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Florian of Green Uesugith

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Florian of Green Uesugith

"Blossom of snow may you bloom and grow, bloom and grow forever."


RETIRE INFO: Adopt - dragon / retire - character
NAME: Florian, answers to his parent's nickname of Edelweiss as well
PRONOUNS: he/him/his

BIRTHDATE: Spring 2743
AGE: 25 as of 2768
LOCATION: High Reaches
OCCUPATION: Dragonrider
WING: Firestorm

EYES: Bright blue
HAIR: Fluffy curly light blonde, covers his ears, falls in front of his eyes
HEIGHT AND BUILD: 6'3", tall, kinda broad-shouldered, has a little bit of a squishy belly but his arms are pretty strong
PLAY-BY: Aaron Tivet
Florian is a man built to be cuddled. With broad shoulders, strong arms and a little pudgy belly, he's a big tall softie. He has a nice angled jaw covered with a little bit of blonde stubble, and skin is a nice beige that tan well during the Summer. He has gotten a farmer's tan more often than he can count. When he smiles, it looks slightly fake. His eyes look empty while the rest of his face looks incredibly happy.

Short-sleeve shirts are a favorite and he also likes thick sweaters that can keep him warm. Everyday pants are fine, and a pair of boots goes along easily with them. Sometimes he has an Edelweiss flower in his hair.

Florian has a soft and cheerful, yet distant personality. As happy as he shows himself to be, all smiles and friendliness, often times there is nothing behind his eyes. While he loves people, and is generally outgoing to a fault, he is partially detached from reality. He floats through life with minimal goals, and the goals he sets are ones that can be easily achieved, bouncing from one event to the next without a second thought. He can throw himself into states of intense denial that are hard to remove himself from. Florian has been known to zone out a lot when he becomes uninterested. He is always a little bit aloof and apathetic, but covers it well with cheerfulness. At his core, he really just wants to be held for a little while by someone he loves.

He has a bit of an odd sense of humor, a little bit dark, but he also has an affinity for dad jokes and creating inside jokes with others. He's got a bit of secret snark to him, but doesn't make it super apparent. He loves hanging out with people he thinks of as friends and tries to make their outings as enjoyable as possible. Florian is capable of hard work and learning hard subjects, as he does enjoy the idea of knowledge, but this is only achieved when there is something that truly needs to be done, like fighting Thread or doing drills or... eating. His loyalty is a little bit faulty and he is prone to make hasty in-the-moment decisions, he can be 'corrupted' to leave one side for another if the prospect sounds nice at the time.

He has only the minimalist amount of idea of the dangers of dragonriding, he realizes that, yes, people can die and dragons can between, but often times it just doesn't click in the back of his head that these things can really actually happen. If someone close to him dies, he acknowledges that they are dead but acts as if they are somewhere else. Another Weyr, maybe a Hold, just not dead.

He loves breeding and growing flowers in his downtime, a hobby that he picked up from his mother as a child.

FAMILY: Rianna (mother, alive), Florann of Blue Bioloth (father, deceased)
Florian was the only son of a chef with a passion for flowers and a quiet bluerider. His parents loved him dearly, his hair was light light blonde at birth leading to his mother giving him the nickname of Edelweiss. As Florian grew up, his mother began to breed the flower within their home, and he near always had a flower in his hair.

Florann went out to battle the Thread, and Florian didn't grasp the idea of how deadly the whole situation was when he was little. One day, when he was three, his father left his wife and child at home and never came back. Florian thought that he was still out fighting the Thread away, even when the other riders came back to their homes he believed that his father was still fighting. As the years went on, Florian remained in denial and continued lying to himself that, one day, his father would return. Deep inside, he knew otherwise.

While his mother near forbid him to become a dragonrider after her husband's death, Florian always had a certain admiration for those who bonded to the creatures. He thought their line of work was incredible, that bonding to a dragon and fighting the Thread was the best thing one could do for their Weyr. Idolation turned to a dream of joining the ranks of the dragonriders, much to his mother's dismay. Rianna wanted him to follow in her footsteps and be a chef, or something, anything that was safe. While he loved his mother and valued her opinion to some degree, he had more ambitious thoughts.

At eighteen years of age and after a large discussion with his mother after deciding that he didn't want to be a chef, Florian transferred to High Reaches and began standing as a candidate. He loved every second of the Hatchings, and in classes he excelled, but he couldn't help but be discouraged when he didn't Impress during his first Hatching. But, it was within his second year at the Weyr that the twenty-year-old finally Impressed to one of the two green twins, Uesugith. He thought that she was the cutest thing alive the first time that he laid eyes on her.

Since Impressing, Florian has picked up his mother's hobby of breeding and growing flowers. It became a favourite pastime of the man when not running drills or fighting thread. Joining up with the Firestorm wing made him feel like he accomplished all of his dreams in one occupation change.

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NAME: Uesugith
BIRTHDATE: Late Winter 2762
AGE: 5 turns as of Late Summer 2768


LENGTH: 26ft
HEIGHT: 6.5ft
COLOR: Green
HEX CODE: #425247

FULL APPEARANCE: A bright, minty green, all slender legs and a dainty body, Uesugith looks about as little like a fighter as possible. She is a narrow flame and a pointed nose, lean and lithe. She's light on her feet and strong in the air, and she makes sure that all of her steps are quiet. Her wings are a deep evergreen color. Her markings are a more faded, grayish-green. They frame her face like an odd sort of headband, and there are colored blocks around her shoulders and chest like a blocky necklace. Her right hind leg has similar pentagon-sort of shapes across it, down to her knee. The same color is across all her ridges.

PERSONALITY: Uesugith is a dainty, soft-spoken sort of green, but she is not a pushover. She picks her words wisely, and she thrives in teaching wisdom to other dragons... and people. She enjoys long periods of silence, and takes pride in being a speedy, agile green. She has no problems dropping everything in the world to leap into the air and fight Thread. Her duty comes first and foremost, and everything else comes second. This doesn't mean she's stiff. She's actually rather calm, and easygoing. She is also rather sarcastic when given the chance, and very quick with the stealth snarking.

To her rider, Uesugith is a tutor, a friend, and a bit of a smartass. She enjoys light teasing, and is never cruel to them. However, she may have harsh words now and then if they need motivation, or if they need to be picked up out of a dark place. She has no problems snarling at others, especially Takedath. She respects the other dragon, and sees any time they argue or fight as strengthening their bond. Uesugith also has no problems fancying female dragons.

Voice: Uesugith has a calm, low voice that may not seem feminine at first, but she chooses words carefully, even if she gets more than a little hammy.
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