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Scarlet of Garnet Phalanth

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Scarlet of Garnet Phalanth

"So please, wipe that sad look off your face. We're going to kick some butt!"


RETIRE INFO:Dragon - Adopt / Retire - Character
NAME: Scarlet
GENDER: Female
PRONOUNS: She/her/hers

BIRTHDATE: Summer 2739
AGE: 29 as of 2768
LOCATION: High Reaches Weyr
OCCUPATION: Dragonrider
WING: Moonshot

EYES: Brown
HAIR: Blonde, short and a little messy. 100% a pixie cut.
HEIGHT AND BUILD: 5"11, strong shoulders, fit, could probably carry a grown man around on her back for two to three hours
PLAY-BY: Scarlet (Fire Emblem)
Scarlet is one tough blonde, strong and very muscular, who could 100% carry someone on her back for at least an hour. At least. Her face is soft and littered with pale freckles, dark brown eye contrasting across her pale skin. She always has a blue and black ribbon in her short blonde hair.

True to her name, Scarlet usually wears red colored clothing and opts out of dresses and skirts for more practical clothing, like a good old pair of pants, a shirt and a leather jacket. Boots are also optimal.

Scarlet is the sort of person who refuses to bow down to things that she disagrees with, rather choosing instead to live life on her own beliefs and rules. She is both lively and free-spirited by nature, and is generally someone who is openly honest with her thoughts and feelings, displaying no fear or hesitation in sharing them with others. She can be known to make brutally honest comments about others and their actions.

Scarlet is also quite the romantic, although she keeps this part of her self tightly under wraps, only revealing it when faced with the person whom she loves. Because of her way of denying pre-established and unagreeable rules, she can be a bit of a troublemaker to those in authority positions if they make a law or propose something that she disagrees with.

She also loves shiny things more than anything in the world.

FAMILY: Scala (mother, alive), Irlet (father, alive), Letann of Brown Crimsith (grandfather, deceased), Lesita of Green Salith (great aunt, alive), Ira (grandmother, alive), Isira (great aunt, alive)
BIRTHPLACE: Small hold beholden to Telgar
Scarlet grew up in her home hearing the stories that her father told her of her grandfather, a man who was a strong dragonrider. He was a great man who did everything in his power to protect the Telgar, even giving his life during a fight during the Interval War a few years before she was born. His mother, a healer, had left the Hold once to pick up some supplies for her craft, and in the meantime, she had met him and fell and love. When he died and left her with a five-year-old son, they moved back to the Hold with her sister. Scarlet had dreams of becoming a rider like her grandfather, admiring the courage that he displayed by giving his life.

Her grandmother, however, did not appreciate these dreams. Trying her hardest at every turn to dash them, Ira was afraid that she would lose not only her husband, but her granddaughter. Scarlet's dreams were too strong, however, as she constantly dreamed of flying through the sky, even talked about it with her friends around the Hold. Her great aunt, Isira, always encouraged them, and became Scarlet's main confidant. Her parents were weak-willed and found themselves aligning with Scarlet's grandmother through persuasion, and they would not let her go off to Telgar.

One day, Isira told Scarlet of her plan to help her achieve her dream of becoming a rider. Her grandfather's sister, Lesita, was still at Telgar and was a rider herself. Isira had sent her a letter telling her about Scarlet's predicament. Lesita had sent a letter back saying that, if she felt this strongly about being a rider, then a rider she needed to be. All that there needed to be was a confirmation from Scarlet and Lesita would arrive and fly her to Telgar. Of course, Scarlet said yes, and in the middle of the night she packed up and was flown to Telgar.

Immediately standing as a candidate on their sands, Scarlet didn't care what color or what sort of dragon she Impressed, she was just excited to be there and have the chance to do what she'd wanted to do all her life. Luckily for her, it came, albeit after a while, but Scarlet just chalked that up for the right dragon making her wait right until she was 25. When Phalanth came out of her egg, Scarlet thought her a white, but once she saw her red rings, she knew that she was a garnet. How funny! Two reds. Peas in a pod.

A few years passed, Scarlet had heard of High Reaches' gold problems, how hard a time they were having with clutches. She knew garnets clutched, so, as a selfless act, the two transferred to High Reaches. It would be selfish to not help out a Weyr that she thought was struggling. The two joined up with the Moonshot wing and from there she began her second new life.

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NAME: Phalanth
BIRTHDATE Summer 2764
AGE: 4 as of 2768


LENGTH: 45ft
HEIGHT: 10ft
WINGSPAN: 67.5ft
COLOR: Garnet
HEX CODE: #740c0c
While height-wise, she may not be the tallest garnet, Phalanth makes up for height with length and her massive wings. She is slim otherwise, dainty and serene looking to the core. Such a pale pink colors her hide that one may think she was a white, if not for the deep red circles that find themselves on her large wings. The same color finds itself in a small patch of intricate lines and dots on the back of her neck, as well as swirly designs around her eyes. She moves softly and flies with an elegance that is something to behold.

PERSONALITY: Phalanth is serene and elegant, a beauty to behold. This gentle giant wouldn't hurt a fly even if it was to attack them, however when Thread begins to fall she is unafraid to take flight and defend the Weyr. She doesn't talk all too much, but when she does she speaks with soft-spoken wisdom far beyond her years. She takes pride in herself but is humble when talking of herself to others, being a show off is not one of her traits. Phalanth herself finds the greatest joy possible while in the air and much prefers it to being on the ground.

To her bonded, Phalanth is there to make sure that they are never alone. They wish to calm them in their saddest moments and be along for the ride during their happiest. If needed, they will motivate them, share their wisdom, and will always laugh at their jokes as to not hurt their feelings if they tell a really, really bad one.

VOICE: A calm and gentle voice, Phalanth sounds elegant and soft to the core.
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