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Ai'ja of Brown Heranoth [WIP]

Tue Oct 30, 2018 1:54 pm

Ai'ja of Brown Heranoth [WIP]

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NAME: Ai'ja [Ainhaja]
GENDER: Cis Female
PRONOUNS: she/her/hers
ORIENTATION: Bisexual with a heavy female lean

BIRTHDATE: Early Spring 2726
AGE: 42 as of 2768
OCCUPATION: Wingsecond
WING: Twilight Wing

EYES: Blue
HAIR: Blonde
HEIGHT AND BUILD: 5'10", lean
PLAY-BY: Jennifer Morrison
FULL APPEARANCE: Ai'ja is hardly bulky, but she is certainly fit, as many dragonriders of 20 turns would be. Her bone structure is average in size, but she seems lean, with a runner's build...and she is quite good at running, too. While she is hardly a fighter, beyond her dragonrider training, she moves as if she were one, with a graceful yet solid stance, with good posture. She prizes function over form, tending to wear simple, plain clothing--albeit with a subtle flair, such as simple embroidery or design. She prefers to wear clothing that would suit her hopping on a dragon immediately, wherever possible. Despite the strength her poise radiates, she has several subconscious gestures, such as tucking her hair behind her ear frequently, that indicate when she is exceptionally distressed.

Ai'ja has blonde hair, which begins to curl past her jawline, and fair skin, which burns easily in the sun. Her eyes are a deep, intense blue, with thin eyebrows arching over them. Her face is heart-shaped and her cheeks are round.

PERSONALITY: A stubborn woman who feels emotions strongly, but sets aside her emotions (mostly) in order to strive for perfection.

Some call Ai'ja determined and strong-willed. Others call her stubborn. She is certainly a force of personality, tenacious and persistent. However, she can be a bit impatient when things don't immediately line up perfectly--but that doesn't mean she won't keep trying. While fierce in her defense and love of others, she can forget to think of her own needs, at times. That said, Ai'ja feels emotion strongly, and often acts on it, whether it be confessing her feelings to someone or expressing anger and frustration. When she gets emotional, she can be a bit rash, and often says things she wishes she could take back. She is sensitive to emotional pain, but remains outwardly strong and inwardly resilient. Generally speaking, she thinks with her heart, following empathy over logic, at times. Despite the chaotic intensity of the emotions and empathy she feels, she is an orderly, neat person, who values accuracy and precision, but also efficiency, which means doing things right the first time.

Although opinionated, she is good at compartmentalizing so that work and personal life do not mix. That said, work often bleeds into her personal life. She's an overachiever who loves her job, and needs to be reminded to take it easy on herself at times. Ai'ja believes in hard work above all else. She expects the best of others and herself, but remains her compassionate and caring self, despite this. Regardless of her own emotions, she tries to be a rock, a supporting shoulder to cry on, to anyone who needs it, and acts both composed and strong where she can, so that she can support others. Once someone gets close to her, she is more comfortable--less apologetic or embarrassed--if her mask cracks and reveals the roiling emotion underneath. She doesn't always feel strong, but she will be strong to best support others. Incredibly loyal, Ai'ja feels a sense of pride and love towards her family, friends, duty, and Weyr.

-Mother: K'hea of Green Yoranith [Kainhea]
-Father: A'ris of Blue Tiamoth [Ajaris]
-Children: Ainhaja
-Only child of dragonriders
-Beloved by her parents
-Raised in creche, but parents spent a lot of time with her. Some children were jealous that Ainhaja's parents made her such a priority.
-Had a few friends, but was always "the sensitive one" until she was about 16, and started to become strong for the sake of others--and soon after, found her voice for herself
-Friendly enough as a child, wished she had siblings, but loved her creche-peeps
-plot stuff
-A friend supported her through some difficulties in childhood
-friend had problems later on, and Ainhaja became strong to protect her
-Impressed at the age of X
-Rose to wingsecond--check timing, is it anew promotion?


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NAME: Heranoth
BIRTHDATE Early Winter 2748
AGE: 19 as of Early Spring 2768

LENGTH: 53 ft [Max]
HEIGHT: 10 ft [Short]
WINGSPAN: 75 [Long]
COLOR: Brown
HEX CODE: #8d5e38
FULL APPEARANCE: In build, Heranoth is large. He has a wide chest and ox-like shoulders, giving him a bulky, muscular appearance. With powerful limbs, he will always be capable physically--in all but speed. Slow, yet deliberate, Heranoth moves with a gentle, regal grace, surprising for his size and build. Despite being sturdy and large, Heranoth is a little...short. With his trunk-like, thick legs, he is low to the ground, an interesting combination. While a greater length than height might make some dragons look elegant or lithe, his bulky build just makes him look awkward. Somehow, this strangely-built dragon manages to maneuver with slightly above average grace on the ground, each movement careful and thought out. His wings, longer than one would assume for the length of his other limbs, grant him more maneuverability in the air than most browns of his size.

In color, Heranoth is a smooth, chocolate-hued brown, warm and inviting. The backs of his wings are dark, but his undersails boast swirls of pale brown, almost like white chocolate. His head, through to his short headknobs, is dipped in the pale color.

-Quiet, noble
-Rumbling, low mindvoice
-Loves children
-A soothing presence
-An old soul, wise beyond his years--beyond his rider
-Calm, but passionate about helping others
-Hard to awaken his temper, but when you do, it's usually because you've threatened someone he cares about so he'll fite u
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