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Rogers of Blue Tesseth

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Rogers of Blue Tesseth

"You get hurt? Hurt em’ back. You get killed? Walk it off."


RETIRE INFO: Adopt - Dragon / Retire - Character
NAME: Rogers

BIRTHDATE: Summer 2734
AGE: 34 as of 2768
OCCUPATION: Dragonrider
WING: Chopin Squad

EYES: Blue
HAIR: Blonde, short hair styled back
HEIGHT AND BUILD: 6”0, built like a truck
PLAY-BY: Chris Evans
To say he looks Apollo-like wouldn’t be a stretch, the blonde hair really adds into the whole sunshine vibe he gives off. Tall, broad-shouldered, muscled like he had nothing better to do than to work out all day long, he looks like someone said ‘I’m going to sculpt my idea of a perfect man’ and made him. He has a really nice smile that can light up a room.

He wears a lot of collared shirts and pants, boots, basic stuff, nothing too fancy. Rolls up the sleeves on his shirts 90% of the time. However, he rocks a leather jacket and will wear one nearly all of the time, it’s his schtick.

And, as far as I’m concerned, that is Pern’s ass.

Rogers is courageous and righteous, it’s been ingrained into him practically since birth. He’s honest, he hates injustice and when people abuse the power that they’ve been given. He wants to protect the little guy and knows that being physically strong isn’t true strength, but being able to stand up for what’s right is. Whenever he does something good, he seeks no acknowledgement, he’s humble, not a show off. He’s empathetic and genuinely wants to help people get through their problems, he’s also good at seeing other people’s side of a situation even if he himself doesn’t agree with it.

Charismatic, Rogers can give one hell of a speech if needed. He commands respect without ever asking for it. Opposingly, he has a secret reserve of sass that has surprised his friends on several occasions. He doesn’t like to make light of tough situations, but he’s not afraid to crack a one-liner or two to break tensions. He has no problem with throwing out a swear word or two.

He is determined and dedicated, uncompromising, even when the odds are stacked against him, if he made a decision to do something, he is going to do it. No matter the cost or the risk. He knows what’s better for the greater good, and has gotten good at making tough choices. He’s a leader at heart, and it shows. His willingness to sacrifice himself to protect others gets him hurt more often than not, he’s only human, and he finds himself overexerting himself more often than not. The worst thing for Rogers is to be in being in a state where no one needs him, as much as he hates it, he thrives off of conflicts because it allows him to do what he knows best, help.

Also, he just really, really likes art. He doodles all the time, it’s his thing.

FAMILY: Sarah (mother, deceased), Joseph of Blue Milieth (father, deceased)
SIGNIFICANT OTHER: Margaret of Green Direth
Rogers was never always as tall or strong as he now is, but he always was the kid who stuck up for others. He liked to draw, he liked to laugh, but if one kid was picking on another in the creche, the frail child Rogers wouldn’t have it. He’d stick up for them no matter if he got hurt because of it. His mother never approved of him getting hurt, but she knew he was doing it for the good of the other kid. As he grew up, he was still stringy, but he got much, much taller. He was tired of being a beanpole, so he worked out. He built up some muscle, and he was incredibly happy to do so. He took up jobs around the weyr and worked out until he thought that he was fit enough to become a candidate. He knew that there was no requirement on strength, but, he'd set a goal for himself, he wanted to reach that before he reached his next goal.

His father, Joseph, died early on in Rogers’ life, his mother died of sickness not long after. However, it was The Interval War that took his father away from his family, and Rogers decided that he wanted to be like his dad, except for the dead part. His dad died in the war protecting people, and Rogers thought that was just about the best thing you could do. If he could protect people without losing his life, that would be a career path that anyone could respect. He didn't want to do it for the respect, however, he wanted to do it to protect and serve.

He became a candidate around the age of twenty and found himself being passed over at Hatchings for two years, which saddened him. However, he didn't give up hope, figured that, maybe, there was a perfect dragon making him wait for it all, and there was, sort of. Two years after he became a candidate, he Impressed to a blue named Tesseth. He was sneaky, but smart, and Rogers could appreciate him for that, and for the fact that that blue dragon was his. They'd make a good team.

It was during weyrlinghood that Rogers met Margaret, a lady who'd Impressed to a green at a Hatching that took place before his. She was sweet, but she took absolutely no shit, and he admired her for that. He fell in love, completely head over heels for her, and it made him a bit of a fool. He tried to impress her but he always stumbled over his words, but, lucky for him, they ended up becoming close to inseparable, and she fell as much in love with him as he did with her.

Years passed, the two became weyrmates, and then Golre delcared war on Fort. To serve and protect was his goal, and serve and protect he would do. He fought, and they won, but they didn't always say what they lost. People lost their lives, men and women just following orders from their higher-ups, and Rogers felt guilt over that for the rest of his life. They fell back into life before the war, and Rogers tried his hardest to live normally, just like everybody else.

Easier said then done for sure, but he managed. And then Semaca, that new Weyr in the south, had trouble. Flooding trouble, real bad flooding. He'd heard about it, Margaret had heard about it, and his mind lit up in the way one's did when they had an idea. They could help down there, help rebuild, they most certainly needed it. They transferred over to the Weyr, joining the Chopin squad, and Rogers was ready to help.

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NAME: Tesseth
BIRTHDATE Winter 2756
AGE: 12 as of 2768

LENGTH: 32ft
HEX CODE: #000736
Tesseth is an average sized blue, nothing special about him in the size department. He isn't overly muscle-y like some, but he isn't thin like others. He's perfectly average. However, he aims to stun with his wings. The gradient from an overall dark hide to his much more bright colored wings gives them a spacial effect. He walks around in a sneaky sort of fashion with quick, light steps.

PERSONALITY: Tesseth is a bit of a tricky one to be around, he has a mischevious personality that gets him into some sticky situations. He's overly emotional and that makes him go into situations based on his gut decision before thinking it over. He has a belief in what is good and what is bad, and often tries to ignore or put down anyone who falls into his category of bad, never wanting to associate with them if he can help it. As mischevious as he can get, Tesseth always seems to have some words of hidden knowledge tucked away in his brain that can help in times of need. He is not stupid, he just hides his intelligence under stupid quips and jokes.

To his bonded, Tesseth wants to show them something. Wants to help them show all of Pern something, but he'll never tell what it is. In reality, it is that he wants to show that his rider has something special in them, wants to help bring it out, but he doesn't always do it in a beneficial way. He tries though, which can be appreciated. Sometimes.

VOICE: Tesseth has an quiet, echo-y voice that is perfect for whispering secrets
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