chance.

Zarsteyr has a keen distrust of metallics from his time at High Reaches, and believes that greens and garnets will successfully repopulate the Weyr. He has stuck with High Reaches this long--he only stands on High Reaches sands.

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IC Information
What type of candidate is your character: Dragon

What color/s does your character want?: Greengreengreen(maybebrown)green!
Does your character have any personality preferences or concerns?: He wants a sweet dragon. A kind dragon. A dragon who wants to (and can, somehow) save everyone. Someone who is strong where he isn't, who he compliments in a way that makes them strong enough to save the world. That's just the ideal, though.
Does your character have any other preferences or concerns?: Zarsteyr wants a green, because his parents ride green! But his brother also rides a solid brown, now, so he wouldn't turn up his nose at a brown, oh no. Not that he'd turn up his nose at any dragon.

OOC Information
If your character is a dual candidate IC, do you have a strong preference on whether they Impress dragon or wher?: N/A

What color(s) are you willing for your character to impress to?: Any but gold (obviously)
Do you have any personality preferences or concerns?: Not that I can think of. Have fun with him!
Do you have any other preferences or concerns?: Nope
Why do you think these choice/s would be a good fit?: N/A

Do you have any preferences about the conditions of your character’s impression?: Nope
Are you alright with your character getting hurt? What injury level is acceptable/what should be avoided?: You can hurt him! No death, though. If staff wants to leave him disabled in a way that he can't stand again, that's fine. I leave it in your hands.

Is there anything you will ABSOLUTELY NOT accept?: A fair of firelizards disguised as a dragon. (In all seriousness, though, don't want a gold, but that's it.)
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