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Wheatley of Blue Usurth

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Wheatley of Blue Usurth

"I am NOT a moron!!"


RETIRE INFO: Adopt - Dragon / Retire - Character
NAME: Wheatley

BIRTHDATE: Fall 2736
AGE: 33 as of 2769
LOCATION: High Reaches
OCCUPATION: Dragonrider
WING: Starfall

EYES: Blue
HAIR: Brown and chin length, very fluffy
HEIGHT AND BUILD: 7’0”, lord of the beanpoles
PLAY-BY: Graeme Thompson
Wheatley is tall, boy howdy is he tall. He looms over most people without actually trying. If he tried to rest his head on top of his average height friends, he’d have to bend his body almost in the shape of a question mark to do so. He’s quite thin, and has never made any effort to change that. His hair is fluffy and on the verge of being a mess, but he makes it work.

He dresses semi-formally because he thinks that it makes him look smarter, and if he looks smarter, people will respect him more. Nice shirts, nice jackets, whatever makes him look nice. Often, he wears the color blue, since it’s his favorite color.

Wheatley is talkative and generally really friendly, but what he has there, he lacks in self confidence or intelligence. He second guesses himself nearly all the time and isn’t exactly assertive, rather patiently trying to (and often failing to) persuade people to follow his way of thinking. Despite this, he shows initiative and wants to be involved in things, and if things go bad because of him, he’s willing to accept responsibility and apologize.

He often tries to act far smarter than he actually is, and he generates a stream of relentless stupid ideas. He’s incapable at solving easily solvable problems, but he tries very, very hard to do so. It is often by accident that he comes up with good plans, if he ever does, and usually they aren’t even for his own benefit.

He is very self-conscious about his intelligence, he knows he’s not the smartest and that hurts him. If someone ever comments about it, even in a softer manner, he will react with outright fury. Angry rambly yelling, mostly. He has a pessimistic outlook on life at heart and it often breaks through in these moments of anger.

FAMILY: Atley (father, alive), Wheyla (mother, alive), Laley (little sister, alive)
BIRTHPLACE: High Reaches Weyr
Wheatley was the oldest of two kids born to a loving couple of weyrfolk, they did their jobs around the weyr and they expected their kids to do the same. To not reach for the stars when the people on the ground had many more problems to attend to. Yet, Wheatley still wanted to reach for every possible star, become a jack of all trades, become the smartest person ever! But, that just wasn't in the cards, since Wheatley wasn't the smartest person in all of Pern.

He and his sister grew up at High Reaches under Golre, and he tried to act as smart as possible to the other kids, and to adults who would listen to him, so they wouldn't know he was lacking in the intelligence department. Sad to say, he'd almost always slip up, say something stupid, reveal his true self. It made him sad, but he'd never accept that he wasn't super smart, so he'd try again and again. Wheatley began to idolize the dragonriders, less so the wherhandlers, as they had to be twice as smart because they shared a mind with their dragon! Two brains think better than one, they say! So he began to stand as a candidate, which wasn't... the best. Mostly because he knew that if he didn't Impress a bronze he was basically worthless in the eyes of High Reaches at the time, thanks to Golre, and he wasn't worthless!

Once again, the odds didn't seem to be in his favor, he was 25 and about to age out. But then, the most fantastic thing happened. Golre fell, and they changed the aging out rules so that you could stand until you were 30. Wheatley figured it was probably because of all those dragons that they'd lost, which was great for him because it meant that he could stay as a candidate, which he did. Three more years passed and then it really began to set in that he might've not been dragonrider material.

And then, there was a hatching. A very eventful hatching. Wheatley watched twin golds hatch, violence and death on the Sands... it shook him to his core, nearly made him want to stop being a candidate altogether thanks to that single reminder that he himself was only human... and then Usurth hatched and bounded his way over to him with a shriek that... really hurt his head. But, still! He bounded over to him, Impressed to him. He was Wheatley's dragon and he'd have to put up with the shrieking noises that Usurth made.

Years passed, Wheatley graduated somehow, Usurth was still a whiny little thing. Nothing much changed overall in his life, except now he was a dragonrider, fighting thread, doing drill, trying to do the things that his wingleader told him to do and do them right. He had his opinions, most of which were bad, some of which... were actually somewhat thought out (to his own surprise). Mostly him not wanting another gold running around the weyr or a bronze running the weyr, after the last couple golds and the last few leaders... he wanted someone who truly appreciated all that the chromatics, not just the shinies, did for the weyr in charge.
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NAME: Usurth
BIRTHDATE Early Summer 2764
AGE: 5 as of 2769

HEX CODE: #28a6a8
FULL APPEARANCE: A small blue with a fat belly and stubby legs, Usurth is a rather comically-proportioned blue. He looks like he's not entirely sure what he's supposed to be, if he's supposed to be a pudgy dragon or a teeny one, he's just a strange mix of both. That said, he is remarkably quick for his weird size. One normally wouldn't expect that he could be just so fast with those little legs. He isn't particularly graceful. He is a very dark blue all over, like the sky just before midnight. The undersides of his wings have glorious, almost glowing-blue markings, like they should be eyes or a window to some other world. His face is a super pale blue, almost looking white.

PERSONALITY: Usurth is... not a brave dragon. He will make threats that his body cannot cash, and strut around as if he is an incredibly important. Why wouldn't he be the most important dragon ever? Oh, Midath and Terminath exist? Well, obviously they're just jealous of his glory. No one is going to be better than him, and when they are, he throws a tantrum. When he really puts his mind to it though, he can be incredibly intimidating and quite clever, but he is easily flustered when his plans get ruined. He can be quite a brat, but he knows where his loyalties lie... with himself, Skyloth, and his human.

To his human, despite how much of a brat he is, he would really do everything for them. He likes them, even if he will likely never speak a word of it where anyone may hear. He has an image to uphold, of course. He'll act like every little thing is a major inconvenience to him, unless they're in private, then he is happy to assist. He's a little jerk with good intentions, most of the time. Sweets cannot be left unattended around him, he will find a way to eat all of them.

VOICE: Usurth's voice is fairly deep, but becomes high-pitched and shrieky when he is flustered.
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